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This Is Your Brain On Drugs

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Izzy pays for a ride in his own way

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I don’t know what this fucking shit I’m high on right now is called and I don’t fucking care; all I care about is fucking the blonde girl that’s in my arms. Good goddamn thing there’s not much in the way of waves at the moment or we’d get bowled over and I’m kind of enjoying this whole sex in the water thing. Of course I’m enjoying everything right now. Whatever this drug was it was fucking amazing; it was like every sensation I experienced was amplified 100xs and made better for it. Everything I touched felt amazing and every touch sent shocks of pleasure straight to my dick. I loved everything and everybody and that was saying something since I normally felt pretty indifferent towards people in general. The sun was shining, the water was lapping at the shore, seagulls were shrieking and it was all fucking beautiful as far as I was concerned. Those commercials on TV that show you a frying egg and say "This is your brain on drugs" are sooo wrong. My brain on drugs doesn't feel like a frying egg; it feels like warm, creamy chocolate.

The girl in my arms was hot; blonde hair down to her waist, blue eyes, the prettiest red lips and fuck she felt good riding my dick. Sex on whatever shit this was is amazing but getting off is oddly not as easy as you’d think. Of course that could be from the smack I’d done earlier when I was pissing behind a big fucking rock just off the highway. Whatever, blondie’s not complaining; Moon or whatever the fuck her name is. Who the hell names their kid something like that anyway? Fucking hippies I guess.

I can see everyone from where I’m kneeling in the water looking over the shoulder of the girl in my lap while I guide her hips as she slides up and down on my dick. Steven and Del are sitting with their feet in the water further up the beach and smoking pot; who needs pot on top of this shit? Axl had the dark haired girl with go-go boots bent over in the sand and they were going at it but what I was really interested in was Duff and Slash. They were on the opposite end of the beach from Steven and Del behind some kind of scrubby bushes and grass where it wasn’t quite as sandy; out of sight unless you were in the water. They’re busy peeling the clothes off of each other and devouring each other’s lips. But because they’re high as fuck every movement is slow and sensuous or maybe that’s because I’m high and that’s how I’m seeing it. I wonder if they’re going to fuck for the first time right here on the beach? It would be awesome on the drugs but the lack of real lube and the presence of sand wouldn’t really add to the experience for Slash if he was on the receiving end and if I know Duff he’ll want to do it right.

I’m distracted from the sight of their naked bodies by a sudden and urgent need throbbing through my groin set off by the hippy chick riding me to her own completion. The spasms deep inside of her body and the way she moans in my ear bring me to my own climax and I grip her hips and thrust up into her hard as I groan loudly. Holy fuck cumming on this stuff is mind blowing; it’s like I can feel the orgasm in every fiber of my body and it lasts a long fucking time. It’s like the pleasure just goes on and on and on.

When I finally relinquish my grip on the girl’s hips she kisses me slowly and smiles. “Thanks gypsy,” she breathes in my ear.

“It’s Izzy,” I say smiling a little.

“Doesn’t matter, you look like a gypsy to me,” she laughs.

“People do seem to think that pretty often. Thanks for the good time darlin, and for giving us a ride,” I say to the girl.

“No problem. I’m going to go see if your friends over there want to play,” she giggles and swims off towards Steven and Del who happily join her in the water. Looks like the brunette that was with Axl is swimming in that direction too. Duff and Curly are still making out; fuck I wish I could go and play with them but my red headed whirlwind is approaching me looking totally blissed out and relaxed. He almost never looks that way and seeing him like that makes me smile. I hold my arms out to him and he grins. “C’mere fucker,” I call to him. Guess I’ll see how the fireball feels on drugs.
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