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I Love Izzy's Brain On Drugs

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Axl and Izzy enjoying the ocean

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The water laps at my ankles, warm, wet and perfect. Before me I see water dripping from the tips of Izzy's black hair. It rolls down his chest and stomach in tiny little rivers. The midday sun shined down making the water look like diamonds sparkling on his skin. Warm, wet, and perfect.

And for once in my life I feel perfect. Everything makes such profound sense and I feel a sense of enlightenment. My whole past present and future merge together into this one moment. Izzy.

I can see the gleam in his eyes. I can't say I've ever seen Izzy seem so happy either. He's literally glowing as he basked there in the sun smiling at me. I had never felt more certain of his love for me. Or my love for him. I saw no way to ever love another. As the water laps at my thighs I think, Why would I even want to?

I sink down to my knees and Izzy and I reach out and caress each other's skin softly. It tingles straight through to the center of my soul. It's electric and it's real. It's forever. It's love. Our lips meet sending more jolts throughout me.

Izzy's hands twine into my hair. "Your hair looks like gold on fire, my fireball," he says...rather he growls. I feel his other hand swirl lightly around my dick. "Mmmm, didn't it feel so fucking good to cum on this shit?" his raspy voice says as he stares at my lips and decides to take them again.

My eyes close and take in the feel of my lovers burning lips pressed to mine. I loved him so fucking much. When his lips retreat I lean in and whisper into his ear. "I had to watch you to cum."

He smirks and wraps my legs around his waist. "Cum with me. My hands glide across Izzy's shoulders as the smile on my face increases further. Izzy slides a hand slowly across my chest. His eyes take in everything his fingers cross. "Come on," he whispers to me as his eyes find my lips again. Fuck I loved the way he's looking at me it's I'm everything to him. I like that. Izzy's not what you would tune with his feelings, but right now, he's found them.

I turn around in front of him and lean back into him. One of his arms comes across my shoulders to hold me there to him. I feel his lips tracing my jugular. Slowly and softly up to just behind my ear. "I love you so much," I hear him whisper into my ear. I can feel his hand working its way down to my dick. It's hard. He'll I'm not entirely sure if it even went down after fucking that chick.

"I love you too," I instinctively reply. But fuck I feel that shit. I mean it. Sign it with my blood. Bet it. Izzy was my heart and soul.

I can hear his gentle words echo in my ears again, "I've never loved anything as much as you Darlin. I know I'm not the best at telling you all that shit. Just...just know I mean it when I tell you I love you. I mean it every time I say it. Always have, always will. You have my heart." Ahhh, what perfect sweet professions of love.

I feel Izzy's dick pressed against my ass. This is going to be interesting with no lube...And how do you use spit under water? But the thoughts drift away with Izzy's touch and his soft lips upon my neck. He's breathing so hard I can feel it. It's a slow process but Izzy manages to inch into me. I moan out in utter ecstasy with every inch he works in. Fuck if I knew it was going to feel this fucking amazing I would have asked that chick to stick a finger in my ass or something.

"Mmmm," I moan and raise my arm up and reach back to stroke his head at my neck, "Tell me you'll always be mine."

I feel his tongue glide across my salty shoulder and whisper across the wet trails, "I'll always belong to you. Nobody but you." And I so fucking believed him.
Izzy moves slow. His hands slowly follow suit as one strokes my dick and the other trails my chest. I hear his desperate pants at my neck. He holds me so close and so tight I couldn't get away if I tried. But fuck, why would I want to do that?

"Never let me go," I say softly and deeply as I lean my head back into him.

He nips at my ear, "Not for all the smack in the world."

My hands trail his thighs in all those places that I know drive him crazy. "You feel so good," I moan out. I take over stroking my dick and I feel Izzy's firm grasp at my hips. I feel like I may cum again. It usually doesn't come so fast when I'm getting seconds. But I know it's because I'm with Izzy. And all that love for him is being turned into a physical response brought on by this awesome drug. I wish I could slip this shit to Izzy every day; I love him like this; so exposed and honest. "You gonna cum for me baby?" I ask him.

"Mmmm, yeah," I hear his broken breath whisper. "Almost there."

And with that I let go. I spill my unborn children into the sea. Izzy's fingers bury into my hips as he guides them slowly along his length a few more times. Then I hear him grunt and his body starts to stiffen. When the pulsing finally stops I can feel my dark angel quivering, his body becoming like jello.

"I love you," he whispers as he just holds us together.
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