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First Times

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Incredible; everything I touch feels incredible against my skin right now. Whatever those white pills were that those chicks gave us they are fucking fabulous; it’s like they make you feel and hear and see everything in a deeper way and it’s better than anything in the world. Touch seems to be the sense most affected though; I want to fucking touch everything! In the car before we stopped to spend a few hours on this sweet little beach these two chicks knew about I couldn’t stop running my hands over the tops of my legs, my leather pants felt like silk under my fingers and both my fingers and legs felt like they were, tingling is not the word, humming maybe, who cares anyway? All I care about right now is music and Duff and the rest of the guys and the sunshine and the ocean and touching everything in sight…this shit is so great.

Duff and I are laying naked on the sand holding hands and staring at the sky. We’re separated from the other guys by a bunch of beach grass and some scruffy bushes. I’m tired and I feel really glazed over and kind of like I’m floating; that post-orgasmic state of sleepy satisfaction only amplified by the drugs. Duff’s fingers are tickling the palm of my hand and the pleasurable little jolts of electricity this elicits pull me out of the daze I’ve been in. I look over at Duff and smile. He catches me looking at him and asks “What are you smiling at beautiful?”

“You,” I answer, “and everything, everything’s just perfect.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what this shit is that those chicks gave us but man it makes me so fucking happy!” he laughs. “Fuck man and the way it makes you feel when you touch shit or shit touches you…incredible!”

“Hey! I thought it was me that made you feel incredible a few minutes ago!” I tease and pretend to pout.

“Shit, like that was in doubt or something. You made me feel amazing babe, drugs or not that was one of the best orgasms I’ve had in months! Come to think of it every time we’ve fooled around I came so hard I thought my eyeballs were going to explode!” he informs me.

“Now that’s a sexy image, exploding eyeballs!” I joke.

Duff smiles and sits up and his eyes lock on something in the water. “C’mere Curly Sue,” he says and holds out his arms to me. I sit up and move over to him and he pulls me over so that I’m sitting in front of him with his chest pressed into my back and his arms around me. I look up to see what’s caught his attention so much that I need to see it too and what I see is Izzy fucking Axl in the water. I wonder what happened to the girls? Who the fuck cares though; watching this is hotter than watching them with those chicks would have been.

Izzy’s kneeling behind Axl; one hand splayed across his chest and shoulder for leverage and the other wrapped around Axl’s cock just under the water, his hand moving rhythmically in time to his thrusts. I can faintly hear Axl moaning and I can see Izzy whispering in his ear. “Now that’s a sexy image,” Duff whispers hoarsely to me before moving his lips down to kiss the side of my neck.

“Shit Duff,” I growl as my dick hardens up again. I can feel Duff having the same reaction where he’s pressed up against my back and he has to lean back to readjust himself and then his hard cock is pressed between our bodies. I watch Izzy and Axl some more and I realize that Izzy’s not just fucking him; Izzy’s making love to him. The way Izzy moves and the way he touches Axl; caressing his chest, the side of his face and his stomach, how he places small kisses on Axl’s neck and cheek, the way he’s talking to him quietly and Axl’s affectionate, tender, reactions; all of it speaks of intense emotions. My guess is that Izzy’s laid back, cool attitude and Axl’s in your face straightforwardness goes out the window when they’re alone together. Even from this far away I can tell that they’re both completely vulnerable when it comes to the other. “It’s like you can see both of their hearts on display,” I whisper.

“Yeah, it’s pretty intense between those two,” Duff replies.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking.” I say quietly. “Hey Duff does it hurt? You know…when you…”

“When you’re on the bottom?” he asks brushing my hair back so he could see my face and smiling at me.

“Yeah,” I answer blushing.

“You’re so cute when you blush,” Duff teases me.

“I’m not blushing!” I object.

“Yeah ok, the sun’s just turning your face red!” Duff laughs and kisses my cheek. His arms circle my waist tighter and his hands seek out mine and he holds them and strokes the backs of them with his thumbs as he talks. I like these little comforting gestures he makes when he knows we’re talking about or doing something that might make me nervous. He was really sweet to me the other night after the whole thing with the truck driver too. I had passed out in the truck leaning up against Duff after getting my head cracked into the wall. Duff had managed to get me up and moving enough to get out of the truck and then he sat me down on the bench outside of the motel office while he and Del and Steven rented rooms for all of us. He had more or less dragged me up the stairs to the second floor where our room was. We put Axl and Izzy in the middle room which had one king size bed in it and the rest of us took the rooms with two double beds each. Duff had taken me in and propped me up on one of the beds with a bunch of pillows and cleaned the blood off of my face and then he hovered over me for the rest of the night making sure I took enough asprin, that I ate, that I was comfortable; it was cute how worried he was.

What I appreciated most though was how he held me and talked to me and stroked my hair and rubbed my back until I had calmed down enough to sleep. If he hadn’t been there soothing me and I had been left alone in an empty bed I would have gone and found some booze and drunk myself into oblivion to numb it all out; I can’t deal with anxiety for shit. The hangover that would have come from that would have killed me the next day walking along the highway in the heat and the sun. I can’t imagine the headache that would have come from the combination of a hangover and the lump on my head where I’d been slammed into the wall; I probably would have passed out again only this time it would have been on the side of the road and I would have put everyone in a bad situation.

But Duff made me feel safe and cared for and at peace that night; he held me and played with my curls and told me stories about growing up running the streets of Seattle. He’d stolen like 133 cars before he’d even turned 18; he’d been even more of a delinquent than me or Steven! So instead of passing out drunk and alone that night I eventually dozed off without a second thought curled into his body with his arms wrapped tightly around me. I turn my attention back to what’s happening in the water and Duff who hasn’t answered my question; he’s been too busy laughing at my red face.

“It hurts a little at first but not for very long and not a lot; after that it feels good. When you cum from getting fucked like that it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt; it’s amazing. Watch them,” Duff tells me nodding back towards Izzy and Axl. I watch as the two of them continue to move together until Axl finally arches back into Izzy and cums long and hard. I keep watching as Izzy thrusts a few more times and then stiffens up; clinging to his lover and gasping for air; finally collapsing into him.

I reach up and stroke Duff’s hair and the side of his face and whisper “I want that with you.”

“I want that too,” he growls into my neck. “But not here, not in the damn sand; I want your first time to be done right, in a bed where you’re comfortable and we’re alone so we can take our time.” Guess I have something to look forward to later tonight.

Later that night

After we eventually climb back into the hippy chick’s van they drive us another four hours to Portland where they dropped us off at a cheap Motor-Inn. There’s a waffle house attached to it and we all had pancakes and shit for dinner; all in all it was a fucking awesome day and we got to eat decent food and the night promises to get better for Duff and I. One of Duff’s friends is driving down from Seattle to pick us up and will be here in the morning but tonight it’s just the two of us and a king- size bed.

After both of us treat ourselves to a long, hot shower I find myself naked underneath an equally stripped down Duff who’s kissing me softly and whimpering every now and then as my hands glide over his muscular body. The pills we took earlier aren’t still in full effect but the fascination with touching is still there as well as the increased sensation that came along with it; it’s just not as strong as it was. Duff’s skin burns under my fingers and he openly groans when my hands glide down his back to squeeze his ass. I pull his groin down to mine and grind into him which sends a throbbing heat through my whole body. “Duff, I pant, “I want you so bad.”

“Mmm, I want you too baby boy,” Duff murmurs into my neck before he kisses up the side of it pulling a soft moan from my lips. Tonight would have been fucking hot to begin with but those little white pills make Duff’s every touch feel like little pinpoints of tingling fire on my skin. His kisses move down over the curve of my collar bone and then to my chest, my stomach, up my thighs… leaving me squirming in want as he kisses a hot trail up my shaft. His hands move up to my hips and pin me down to the bed as his tongue follows the trail left by his lips. I want his mouth on me but he keeps teasing and moves his mouth down to lick and suck at my balls.

Finally he moves his mouth up and swirls his tongue around the head of my cock and I whimper his name as my fingers tangle in his hair. His mouth slides down over me with a feeling of all-enveloping warmth; I groan and my hips buck against his tight hold on them. He sucks me for a little while but stops when he hears my moans get louder and feels my hands start to clench tightly in his hair.
He brings his lips back to mine and kisses me hungrily and I respond in kind and whine in frustration when he pulls away. “Settle now,” he soothes. “You still want to do this?”

“Yes, please, I want to do this,” I answer.

“Ok, I need to sit up then,” he tells me and I reluctantly let go of him. He reaches over the side of the bed and comes up with a towel and his jeans and pulls a small bottle out of the pocket. I look at him curiously and he smiles. “Lube,” he explains. "I swiped it in the convenience store when we stopped for gas." He grabs one of the many pillows from the bed and tells me to lift my hips up and he slides the pillow under them and covers with the towel. “Are you ok Curly Sue?” he asks smiling down at me.

“I’m fine,” I reassure him.

He opens the little bottle of lube and squirts some onto his fingers and then leans down over me on one arm and his mouth takes possession of mine again. His kisses are soft at first, becoming more insistent and he tells me to relax as he smears lube on my opening and then starts to work a finger into me. It feels a little weird but it doesn’t hurt. He dips his tongue into my mouth and really starts to kiss me as he slides his finger in and out of me. He kisses me even more deeply as he adds a second finger to the first and I wince against his lips because the second finger does hurt a little. “Shh baby,” he soothes. “Relax.” I breathe deeply a few times and he pauses and sits still; waiting for me to give him the go-ahead. When I can feel my body relax around his probing fingers I nod at him and he resumes stretching me. He seems to be stroking me, searching for something inside of me and I’m confused for a second until he touches something that feels so incredible it makes me shriek!

“What the fuck is that?” I cry out.

The bastard grins. “That’s your prostate; feels fucking amazing doesn’t it?

“Yeah, do it again, please!” I plead with him. He happily complies and draws more cries of pleasure out of me. Slowly he works a third finger inside of me and scissors his fingers apart; stretching me open enough to be able to fit his cock inside of me in a few minutes. He keeps stroking me for a while and then slides his fingers out and I groan in disappointment.

“Just hold on babe; you’re so anxious!” he chuckles and sits back on his heels. He squirts some more lube in his hand and rubs it onto his dick and then moves back up onto his knees and lines himself up with my opening. “You sure you’re ready baby?” he asks me quietly and I nod; too nervous to speak. “Are you really sure Slash?”

“I’m sure, it’s ok, do it please,” I beg him. He looks down into my eyes and slowly starts to work his way into me. I whimper a little at how it stings and he stops, waiting until he can feel me relax and then starts pushing slowly into me again. When he’s all the way in he gives me a few minutes to adjust and shifting his weight down onto his forearms so that he can kiss me. His kisses are sweet and full of longing and that burning tingle brought on by the drugs that are still running through our veins sends a fire from my lips down to my dick and it throbs between us.

He smiles down at me. “You ok?” he asks.

“Yeah, I’m good,” I tell him and he nods and starts to move. Fuck I think I’m in heaven! I twine one hand into his blonde hair and I run the other up and down his back softly; reassuring him that it’s ok to move. He starts sliding in and out of me slowly and carefully; each slow thrust drawing a tiny groan of pleasure from me as his cock hit and slid over that spot inside of me that felt so amazing when he touched it.

Duff starts to move a little faster and moans above me. “Fuck baby boy, you feel so fucking good,” he growls, “so tight.” He thrusts into me again and I almost purr in pleasure. “Mmm do you like that sweet boy?” he asks.

“Yeah,” I breathe. “This feels amazing.” A spasm of pleasure runs through me as Duff’s cock hits my spot again and Duff feels it and smiles. He leans backward and wraps his hand around my dick and starts to stroke me in time to his thrusts and I grip the bedsheets hard and groan again. “Duff, I’m gonna cum soon,” I choke out.

“I know, I can feel you tensing up; do it, cum for me; let me see how good I make you feel. You’re so fucking hot on your back underneath me like that; the only thing that could be hotter is watching you get off for me." My breath hitches and becomes uneven and I feel the pleasure coiling up inside of me in the pit of my stomach and Duff thrusts into me again hard, then harder, finally slamming his hips into me, into that spot deep inside of me that feels so good and I scream as pleasure rips through me and I explode in his hand and onto my stomach. A couple of seconds after I let go so does he and he yells my name and grinds into me hard over and over until he’s spent. His arms are wobbly but he leans down and kisses me softly. “Thank you,” he whispers.

“You’re welcome. I think I should be thanking you though, that was fucking great!” I tell him smiling softly.

“No, that was great fucking!” he laughs and kisses me again. He eases himself out of me and moves over onto his back and then pulls me up into his arms. He holds me close to him and strokes my hair. “Ok for your first time?” he asks shyly.

“Way better than ok,” I assure him and his neck and jaw. He turns towards me and I smile and kiss his soft lips.

“Want to come with me and get cleaned up?” he asks quietly.

“Sure,” I reply and he stands up and pulls me to my feet with him. We shower off, reluctant to let go of each other and then brush our teeth and collapse back into the bed.

Duff turns the TV on and pulls me into his arms and I curl around him with my head on his chest and he holds me and plays with my curls. He sees me start to doze and he smiles and kisses my forehead. “Good night Curly Sue,” he whispers.

“Good night Blondie,” I answer and my eyes drift shut in total happiness and peace.
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