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Turn About Is Fair Play

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Izzy fucks Tommy

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Tommy's POV

Fuck man, there was nothing like a Crue party. We knew how the fuck to party. Few could hang with us. We usually were the last men always standing. Tonight wasn't much different. The party was winding down now. A few had gone home but most just passed out wherever they fell down. The floor was a sea of half naked partied out bodies. Only the coke heads remained awake, peeking over their shoulders as they talked.

I see that redheaded Axl Rose talking to the same redheaded chick he had been chatting with all night. They seemed pretty fucking into one another. I could tell they wanted to kiss. But sometimes the buildup is just as fucking fun as the pay off.

I spot a black ball in front of the fireplace that appeared to be a human body. I think it's that Izzy guy. I smirk to myself remembering the way he scoped out my dick last night. Yeah, he liked what he saw. What can I say, I can always become a porn star if this music thing doesn't work out. I decide to make my way over to see if it is him.

I start to step over bodies, heads, arms, and legs. I stable across a few, kick a couple of ribs and earn myself a string of curses. I finally it through without causing any fatalities. I sit on the hearth and dig into my pocket for a cigarette. I light it up and watch him sleeping. How did he make himself so fucking small? Hmmm, limber huh? I like that.

He reminded me of Nikki. And since you're curious about this shit, yes, I have a thing for Sixx. But there isn't a bi bone in his fucking body. And don't think it pleases me any to say that. I'd love to get a piece of Nikki, but that shit just wasn't going to fucking happen.

I reach out my bare foot and nudge Izzy's shoulder. He jerks to with his right hand going to his waist line.

"Fuck dude, are you strapped?" I ask jumping back a bit.

"What the fuck do you want?" He looks at me in confusion.

I smile, yeah, he definitely reminded me of Nikki.

"Thought you might be more comfortable in a bed," I shrug and exhale.


"Oh he's busy," I interrupt him and motion to his redhead.

He gets as white as a sheet as he watches them smiling at one another. I can see jealousy all over his face. Behind it I see pain and longing.

"You want to get back at him?" I ask. "Turn about is fair play and all, right?"
Izzy's eyebrows crease, "Turn about?"

"I saw the way you were checking out my shit last night. I could tell it made you curious."I smirk and exhale.Tonight alone I had gotten like four or five blow jobs, but I wasn't yet satisfied. Tonight called for a little something extra. Namely a guitarist who reminded me of Nikki.

Izzy begins fumbling his pockets for what I assume is a cigarette.

"Want a cigarette?" I ask and hold out my pack.

He reaches for them but I pull them back.

"If you come upstairs you can have all the cigarettes you want."

He huffs at me, "If you think Im blowing you for a cigarette you're crazy. Fuck off."

Yeah, definately like my Nikki.

"Oh I had a little more than a blow job in mind," I wink.

His eyebrows furrow even more at me. "Are you going to give me a fucking smoke or not?"

"Come upstairs with me, show up your boyfriend over there. He hasn't even made it to first fucking base yet." I urge.

"You can't buy me with fucking cigarettes, this ain't jail man," he sighs and stands up.

I watch as he stands there in agony watching that guy with that chick.

"Did I mention I know where Nikki keeps the key to his closet?"

Izzy slowly turns his head to look at me. Then a smile slightly creeps to his lips. He's mine now.

Izzy follows me upstairs into the hallway in front of the guest rooms where Sixx keeps his spare key hidden behind a painting of some dead queen carrying her head around. There’s another one of these things with another key behind it downstairs in a bathroom. Nikki said this headless queen and the one in the bathroom were cousins and that they married the same king and he executed them both. Leave it to Sixx to know weird shit like that. I say something about it to Izzy while I’m fishing out the key and he says “Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard.”

“What?” I ask.

“Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard, they were cousins, they both married Henry VIII, he had them both executed for adultery. This painting is Anne,” he says and draws off of the cigarette I had given him.

“How the fuck do you know that?” I ask as I slide the painting back into place.

“Look, she’s wearing a necklace with a “B” on it with the pearls dangling around her neck. B stands for Boleyn, that necklace is famous man. Didn’t you ever take history in school?”

“Don’t remember, now, down to business, no more talking,” I growl and smash my mouth into Izzy’s and shove him up against the wall. I forgot about his busted lip and he pushes me off as blood gushes out of it. I apologize and we fool around for a while; trade blow jobs, and since I hold the key to Nikki’s heroin stash and Nikki’s passed out for the night I can play any way that I want to and how I want to play is rough.

Izzy doesn’t want to go down on me because of his busted lip but I tell him to shut it if he wants more dope and slowly lowers his mouth down onto my cock moving softly and teasing me with his tongue and trying not to hurt himself. I’m not gonna lie; it feels good but I’ve had way too much coke and I’m not in the mood for this, I want to play rough. I shove his head down onto my cock and start to fuck his mouth and throat and he gags and steadies himself with his hands on my knees as I lean back against the railing on the padded bench in the hallway where I’m sitting.

When I’ve had enough I jerk him up by his hair and stand up. There’s blood running down his chin again; it’s kind of a huge fucking turn-on. As I walk around behind Izzy, who’s still on his knees he looks up at me with angry eyes and says “You don’t have to be so fucking rough Tommy!”

“Don’t be such a girl Stradlin, if I wanted pussy I’d have gone looking for some; I wanted a man, I wanted you. Now, do you want to do this or not?”

“Yeah I do, feel this?” he asks and brings my hand down to his hard dick when I kneel down behind him.

I wrap my hand around it and stroke him a few times while whispering in his ear. "You’ve got a beautiful cock Stradlin, a beautiful ass too. I’ve wanted to fuck you since I saw you naked outside earlier.” Izzy moans as I stroke him harder with one hand and tease the outside of his asshole with one of the fingers on my other hand. "Come on, we’ve got a show to put on to make that red-headed fuck down there jealous, although admit, you want me.”

“I do want you,” Izzy pants and I push his upper body down onto the bench in front of him and raise his ass up into the air. I reach over and grab my jeans. I had shoved a little bottle of lotion into my pocket before I went looking for Stradlin earlier so I’d have something to use as lube. I slick up three of my fingers and shove two of them inside of him. He tenses up and jumps at the intrusion.

“OW!” he says loudly. I ignore him and find his prostate and push down on it; rubbing my fingers in slow circles over it. Izzy outright moans like a whore and pushes back onto my hand. I work a third finger in him and scissor him open, he needs to be opened up really well or he’s never going to be able to take me; I’m betting red down there on the sofa isn’t packing anything close to what I am or even what Izzy is. Axl or whatever his name is probably has a Nikki sized dick, which is to say normal. Izzy’s riding my hand now as I stimulate that hot spot deep inside of him and the sounds coming out of his mouth are starting to get desperate; he’s way too close to cumming and I’m not going to let him do that yet.

I pull my fingers out and grease up my dick and squirt some more of the lotion around his hole and line my cock up with his opening. “Ready Stradlin?” I hiss and he nods. Ok then. I thrust into Izzy’s ass in one hard push. To his credit he doesn’t scream but I see his knuckles go white where he’s gripping the railings in front of the bench to steady himself.

“Tommy!” he pants. “Slow down man, you’re too fucking big for that!”

“Come on now Stradlin, I already told you, take it like a man and I’ll make you cum like you haven’t since you were 15 and creamed in your pants just thinking about fucking. Now shut up and take it! Izzy glares at me but he knows there’s no way out, I’m balls deep inside of him at this point and he can’t get away. I pull back and thrust in again and he winces. My next thrust is hard and Izzy moans and bows his head. I grab his hair and force him to look at me and there are tears in his eyes. My dick pulses when I see this; fuck if I could only have this much power over Nikki. I’m hurting Izzy and he can’t stop me and the thought makes me hotter than hell on steroids.

My fingers tighten in Izzy’s hair and I begin to pound in and out of him like a piston in a racecar engine; hard and fast and merciless. For whatever reason I know that the only way I’m going to be able to get off again tonight is by fucking him until he bleeds. Izzy whimpers and groans, and cries out every once in a while and he grips the railings so hard I’m afraid the wooden spindles might snap but he never screams and he never begs; he just takes it. After about 20 minutes or so of this I feel Izzy begin to tense up inside; that fucker is going to cum. I reach around to fondle his balls and they’re already tight to his body so I start to stroke him. “Are you going to cum for me you little bitch?” I snarl into his ear.

“I’m not your fucking bitch!” he snaps back at me. I start thrusting harder and he moans loudly. This time Axl hears him and looks up. I can’t see Izzy’s face but the look on Axl’s face is murderous. Izzy’s insides are getting tighter. “Harder Tommy” Izzy moans and I fuck him with everything I’ve got and make sure I slam my cock right into that sweet spot inside of him. His orgasm is fucking beautiful to watch. His back arches and he throws his head back and yells my name and thick, creamy, ropes of cum shoot out of him onto the floor. Feeling how hard his ass is squeezing my dick sets off my own fucking climax and I growl loudly and dig my fingers into Izzy’s pale hips and pummel his ass as hard as I can until I’ve got nothing left in me.

Izzy sags onto the cushioned bench in front of him and sighs. I wish I could see whatever look he was giving red because it infuriates him. Axl grabs that Erin girl’s hand and drags her towards the front door and Izzy sniggers. Axl looks back one more time and Izzy gives him the finger. I hear the front door slam a few seconds later.

I slide out of Izzy and he moans quietly in pain. He wipes some of the fluid off of his thighs with his fingers and holds them up to the light; there’s bright red blood mixed in with the lotion and cum. He glares at me. “Thanks a lot Tommy. You got what you wanted, can you go and get my shit now? I’m gonna go clean up in the bathroom in Slash and Duff’s room. Just bring me the shit, they’re passed out; they’ll never know." I help Izzy to his feet and hand him his pants and he limps down the hall. I go and get Izzy a baggy of dope and some needles and bring it down into the room where the other two Gunners are passed out. Izzy’s out of the shower and getting redressed. He takes the stuff out of my hands and pulls a spoon, a piece of cigarette filter, and a lighter out of his pocket. He cooks up a shot right there, draws it up and injects it into himself in under two minutes.

“Where are you sleeping?” I ask.

“With Nikki,” he answers. “He said to just come to bed whenever I was ready.”

“Ok, cool,” I reply and walk down the hall with him. He can’t walk straight, he just sort of shuffles instead of actually walking and I smirk when I see this. He opens the door to Nikki’s room and mumbles “goodnight,” as he shuts it. Lucky little asshole gets to share a bed with Nikki and they won’t even touch. I’m glad I fucked his ass bloody.
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