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Angela finds out why they call Izzy the best fuck on sunset.

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Something weighs heavily on Izzy's mind tonight, but then he always seemed to have something on his mind. Yet tonight it seemed like his thoughts were rooted more deeply inside his own head than normal. Here he is snuggled up behind me and he isn't even trying anything on me. We live together, posing as girlfriend and boyfriend and he has never done anything besides kiss me. Maybe he wasn't as bi as he liked to let on. Maybe he hasn't gotten over Axl yet. Maybe he only has me here because Axl has a girlfriend. Maybe I was just to make Axl jealous. I mean what did I really expect here? Axl himself had called Erin and I things like eye candy and arm candy. Maybe the extent of Izzy's interest in me was just that. Maybe he could only love Axl.

Plus what boyfriend doesn't mind the fact that his girlfriend is a stripper? Izzy actually encouraged it. That shit wasn't normal, I don't care how much trust a guy has. No man wants their girl taking her clothes off for strangers. Why do you think strippers can't keep a boyfriend? But the money was all that seemed to matter to Izzy. In fact I don't think he has even come in the club to watch me dance. I hated dancing for all those perverted bastards. I wouldn't mind stripping for Izzy though.

I guess I should stay detached from Izzy because I know he can never be mine. We would never have a normal and conventional relationship. We started out with a lie. The lie that I was to appear as Izzy's girlfriend. Maybe a tiny little part of me wanted to be his. I mean Izzy's a pretty good looking guy. He's smart. He's funny. And I never feel as safe as I do when I'm with him.

Maybe Izzy is just as much of a junkie as my ex. God knows all he cared about was his next fix. It would be nothing for us to go for months without ever having sex. He was always either too high or dope sick, or chasing that next fix. But Izzy just didn't seem that strung out to me. Maybe he just had more practice. Or perhaps his habit wasn't that high. I never see him nodding or drooling. He never seems to show any sign of sickness.

Izzy was just one huge mystery. He allured and intrigued me. I really wanted to get to know him better. I wished he would talk to me when he gets like this. I don't think there's anyone he feels he can talk to. Maybe Axl was the person he had talked to. Now he couldn't. I feel him shift behind me and roll onto his back with a sigh.

I look over my shoulder at him, “Izzy, is everything ok?”

“Yeah,” he says softly as he stares up at the ceiling.

“Trouble at work tonight?” I ask hoping to spark up some sort of a conversation.

“Nah,” he exhales, “band issues.”

I roll over onto my other side to face him, gently laying my hand on his bare chest. His eyes never falter from his blank stare at the ceiling. “Want to talk about it?”

He sighs deeply and reaches over for his cigarettes. He pulls one out and places it between his lips as his hand snakes down under the covers to retrieve his lighter from his pocket. He pulls it out and leans his head up a bit to light his cigarette. He drags deeply from it and lays his head back down. “I'm not one to discuss my problems Angie.”

“You didn't seem to have a problem the night we met,” I remind him because he seemed to have no difficulty telling me about his and Axl's breakup that night.

He shrugs, “Never really thought I'd see you again, ya know? It's easier to tell people shit when you know you'll never see them again.”

“But aren't I supposed to be your girlfriend for all intent and purposes?” I smile.

“Trust me darlin, it's nothing you need concern yourself with. Just boring...politics I guess you could say.” He again drags from his cigarette.

I just nod. I pause as I sit and watch him exhale. His lips are so sexy when he does that. “Izzy?”


“Why haven't you tried to fuck me?”

His eyebrows raise as he turns his head to look at me in surprise. “You mean you want to fuck me?”

I smile, “Well I'm not opposed to the idea, I was just wondering why you haven't tried. I mean we make out pretty hardcore sometimes. We sleep right next to one another. Is it me? Or maybe the smack?”

“Is that a polite way of asking me if my dick works?” He softly chuckles and looks back up at the ceiling. He drags from his cigarette as he smiles, “To answer your burning curiosity, my dick works just fine.”

“Then why haven't you made a move on me?” I ask again.

He softly chuckled, “I have never met anyone who asks as many questions as you darlin.” By now his question dodging is starting to work on my nerves. I'm about to blow my lid when he exhales and starts once more. “Did it ever occur to you that you haven't exactly given a guy many signals?”

“What?! All those times when we kiss...”

“Quieten down Ange,” he says soothingly cuts me off as he snuffs out his cigarette in a nearby ashtray. “I just didn't want you to feel obligated just because I helped you out.”

My heart melts. I place my palm on his cheek and turn his face to face mine. “Izzy I would have fucked you the first night I met you. One look in your eyes told me you were someone decent.”

He turns onto his side face to face with me. His eyes watch his hand move a strand of hair behind my ear. “Angie...we're never going to be a normal couple. I'm a drug dealing wannabe rock star with a drug habit and you're a stripper who's only sleeping on a floor with me because you have to.”

“That's not all there is to it for me Izzy,” I softly say. His brows furrow at me slightly as he anticipates my reply. “Izzy when I'm with you I feel safe. I think you're funny. I like how calm you always are. You're street smart. I like you Izzy. I'm here because I want to be with you.”

Izzy reclines up on his elbows and looks at me. He looks like he is thinking so hard his brain is about to explode. He opens his mouth to speak but quickly closes it and just looks at me again with his wheels turning. Then he gently runs his index finger over my bottom lip. It's hard with callouses and has little sharp scratchy edges on the sides. His head moves down and his lips replace his finger. His lips so warm are soft at first but the kiss quickly grows.

Soon Izzy's entire weight is coming across me as he slides his hips between my thighs. I can feel him under his jeans. Ok he's definitely not gay. His hands take me by my wrists and raise them above my head as his lips travel down to my neck. He grinds himself into me as he growls and takes my lips again. Now they are focused on devouring me. They are more passionate than they have ever been. Animalistic. Needy.

His hands run roughly down my arms and sides to the hem of my T-shirt. I feel him grip it in his fists a moment as he gets lost in kissing me. Then he begins to pull it up. I arch my back to make it easier. He exposes my breasts and his tongue traces my nipple. He sucks it into his mouth as his hands cup at them. My fingers twist into his long black hair as I draw in a breath. Then his lips slowly start to travel down and all around my stomach.

“Izzy,” I say, dying to feel him give me more, “please.”

He climbs back up to my lips with a smirk. His hands begins to work the sweat pants I'm wearing down off my hips. “You sure want me honey?” He teases me running his fingertips in circles over my thighs.

“Oh for gods sake Izzy would you just fuck me?”

“Mmmm,” he mutters behind that smirk as I kick my sweats off. Hie fingers run under the string of my thong panties. He drags the nubs of his fingers down my hips as the panties slide with them. He reclines up on his knees and begins taking his own pants off. “How you want me darlin?” He asks lying next to me and removing his pants from his ankles.

Fuck me his body was perfect. “Inside me,” I say with this lustful rasp in my voice.

He gives me a twisted grin and takes his place between my parted thighs on his knees. He locks his hands under my arms and lifts my back from the bed. He slides me down on his dick and my eyes close in rapture he feels so good inside me. His arms wrap me up as his hips start to slowly grind upward inside of me. I can't help but moan because it hurts so good;Izzy had definitely been with a woman before. Those strippers had said he was the best fuck on Sunset the night I was looking for him and ended up here.

“Shhh,” he says softly as he takes my lips with his again. My nails drag down his back as he moves with the essence of sexiness. Another groan escapes me the second his lips retreat from mine. “What's the matter darlin, didn't think I had it in me?”

And it would be a lie if I said I did. I had no clue Izzy was this good. He knew exactly where to aim in me. He knew just how to touch me. Izzy was insatiable. I couldn't keep quiet.

“Wanna be loud huh?” he pants in my ear as he moves beneath me, “Say my name baby. Tell me you want me. Tell me how good my dick feels in you.”

“Oh god Izzy harder!”

“Oh yeah? You want it harder? You sure baby?” He says somewhere between a pant, a moan, and a growl as he continues to buck his hips from beneath me.

“Oh god Izzy don't stop!” I yelp feeling myself just on the brink of explosion.

“You gonna cum for me baby? Gonna cum all over this cock?” He groans.

“Oh...oh god...oh Izzy...oh...oh...I'm...IIIIIZZZZZZZZY!!” I cum so hard that I start to quiver. I've never had an orgasm so strong before. Or that fast, not when I wasn't masturbating. For the first time in my life I don't feel like I was just fucked.

“Yeah, that's it,” he coos as he holds my rigid body on his lap as he slows to a grind. “You really like me now don't ya darlin?”

I manage a weak chuckle. Yeah, I saw him in a whole new light now. I never dreamed he would be this good. With one arm holding me to him he lowers me back down on the bed and rests his weight on his elbows. He looks into my eyes with a cocky smile as his hips start to roll slowly.

“You're amazing,” I whisper and pull his lips down to mine. I can't resist rolling my hips against his. “Your turn.”

“Mmmm,” he groans, “Didn’t say I was ready to cum darling; I've got nowhere to be. I've got all the time in the world.” Then he kisses me again and I surrender. I submit.

Izzy doesn't seem at all concerned with cumming himself; he seems to only want to get me off. It's like that gets him off more than actually getting off. Izzy made love to me for hours. I swear to god he missed his calling as a porn star; I think I cum like four times. I have never met a guy who could delay his own orgasm so long; and when he came he came hard, pulling out and shooting his load onto my chest. By the time we were done I was spent. Izzy was insatiable beyond words. I had never been with anyone as good. I no longer cared if I was his girlfriend for show. I didn't care if he was bisexual. As long as I got this treatment once in a while it was all worth it.
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