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The Walking Dead

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The morning after Nikki's party

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As I leave out of Nikki's guest room I'm met with sheer silence. It's kind of disturbing considering how this place was jumping off the last I remember. And how did I even end up in Nikki's guest room? At least my Curly Sue was by my side. However I'm not too happy about waking up in piss. But we all get fucked up sometimes, right?

I start down the stairs. People are resting all over them using the steps as pillows. Some of the chick are butt ass naked. I politely fish my way through them and carefully reach downstairs. It looks like the set of a fucking porno down here. One where the actors had been up for three fucking days.

I try to glance at faces hidden behind teased bushy heads. I see none of the guys. There is coke all over this place like a baby got a hold of a bottle of baby powder and created a winter wonderland in Nikki's fucking house.

I make my way into the kitchen. It's a war zone, like ground fucking zero. I think I see Steven sleeping under the kitchen table. But where the hell were Axl and Izzy?
I stoop down next to him and shake him.

"Morning sunshine," I smile at him as his eyes part open.

He lifts his head slightly. "Am I understand a fucking table?"

"Yeah bro, you are." I nodded.

"Fuck my head," he says grabbing it.

"You happen to know where Axl and Izzy are?" I ask.

Steven starts to climb out from under the kitchen table. "Yeah man, Axl hightailed it out of here around dawn with that chick after seeing Izzy fucking Tommy Lee at the top of the stairs. Man Axl couldn't get out of here fast enough." He starts looking around for something to drink but it looks like the liquor supply has been depleted.

"Are you fucking serious?" I ask and grab his shoulders.

"Cross my heart man," he nods.

"Fuck! What about Izzy, where is he?"

"Last I saw him was in Nikki's closet."

I look at him like I heard wrong. "Nikki's closet?"

"Yeah, getting high."

Fuck! I spin around to go back upstairs. Halfway up I see Izzy coming down the stairs heavily using the railing for support. He is pale and his eyes are lined in black rings.


"Time to go," he says in a low tone.

"I've gotta clean Slash up first, he pissed all over himself."

He nods as his free arm cradles his stomach, he looks like he's about to puke. "I'll be in the car."

I rush past him and back to Slash. "Come on babe, we have to go." I call out to him.

He doesn't move so I go over to him and shake him.

"What?" He mumbles without opening his eyes.

"We have to go."

"Hmmmm...go?" He drowisly asks.

"Yeah, home, come on get up."

He re positions and gets comfortable. My eye is caught by a slight bruise in the bend of his arm. At closer inspection I see a puncture wound. I grab his arm as the thought 'not again' runs through my mind.

"Slash, what the fuck is this?" I ask in a calm tone.

His eyes snap open and he jerks his arm away from me. "Nothing."

"Slash, I know what that is, who did it to you?"

"I wanted to try it. You were all passed out and shit...Nikki offered...Izzy and Steven were both doing it too. I just wanted to know what it was like. It's not a big deal."

"It is a big deal! A very big deal! You've never had to watch that shit kill someone! It destroys fucking lives!" I shout losing my cool.

"What the fuck are you yelling at me for?! You don't fucking yell at Izzy!" He yells back.

"I'm not in love with Izzy!" I get even louder.

"Babe I'm sorry, I was drunk and not thinking. It was a one time thing. Please don't be mad."
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