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I Miss Billy

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Izzy goes to see Axl

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I leave Slash and Duff on the bathroom floor and head down the street to Axl’s. Maybe I should be pissed about what went down last night but I can’t really bring myself to be; the way Slash is freaking out tells me everything I need to know. So does the fact that Axl went out and bought (or stole?) him a bottle of whiskey; both of them feel guilty as hell and Axl must feel bad for doing what he did to the kid or he wouldn’t have gone out and gotten him liquor. Having some liquor before they did it probably would have calmed the poor kid down but I guess he controlled himself well enough to get through it if Virgin sent us an offer.

I don’t knock when I get to Axl’s door I just use the key I still have and walk in. It’s dark inside but I see him laying in the darkness smoking a cigarette. When the door opens he throws his arm up over his eyes and squints at me; he knows it’s me, nobody else could just walk in here like that. “What are you doing here?” he asks.

“I came to see you,” I answer and blow smoke up in the air. “I’m surprised you’re still awake.”

“Can’t sleep,” he says.

“Yeah, I guess not,” I reply.

“How do you always fucking know everything?” he asks.

“I live with the other two? Also, we got offered a deal from Virgin and I went in to tell Duff and Slash and Slash ran into the bathroom and threw up instead of getting excited. It’s not like Duff and I were going to let him out of the bathroom until he told us what the fuck that was all about.” I tell Axl.

He sighs. “Fucking kid makes me feel so fucking guilty,” he fumes. “Why does he have to be soo…nice? Niave? I don’t know, you know what I mean, I know you do.”

“Yeah, I know,” I sigh. “You can’t help but want to protect him from all the shit out there. But I was worried about you; Duff will take care of him. How are you?”

“I told you, fucking guilty. I keep seeing his eyes and how ashamed they were. Jesus Christ. He was fucking terrified. That fucker from Virgin said that nobody else will sign us either unless we turn him out. You know how bad that’s gonna fuck him up?”

“Yeah, I was there this morning; I have a pretty good idea. What I don’t know is how in the fuck we’d put him back together. He’ll get fucking strung out or start drinking all the time, just watch. He might be drunk by the time I get home if Duff doesn’t stop him. Of course Duff spends a lot of time drunk right now too trying to numb himself to the memory of those other fucking guys. God we’re all going to be fucked up by the time we get signed,” I say shaking my head and putting my arms around Axl who gladly melts into them. His arms slide around my waist and his head lays on my shoulder.

“I love you Izzy, I really miss you,” he says so quietly that I almost don’t hear him.

“I miss you too,” I whisper.

“Stay awhile, please? Come back home?” he pleads. I don’t answer I just pull him down so that we’re both laying on the bed. He pushes me down into the mattress and presses his lips to mine and I don’t fight it; I just twine my fingers through his hair and kiss back. When I feel his lips on mine after so long I realize how badly I want him. He’s already shirtless in his underwear but he pulls me up so that he doesn’t have to take his lips off of mine and unbuttons my shirt and pushes it off of my shoulders and then works it off of my hands. His hands run over my chest and I groan into his mouth.

“You want me?” he asks pulling away from my lips.

“Fuck yes I want you,” I mumble and grab his face and pull his lips back to mine. His hands move down to the button of my jeans and pops it open and then pulls the zipper down. I scramble to get them off and Axl moves to get himself completely undressed and then he’s on me again; engulfing me with his fire. The fire inside both of us is so hot that his skin feels like it’s burning. His hand moves down to stroke me and I raise my hips and shamelessly thrust into his hand. “You had better slow down Angel,” he says but shudders when I wrap my hand around him and swipe the precum off of the head of his dick.

“No, I don’t want to; I want you inside of me right now; please! We can do it again in a few minutes but I want you to make me cum,” I pant as his hand continues to taunt me. He doesn’t argue; he just spits in his hand and shoves his fingers inside of me and starts stroking me on the inside as well as the outside. I writhe underneath him and I can tell that he’s getting worked up too watching me. “Just fuck me would ya?” I beg as I squirm from how good his touch feels.

He pulls his fingers out of me and spits in his hand again; this time smearing it on his cock and lines it up with my entrance. My eyes plead with him and he thrusts inside of me and I arch my back and moan loudly. “Oh my fucking god!” Axl gasps. He’s still for a minute and breathes deeply a few times trying to calm himself down and I feel his dick twitching inside of me. “Izzy,” he hisses through gritted teeth, “I almost forgot how fucking good it feels to be with you.”

I smirk at him. “You alright up there Fireball? You gonna blow your load before we even really get started?”

“Somehow I’m betting you’ll be blowing yours pretty quickly; you always do when you beg me to fuck you; it means you want me so bad you can’t control yourself.”

“You think so huh?” I ask.

“I fucking know so. You so wanna be my bitch right now.”

“So make me your bitch already!” I growl and pull him down into a fierce kiss and nip at his bottom lip hard. He snarls a little and starts to fuck me and I twine my hands into his hair and deepen the kiss and stop biting. I groan into his mouth as I feel him thrusting right where I need him to. God he knows my body so well and just how to please me. “Fuck baby,” I whimper, “you’re so fucking good.”

He moans and pulsates inside me again when I tell him that. “You gonna cum for me Izzy? You gonna cum from me fucking your tight little ass?” he asks and leans his weight on one arm. His hand reaches down between us and wraps around me so that he can stroke me as he thrusts.

“Mmm Billy,” I pant and he smiles when I call him by his real name. I grip his hair tighter and lift my hips to meet his thrusts which are getting harder. “Fuck! Harder baby please,” I beg and he gives me what I ask for and moves just slightly so that his dick is angled up a little more and I scream out my pleasure and pull his hair hard as I cum even harder than I did for Tommy that night in the alley. Tommy was fucking good but I didn’t feel the same way I did when I was fucking Axl. He thrusts a couple more times and then growls my name and goes rigid for a second in my arms as he cums hard inside of me and continues riding me while he moans into my shoulder and then collapses on top of me. I wrap him in my arms and hold on tightly. We lay there catching our breath for a minute and I nuzzle into his hair and whisper “I love you Fireball.”

“I love you too Izzy; I didn’t realize how much I missed you until you were holding me a little while ago. I’m sorry for being such an asshole lately,” he says and sits up and looks into my eyes. They’re so beautiful, sparkling green even in the dim light. He’s beautiful; red hair falling over his shoulders, his chest slick with sweat and cum.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” I murmur and reach up to stroke the hair off of his face and tuck it behind his ear.

“Not like you my Dark Angel,” he answers. “Let’s get in the shower; I want to play with you in there.”

“What you’re going to do in the shower is let me suck you off and then fuck you up against the wall,” he says.

“We’ll see, he says but I get my way. After we get ourselves cleaned off I shove Axl up against the back wall of the shower and kiss my down his chest and stomach and then tease him by bypassing his cock and teasing his balls with my mouth. Then I turn him around and tease his entrance with my tongue as he moans and squirms. When I take his cock into my mouth he cries out and his fingers dig into my hair. I suck him gently at first relishing the taste and feel of him in my mouth; I’ve always loved sucking his cock. I figure because it will take a while since it’s not the first time he’s getting off but when I start taking him into my throat he groans and pushes down on my head asking for more and I gladly suck him a little harder and faster. A few seconds later he lets out a high pitched noise that only he could make and cums as I suck up every last drop. I can’t get enough of him; not enough of the way he feels; not enough of the way he tastes.

He pulls me to my feet and kisses me and then growls “Fuck me.” So I do; smearing conditioner on myself to use as lube. I push him up against the wall and stretch him; teasing him inside until he’s hard again and then slowly sliding into him as he moans and pushes back against me. I loop my arms around him and grip his shoulders as I start to thrust. I start out quickly but then slow him down when his moans get louder. “You’re a goddamn tease do you know that?” he hisses.

“Hush, let’s get out of the shower; I want to see your face when I make love to you. I turn the water off and slide out of him much to his disappointment and we towel off quickly. I take the conditioner into the other room and lube myself up again as he lays down on his back. I turn on the lamp so that I can actually see and push myself back inside of him. His eyes close and he gasps and I let out a small moan. I make love to him slowly; my lips and tongue reacquainting themselves with his neck and ears and chest. “Fuck darlin I missed being inside of you,” I tell him as I slowly grind into him.

“Izzy you’re fucking torturing me, you have been for over an hour,” he groans as his hips curl into mine.

“Want me to stop?” I tease.

“Fuck no, I’m gonna cum again soon, just a little more,” he pleads. I don’t pick up the pace or anything, I just continue to move in and out of him slowly thrusting myself into him as deeply as I can. I don’t even have to stroke him; he cums for me all on his own looking straight into my eyes just like he used to.

That look pushes me over the edge. “Billy,” I whisper as I spill myself inside of him. “I love you Billy.”

When it’s over I pull him into me and he drapes his leg over mine and holds me with one arm. "I love you Izzy. Stay with me?" he asks quietly.

"I will," I reassure him and pull him into a soft kiss.

“Give me a cigarette,” he sighs and I grab the pack and light two; pushing one between his lips. I feel him relax even more as the cigarette burns down. I turn on the TV and put the smokes out in the ashtray by the bed. He makes himself comfortable on my chest and shoulder and falls asleep as I stroke his hair. I smile as I feel myself starting to doze. God I had missed Billy.
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