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Chapter 3

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The Hyperion runs out of power. Mahad and Dahlia end up stuck on a block of ice with no power, and no radio contact. Then they forget where they parked the ship... and the weather's getting worse...

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She tried to stay awake but the cold was making her drowsy. They'd kept as close together as they could without further incident. But the cold was getting through and Dahlia was afraid that the drowsiness she was feeling could turn out more dangerous than just making her fall asleep.

"... Mahad..." She jiggled him slightly.

"Mmph..." said Mahad. "What...?"

"You awake?"


"Me neither..." Dahlia felt her eyes drooping shut.

"Dahlia... Dahlia!" Mahad sounded half asleep, but his voice was slightly desperate.

"Huh..." She must've fallen asleep for a moment. She was feeling disorientated.

"There's a polar bear..."

Dahlia squinted out into the snow. "There're... no polar bears, Mahad..."

"Mm... there..."

The wind dropped slightly for a second and Dahlia could just make out a dark shape moving towards them.

"What do polar bears eat?" Mahad asked.

"I don't know... does it matter?" She felt her eyelids getting heavy again. She really didn't need to find out what they ate.

"Probably not..." mumbled Mahad and snuggled up closer to her.

Dahlia held him tighter. Then let her eyes shut. The last thing she saw was the dark shape steadily moving towards them.


"Wayan, bring the Saint Nazaire down, I've found them!"

"On it..." the radio crackled, fraught with static.

Cortes pushed through the snow to the two bodies curled up around each other. "Dahlia! Mahad!" Neither of them responded. Cortes dropped to his knees next to them and pressed two fingers against each of their necks. They were cold, but he could feel their heart rate beating steadily.

He sighed in relief and pulled off the heavy overcoat from his shoulders. The one Cheng had insisted he would need and he'd only actually brought when Cheng added that Dahlia and Mahad might need it. He put it over them now.

Behind him the Saint Nazaire came into view through the blizzard. Its ramp steadily moved towards the ground. It had been flying as low as it could in the wind behind him, staying within radio and just within visual contact.

"Are they alright?" Wayan's voice came over the radio again, slightly clearer.

"Yeah, but they're unconscious. Could you get down here and give me a hand?" Cortes tugged a corner of the overcoat so that it covered Dahlia better.

"I'll be right there."

They'd get them onto the Saint Nazaire, out of the cold. Then he could be sure they were safe. Cortes readjusted the overcoat over them again, and waited for Wayan to make it off the ship to help.


Author's note: (and at the end this time :P) Well, that's it. I think I need to plan out stuff if I want to write in chapters but, because I hate having long ones and then short ones. Hope you enjoyed. ^^
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