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Duff gets married

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I was hoisted from mine and Slash's bed and onto my fucking feet by Alan and some buff ass security guard. I was so fucking drunk I couldn't even walk. They carried my by my waist and arms down the hallway and into the elevator. Mandy smiled as she pushed the button for the lobby. It's like everything was in slow motion and no way could this off the wall shit really be happening. I had to be dreaming.

I'm slammed into a limo. I peer out the window to the hotel as the limo takes off for the airport. I lay my spinning head back and tears fall from the corners of my eyes. How the fuck did Nikki think he was? How could he do that to us. I thought we were all friends. I felt used and betrayed. Nikki did this for Nikki. I hope that junkie fuck overdoses and dies.

“Here baby,” Mandy purrs, “You need to level out,” she says extending coke out to me.

What the fuck, right? Why not be numb to this whole painful thing. All I kept seeing was the pain in Slash's eyes. I was so worried what he would do while I was gone. He was going to self destruct and I wasn't going to be able to be there for him to help him through it. Why me? Why did it have to be me? I'd give anything if there were some way I could get out of this, but Nikki had me, had us, right where the fuck he wanted us! Fuck Nikki!

I lean forward and inhale the coke. She extends even more out to me, and I do it too. Four times she does this and soon I'm feeling alert and energetic again. Alan tries to explain the details of the marriage to me but I can't listen. I can only thing about my Curly Sue. I hope the guys were looking after him. God this whole situation is so fucked!

It seems like no time at all before I see the Vegas Strip from the plane window. We're here. This is it. I'm getting married to some chick I don't know and only fucked because I had to. This was never going to work. I should have just quit the fucking band. But deep down I knew I would never find 4 other guys I had that chemistry with. We were going to be huge. Fuck, even Nikki thought so.

We get into another limo that takes us to from the airport, down the strip and to a little place called Chapel of the Bells. I feel like I want to puke when I step out of that limo. Mandy takes my hand and I quickly pull it away. I didn't want that cut to lay one fucking finger on me. She steps up to me and places a pill to my lips.

“Don't be so moody baby, here, this will relax you,” she works the pill into my lips.

Fuck it. The more twisted I was the better. I took the pill assuming it was ecstasy. Whatever. Load me so full I don't know up from down. I don't want to remember any of this. Especially taking vows that are supposed to mean something. But when I said them it would be a fucking lie.

We go inside and within maybe eight minutes Mandy is my fucking wife. I do not believe this shit. I cry as we walk out of the chapel. The ecstasy is kicking in and I'm emotional and all I can think about is my baby boy Curly Sue. We get back in the limo and go to the Venetian. Alan rents us the bridal suite and the security guy escorts us to the room. Mandy unlocks the door and pulls me inside with a lustful look.

I shut the door and lock it. Yeah, I know what's supposed to come now, but I don't know if I can. I don't love Mandy. I just want to be with Slash. Mandy breaks out more coke on the minibar and calls me over for some after she's had a few lines. I take the rolled bill in my hand and snort all that's left laying out. Mandy gropes me from behind.

I close my eyes and try to picture Slash. I know all bets are off if I don't fuck the whore. I allow images of Slash fill my mind as she strokes me over my pants.

“Mmmm, think he's waking up,” she coos in my ear and sticks her tongue in it.

Slash. His plump soft lips. His big beautiful brown eyes. His black spiral locks. His warm tanned skin. His cock in my hand. My mouth. My ass. His lips whispering how much he loves me. His beautiful smile. His laugh. His humor.

I'm so busy concentrating on Slash that when I can actually take a moment to stop I'm laid back on a bed naked and Mandy is sucking my cock. I allow myself to find Slash again. As she starts to fuck me I refuse to touch her breasts, they would take away from my fantasies of Slash. I won't kiss her because her lips are not him. It's just sex. Just my dick penetrating her while I lie on my back and put fort zero effort. I'm a dead fuck and I don't give a fuck.

It takes her many hours of hard word and devotion to finally get me off. It took me fucking her up the ass to get off. Her ass felt more like Slash than her wet pussy. Somehow I guess she gets off too. I waste no time with wiping my cock off and redressing.

“Where are you going? It's our wedding night, our honeymoon,” she says.

“You got what you wanted Mandy. I'm going down to the casino,” I say flatly.

I wanted to call Slash, but I didn't want to hurt him any further. He would be hurting enough with my new fake wife around. I go down to the casino and wander around aimlessly. I don't want to gamble. So I leave the hotel and just walk up and down the strip. Just trying to make sense of it all. Just trying to figure out how to make it all hurt less when I returned married and with a wife in tow. I didn't want to see anymore pain in Slash's eyes, but I knew I would.
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