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Erin's Limo Driver Is Off Somehow

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Izzy picks Erin up at the airport

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Axl had finally invited me to join him out on the road because they were playing this really big gig and there would be TV crews there. He had his appearances to keep up after all. He warned me that Izzy was none too happy about this, he wouldn't even send for Angela. Axl says it's because Izzy has gotten sober...well from smack, and has actual human feelings again. Axl says they had been getting along like they were 16 again. I could see how my presence would upset the balance of things between them. But so what? Television cameras would be there!

I called Axl when I got to the airport. He told me he had sent his limo driver for me. I was impressed that Axl had limousines at his beck and call. It didn't seem so long ago that he lived in a storage shed. I get my bags and walk out the front doors of the Airport in Wilmington, Virginia. I look to the chauffeurs lined up next to limo's holding signs with names.

Then my eyes fall on my name being held loosely in a dangle and upside down. Black leather pants, a wrinkled button down shirt with just two buttons fastened. Over it a black vest. His black hair was covered by a paperboy hat. His eyes shielded by blacked out mirrored shades. A lit cigarette dangled from his lips as smoke swirled from the end.

“What the fuck are you doing here Izzy?” I roll my eyes, “Does Axl know you're here?”

Izzy casually tosses the cigarette to the pavement as he allows the sign with my name on it to tumble to the ground. He purses his lips and shoves his weight off the side of the limo. He grabs me tightly by my arm and drags me for the limo.

“You're hurting my arm,” I frown.

He jerks open the door and shoves me in, “Shut up and get the fuck in,” he snaps in a low even tone of indifference.

I settle in the seat and he is next to me slamming the door in about two seconds. When the door slams I can smell the liquor on him. Axl had warned me that Izzy would probably stay drunk the entire time I was here. Guess he had gotten a good head start on that.

“Are you going to tell me why in the world Axl would send you to pick me up?” I sigh.

Izzy jerks forward and grabs a bottle of alcohol, “He wouldn't,” he answers uncapping the bottle. “He doesn't know I'm here. He's too preoccupied by getting you fucking roses and chocolates,” he smirks and takes a drink.

“Then why did you come?” I ask.

“Because I'm pissed off at him for having you here. I figured since he was going to be banging his groupie tonight I might as well have a stab at you first. Probably been a while since you got fucked proper, and lets face it darlin' you love my cock. I think that point was well proven the last time you were here and got all wet just from being so close to me,” he grins in the most cocky way and takes another drink.

“I can't fucking stand you,” I stare at him.

“And I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire and I pissed straight gasoline. But we ain't gotta like each other to fuck. You know you like it hard and fast. The aggression get you off, get me off too. Gives me small doses of vengeance, ya know?” He shrugs.

“You are fucking twisted, both of you are. You're insanely jealous of me, yet you know why I'm around. You even have Angela, but do you see Axl fucking your girlfriend out of spite?”

“Just cuz he ain't had the chance sweetheart,” he says pulling out a cigarette, “why you think I never bring her around?”

“Why don't you two just come out of the closet, it certainly never hurt Freddie Mercury’s career,” I snap.

He lights his cigarette and glances down at his watch, “It's a 40 minute drive to the hotel, we gonna do this or what? I do believe I owe you one since I was suck a dick to you the last time.”

“Yes you were! What makes you think I would even consider fucking you again?” I ask.

He exhales with a shrug, “Oh,I don't know, maybe the way you tried to stick your hand down my pants in that elevator?” He glares over at me and takes a slow drag from his cigarette, “How wet is that pussy for me now baby?”

“Fuck you,” I hiss.

He just smirks with a sideways grin, “I'm trying.”

I roll my eyes and shake my head, “You better get me off this time or there will be consequences.”

He just smirks and starts to unfasten his leather pants. He shoves them down off his hips and motions to his lap, “You waiting on written invitation or what?”

Rolling my eyes I undress from the waist down. I start to straddle him but he stops me.

“Nah, turn around and ride me backwards,” he says.

The idea appeals to me so I comply. Izzy pulls my hips down onto his hard dick. “Yeah,” he coos, “you're all wet for me. Don't sit there, ride it.”

I start to move slowly at first. I soon feel one of Izzy's arms wrap around my stomach. His right hand grips at my throat slightly.

“Thought you wanted it rough sugar,” he groans in my ear as he starts to fuck me hard from underneath.

I start moaning loudly. Izzy quickly moves the hand from my throat and sticks his fingers in my mouth, silencing me by practically gagging me,

“Fucking suck them like you want to suck my cock,” he hisses.

And I do as my breasts bounce up and down from Izzy's immense speed. He feels so fucking good inside of me. I can feel the pressure building like a sneeze. Sex with Izzy was fucking amazing. “Oh Izzy...oh my God!”

He huffs, “Now I'm you god huh? Your fucking sex god?” He jerks my head back by my hair. “Fucking tell me you love my dick.”

“Oh god Izzy I love your dick!”

“Yeah? You gonna cum for me darlin?”

“Yes, soon,” I groan.

“If you don't I'll have to stick it up that ass and see if that works. Always works for me,” he pants and thrusts in deep short fast thrusts inside me. “Mmmm, think I might cum thinking about that.”

Then my insides explode around him. He shoves his fingers back in my mouth and thrusts even harder until with one thrust he pauses and I can feel him pulsing inside me. His movements slow considerably. The moment he regains hes breath he shoves me away. He presses the intercom and tells the driver to let him out one block over. He re-dresses and stares blankly out the window while I dress with a blissful smile on my face.

“Better loose that freshly fucked look on you face, Axl will know,” Izzy says dryly.

The limo soon stops and Izzy opens the door.

“Where are you going?”

Izzy pauses and shuts the door. He picks his gun up from the seat and strokes my cheek with it lightly. I paralyze with fear. “To do what junkies do best Darlin'...I do hope, for your sake, that you forget you ever saw me tonight.” His eyes give me a once over as he pulls his gun down and shoves it in his pants. Then he opens the door, gets out,
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