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So, Umm, Babe

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Axl asks Erin out and Duff wakes up in piss

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I was fucking glad when Izzy passed out in front of Nikki's fireplace. It was a relief for two reasons, one, he wouldn't be interfering with Erin and I, the other reason is he can't do anymore dope. But Izzy has already done his damage tonight; he raised so many fucking questions with Erin. And the funny thing is, I didn't want to lie to her.

It's not like I can keep ten years of my life a secret. Izzy was a factor I had to accept. I was going to get nowhere with anyone by lying. I mean fuck, it's best if she finds out now rather than later, right? The shit was fucking inevitable; it was all going to come out eventually. I would rather she heard it from me than anyone else and it's best if it's now before any stronger feelings are formed.

"So are you going to tell me who the naked guy is that called me a groupie bimbo?" she asks me motioning to Izzy lying in front of the fireplace.

I sigh, "Erin...there's something I should probably tell you before we go any further."

She gives me a strange, curious look, "What?"

How in the fuck do I tell her this shit? Shit like this chases chicks away. I really didn't want to chase her away; she was the most amazing woman I had ever met. I honestly liked her and wanted to get to know her better. I should probably give up on that, because as soon as I tell her about Izzy she's gonna split.

"Erin..." I pause, frozen in fear. Just choke it the fuck out Axl before you kiss her and make it ever worse. "His name is Izzy. We grew up together in Indiana. I followed him out here to LA."

"So he's your friend?" she questions.

"A...and bandmate," I stammer as my throat starts to dry out.

"I take it you two are fighting, it's not over a girl is it?"

I just shake my head and glance at Izzy. "No, we weren't fighting about some girl...we were fighting because..."

Erin just hangs at the edge of her seat waiting for my answer.

"Until just a few days ago...he...he and I..." I let out an exasperated sigh, "Erin...Izzy was my boyfriend...for like ten years."

"You're gay?" She asks but never seems to bat an eyelash at the thought.

"No. No I'm bi. Izzy too. We just had this huge breakup."

"What happened, if you don't mind my asking?" She softly says.

I look down, "He became a junkie. And I just can't take it anymore. I'm tired of worrying all the time and being afraid of losing him."

"Were the two of you in love?" She asks nervously biting her lower lip.

All I can give her is a nod.

"And now?" She almost whispers.

Izzy was my first. I had spent almost half my life being his. Of course I still loved him, but that wasn't what she wanted to hear. Nor should I say yes. But I don't want to lie to her. I just want her to accept me for who I am.

"Ten years is a long time...but it feels like a lifetime ago."

"So then I guess we should say our goodbyes then?" She sadly asks.

I take her hand in mine. "What if that's not what I want?"

"But what about..."

"I told you," I cut her off, "it's over between Izzy and me."

"Are you sure it's over for Izzy? it didn't seem like it down by the pool."

"Izzy's not himself tonight, he's completely loaded."

"I just don't want to cause any problems with your band," she explains.

"The only problem with my band is Izzy's drug abuse.,"

Erin looks back out the window. "It's getting light out. Would you like to go out and get some breakfast? My treat."

I smile, "I'd love to, I'm starving."


I shift my weight and feel a cold wetness. Slash is sleeping soundly. How did we end up in a bed? Are we still at Nikki's? I run my hand along the wetness. It appeared to circle Slash. Did he piss the fucking bed?

"Slash," I shake him. He doesn't stir so I shake him again. He was totally drunk last night. I'm about to worry when he grumbles and opens his eyes.

"What is it, I'm sleeping," his raspy voice sighs.

"Um...babe...I think you had an accident in the bed."

He groans and rolls over into the pillow. "That happens sometimes when I drink a lot. Did I get it on you? I'm so sorry."

I smile reassuringly at him, "Its cool...but lets not make last night a habit."

"Party pooper," he mumbles cozying up in a dry spot.

"I'm gonna go see if I can find the rest of the guys," I say and strip out of the pissy clothes and back into my own which are in a wad on the dresser. Slash is sound asleep again. I'll get him up and both of us cleaned up as soon as I assessed the damage to my band mates.
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