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Burn That Fucker Down

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What do you do when a club owner refuses to pay?

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I thought that once we got to Seattle we would find nothing but smooth sailing. I had thought that all my old home town connects would graciously lend a hand to help. Boy was I off on that fucking shit. Our very first gig here turned into a total fucking disaster. We jammed on the stage, the crowd was into us, but the fucking club owner refused to pay us.

"Man, we came all the way from LA to play this rained out shithole!" Axl shouts at the guy losing his patience.

Slash stands next to me trying to help reason with the guy. Izzy stands against the wall smoking a cigarette and watching with a look of detachment. But I know he isn't. He's observing the situation very carefully in that Izzy way of his.

"Come on man," I say calmly, "You have no clue what we went through to fucking get here. We're broke. You can't just not pay us."

"You agreed to do the show. Pay was never discussed," he says not even looking up from the cash he was counting out on his desk.

"Isn't that just a given?" Slash asks.

"This is fucking bullshit!" Axl is again shouting. He glares at me then, "You said you had this shit all planned out Duff! Was getting us fucking stranded here part of the fucking plan!?"

"Of course it wasn't part of the fucking plan," I shout at him, "did you think I really made some deal with this asshole to not fucking pay us?!"

Slash slides in between us. "Look this isn't solving anything. Just pay us for the gig and we'll go."

"You're not getting payed one cent so get your shitty instruments off my stage."

In one swift motion Axl is about to climb over the desk and get this guy. Slash quickly grabs him around his waist to stop him. I glance back at Izzy who is watching through a squinted eye and a plume of smoke. His foot rests on the wall and he looks like he is a part of the wall's structure. He seems completely unfazed by what is happening. I can take a look at him and tell that he's not smacked out. Why was he being Mr. Invisible? Was he just going to let Axl attack that guy?


I can’t believe this fucking guy won’t pay us! I’m getting really fucking pissed off and I want to punch the shit out of him but Duff caught onto that and pulled me back towards the door of the little office the club manager is sitting in. Axl, who almost climbed over the desk to choke the guy and would have if I hadn’t stopped him is still arguing with the dude and his face is turning red he’s so pissed. $200 might not be a lot of money to some people and probably not to this asshole but it’s a lot of fucking money to us! We need that money to get home! Shit Steven and I have like $100 apiece but we were counting on getting paid; if we don’t get that money there’s going to be very little eating going on or no hotel rooms one of the two. I’m thinking we should get bus tickets to get us back home but who knows what the fuck we’ll end up doing.

The club manager’s had enough apparently because he stands up and tries to leave the office but Duff and I block the door. This asshole isn't going anywhere until we have some cash in our hands! Axl grabs the man’s arm and the weasly fucker shoves Axl back into the desk behind him and then suddenly Izzy’s got his arm thrown around the guy and is holding a switchblade to his throat. Where the fuck did that thing come from and how did he move so fast? One second he's leaning against the wall and the next he's threatning the asshole club manager with a knife! I fucking love Izzy! “You’re going to pay us fucker, understand me? We did not go through hell getting to your piece of shit club for nothing do you hear me? Now, Axl’s going to take all of the money that’s sitting in that till on your desk and you’re not going to say a fucking word do you understand?” Izzy growls and the club manager just nods a little and Izzy presses the knife against his neck even harder; drawing a little speck of blood as Axl reaches over and pockets the cash on the guy’s desk. Shit, you never know what the fuck Izzy’s got up his sleeve and he proves it yet again before we get the fuck out of that room. He moves the manager over to the side a little and whips his dick out of his pants and pisses all over the little office! On the desk, on the chair, on the floor, everywhere; even on the manager’s leg!

“Izzy how much have you had to drink?!” Axl laughs.

“Enough apparently,” Izzy chuckles and zips up. Then he shoves the guy into the desk and we take off running out the front door.

Of course Izzy’s not done yet though and he signals Duff to grab a bottle of booze that’s sitting on one of the tables and he pours it on the floor and all over some paper towels and crap in a trashcan. "Izz what the fuck are you doing?" Axl asks.

"I'm gonna burn this fucker down!" Izzy yells gleefully and then drops a match in the can from one of the matchbooks on the bar. The can goes up in flames with a whoosh and we haul ass out to Duff’s friend Donner’s car and tear out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell! Holy shit the number of things we could get charged with for what happened in the past 10 minutes alone is mind-blowing; armed robbery, attempted arson, Izzy could get charged with indecent exposure and public urination, fuck yeah!

Once we’re out of the parking lot we all just turn and stare at Izzy except for Duff who’s driving the car. “What?” Izzy asks nonchalantly lighting a cigarette.

“Izz, you’re like some sort of lunatic criminal mastermind,” Axl says shaking his head and smiling. "In the past three days alone you’ve stolen all kinds of shit from various gas stations, broken into some hotel rooms, smashed a guy over the head with a vodka bottle for trying to fuck with Curly back there, robbed the guy, stolen a tractor trailer, done who knows what kind of drugs from some crazy hippy chicks, fucked one of them, gone through heroin withdrawl, done some more drugs, threatened a guy with a switchblade, pissed all over his office, had me rob him, and then tried to burn down a club! Dude! You’re a fucking legend and this trip isn’t even over yet!”

Izzy just gives him one of those looks that says everything and nothing at the same time and blows smoke out of the car window. "Don't forget I sold some drugs yesterday when I offed that coke so add that to the list. But you know, sex, drugs, and rock n roll, I'm into it," he says. “But the next person who fucks with me better be prepared to bleed or die and that applies to you Fireball." Axl glares at him and Izzy’s mouth quirks up just the tiniest little bit at the corner and Axl snorts and shakes his head.

“Fine with me,” Axl grumbles. I don’t need any thieving junkie arsonists around me anyway.”

“I’ll remember that later when you want to spend some of that money I just got you or you’re all up on my dick,” Izzy coos in Axl's ear and slides an arm around his waist. “Now shut up before I have to get the switchblade back out.” Axl just rolls his eyes and leans over into Izzy and kisses his cheek and Izzy strokes his hair. Weirdest relationship ever!
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