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What's Wrong With Izzy

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Izzy's dopesick

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As we got closer to Seattle I could see a light sweat forming on Izzy's skin. His leg was bouncing repetitiously and he was chewing at his fingernails nervously. I feel a pang of nervousness shoot through me. He was getting sick. Dope sick.

"You ok?" I whisper to him.

His hollow eyes glance at me and he just nods. So I don't press the issue. We reach Seattle. Duff has arranged for us to stay with friends of his. We get to their place and settled in. We are all crashing down in their basement. We lounge where we can. Izzy and I are curled up on one of the two sofa beds down there; Duff and Slash are passed out together on the other one.

By now Izzy's hair is wet with sweat. I scoot a bit closer to him. I can feel him lightly trembling. Fuck. Does this have to happen right now? He promised me he cut back so this shit wouldn't happen. I knew he was fucking lying to me.

"You're sick, aren't you?" I ask.

"Come on Ax...not now...please," he says through chattering teeth.

"You promised me," I say and feel myself starting to feel angry.

"Axl please."

"I can't believe you fucking lied to me," I snap.

Izzy looks over his shoulder at me, "Would you please keep your voice down."

"Fuck you Izzy! Look at you! You're nothing but a fucking..." I'm interrupted by Izzy quickly reaching for a nearby trash can. He holds his head over it and starts to vomit.

"Duff," comes a soft voice and a gentle nudge to wake me I opened my eyes and saw the dark shadowed silhouette of Curly Sue.

"Yeah?" I ask and sit up onto elbow to look at him.

"I think something is wrong with Izzy," he whispers.

My eyes scan the large room. With some help from lightning flickering outside I make out Izzy's pale image near the window. He's dry heaving and clutching at Axl. Like I said, I knew junkies. I knew this was coming. I had been waiting on it.

"Is he ok?" I hear Slash softly ask me.
I just shake my head, "No.,"


“What’s wrong with him?” I ask Duff quietly; trying not to alert Izzy and Axl to the fact that we’ve seen whatever’s going on over on the other side of the room. Duff knows what’s happening too; I could hear it in his voice and he very definitively said no when I asked if Izzy was ok.

“Fuck. He’s in withdrawl. From Heroin. He's dopesick. Shit I fucking knew it; I knew he was on that shit!” Duff exclaims.

“How did you know that?” I ask confused as to how you would know somebody’s on heroin if they’re not obviously high and Izzy’s never been obviously high; he’s always so cool and collected.

“His eyes,” Duff replies. I can’t explain it really but junkies just have this look about their eyes. Smack is one of the reasons I left Seattle, I lost a lot of friends to that shit. Mostly they just became consumed by it but some of them died, I found one of them...” he trails off and swallows a lump in his throat.

“Hey baby I’m sorry,” I say softly and put my arm around him.

“It’s ok, it’s what happened, I can’t change it. Still hurts just as bad as it ever did though,” he sighs and takes a deep breath. I wrap both arms around him and pull him into my chest and kiss the top of his head and he squeezes me back. “We need to go check on Izzy,” he tells me and stands up pulling me with him.
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