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Hammocks And Sex

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I sit in the conference room chair and stare after Axl as he hurries after Izzy. I can’t fucking believe Nikki’s alive. I saw him laying there in front of me on the bathroom floor in Steven’s room dead and blue and so fucking still, he was dead damnit, how could he be back?! Why do fuckers like him always get a free pass? How was it that he was like Mr. Indestructible? He wasn’t a good person, why did he deserve another chance after all the shit that he’d done?! I just look over at Duff with fear and disbelief on my face and his arms are instantly around me. I don’t even move though, I can’t, all I can do is sit frozen in my chair as he tries to soothe me. “Duff, what if he comes back? What if he’s mad at me and Steven and thinks we didn’t try and save him, what if Tommy thinks that? Tommy said he’d come for me again, it would be the perfect excuse, Duff, I can’t go through that again! I can’t do it!” I can hear my voice rising in pitch but I can’t do anything to stop it. My hands are clenched into fists, clinging to Duff’s shirt for dear life.

“Baby Boy, he’s not going to come after you, Izzy or I will kill him if he tries to get anywhere near you. I promise.
“You can’t stop him! He never plays by any sort of rules! I felt bad that he was dead but it was sort of a relief you know? Duff I can’t do it again!” I babble. Fuck, Alan and Doug are both still in the room as well as Steven and Adriana and they’re all watching me have a nervous breakdown. That’s just fucking awesome!

“No baby, he won’t get near you. Our new apartment has an alarm and there’s a doorman, he won’t get to you ok? We’ll get out of town for a few days too if that makes you feel any safer, we can leave tonight. We’ve been talking about going to back to that resort you like, I can call when we get home. Would you like that?” he asks quietly. I try and answer him but no sound will come out of my mouth. No, not this shit again, I hate freaking out to the point of not being able to talk! I just look at Duff with some sort of mix of desperation and frustration and nod. He looks at me and cups my face in his hands and sighs. “Calm down, don’t let him get to you this bad again, don’t let him take your voice. Just breathe baby,” he soothes. He strokes my cheekbones with his thumbs and then takes my hands in his and rubs the backs of them with his thumbs but I still can’t get anything to come out of my mouth and I slam my fist down on the table in frustration. I squeeze Duff’s hand with my free one so that he knows I’m not mad at him. “It’s ok to be pissed off baby,” he says quietly. You want to go home?”

I nod and concentrate really hard on talking but all I get out is a stuttered yes. Duff stands up and pulls me up out of the chair by my hands and then puts his arm around me. He looks over at Doug and Alan and says “Thanks for letting us know. I think we’re going to leave town for a few days, I’ll call you and let you know when we leave ok? We’ve had enough of Nikki’s shit is all, we both have had more than enough of him to last a lifetime.”

“Sorry we had to drop such shitty news on you guys,” Doug apologizes, “especially right after Christmas.”

I just shrug and Duff pulls me close. I’m so fucking pissed that Nikki’s still alive after putting me through all of that drama surrounding his death! Duff, Steven, Adriana, and me all walk out to the elevators. “Where are you guys gonna go?” Adriana asks while blowing bubbles and then cracking them with her gum; I hate that! I want to take that damn gum out of her mouth and throw it in the nearest ash tray! Yeah, I”m pretty fucking irritated and angry right now if gum popping is aggravating me that bad!

“We’re going to San Diego, they have this little resort that we both love, you stay in these little round huts and they have hammocks inside and out. It’s beautiful, you can go snorkeling, rent jet skis, lay in the sun, it’s awesome. We go there when we need to get away from everything and everyone and just need to be alone. We can relax there, there’s no paparazzi, they don’t let them in; they really work to protect the privacy of their guests.” Duff tells her. Then he looks down and over at me “You ok Baby Boy?” he asks. I just nod in reply. I’m too angry and freaked out to respond nicely. I’m not sure what would come out anyway which would just make me more upset!

When we get downstairs Stevie and Adriana go flag down a cab and Duff and I wait for the valet to bring his Corvette around. When the car arrives we get in and Duff steers us out of the Geffen Records parking lot and we head home. He picks up my hand and kisses it and says “Don’t let it get to you, not Nikki and not Axl, don’t go silent on me again, you’re so strong, but always remember when you don’t feel strong I’ll be there to hold you up. I love you so much.”

“I, I, I know. I love you too Duffy,” I manage to get out. I feel the tight knot in my throat ease up a little and I squeeze his hand. We head over to Franklin Plaza and pack up all of our stuff and check out and then head back to the beautiful condo that Duff rented for us. When we get in Duff calls the resort and books us a little hut for a week. We immediately repack and head out, leaving an extra key under the mat for Steven who said he would feed Clyde and his new woman Geraldine while we’re gone. I feed them raw chicken tenders because I can’t feed them mice, it’s just too cruel and hard to watch.

So we jump into Duff’s car and head out and in a few hours later we’re standing in our own private paradise and I can feel the tension gradually leaving me. I managed to keep up a conversation on the way down; Nikki wasn’t going to take my voice again. I look over at Duff and pull him close. “Thank you for bringing me here, and thank you for standing by me and being there when I’ve needed you for the past couple of months. I know it hasn’t been easy for you either. I love you so much and I couldn’t have gotten through all this shit without you.”

“You’re welcome Baby Boy. I love you too and I just want you to be happy. I love this place too, we’re always happy and relaxed here and you deserve a break and a chance to just relax without reporters and photographers and fans everywhere. Here it’s just us and I want you to rest and relax and not think about that crazy fucker Nikki ok?”

“Yeah ok,” I answer and pull him into a kiss. It starts out soft and sweet but quickly builds and the next thing I know Duff’s walking me back towards the bed. I gladly let him lead and I find myself naked and underneath him in less than a minute but then he slows things down. His kisses drift down to my neck and then up to the spot behind my ear that he knows drives me crazy. He shows no mercy and licks and sucks on that spot until I”m writhing around underneath him.

“Turn over,” he whispers, his voice thick with want.

I scramble to obey and flip over onto my belly. Duff kisses down my back, wet open mouthed kisses down my spine that end at my tailbone and then I feel his big hands spread me open and he licks me; starting at my balls and ending at the top of my crack. A strange, high pitched noise escapes my mouth and I just know Duff is grinning. I can almost feel it! “Duff!” I squeak.

“What, you don’t like it when I do this?” he asks, licking me again.

“I fucking love it when you do that!” I tell him.

“Then just enjoy it; I’ve been thinking about licking your little hole the whole drive down here!” My only response is a long, loud, moan as he turns back to the task at hand, alternating, long, hard, licks with swirls and little flicks of his tongue over my entrance. Fuck that feels good! He pauses for a second and says “I’m gonna lick you until you can’t take it anymore and beg me to fuck you!” Then he spreads me open agai, those big hands gripping my cheeks hard, and gives me another firm, long, lick.
He keeps it up until I’m squirming around on the bed again. Fuck I need release but it’s not going to come from this even though it feels amazing! Suddenly I feel his tongue stiffen up and push inside of me and I let out a high pitched whine. “Duff!! Fuck! That feels good!” I squeak. He just hums in response. He keeps tongue fucking me for a minute until I can’t stand it any more. “I need more Duff, please, fuck me already! Please baby!”

“Yeah? You want my cock?” Duff growls. “You’d better start begging then.”

“Please Duff, please fuck me! I need you, please please!” I plead with him.

:”You alright with it from the back?” he asks.

“Yeah, I want you inside of me! Like now!” I reply. He sits up, grabs the lube out of his bag, and slicks up his cock and a couple fingers. His fingers push into me first, stretching me but he refuses to play with my prostate and I groan and squirm around, trying to get him to put pressure on it. But he withdraws his fingers and slaps my ass.

:”Behave now! I’m not gonna get you off with my fingers, I’m gonna fuck you good and hard and pound that little spot with my cock, stop trying to get off before my cock’s inside you!”

“Please Duff! I’m so hard it hurts! I need to cum!” I tell him.

“I know you do, I’m just as hard as you are, this isn’t gonna last very long but we have all week to do nothing but fool around and make love. You ready?” he asks.
“Fuck yes!” I answer. He pulls me up onto all fours and pushes into me and the head of his cock hits my spot and glides over it. I moan in pleasure. He pulls back and fucks me with quick, hard, strokes, every one of them hitting my spot. In less than two minutes I’m spurting all over the bed and clamping down on Duff’s cock hard. He groans behind me and I feel the heat of his load deep inside me as he gets off and yells out my name.

When we’re done he leans over me and puts his arms around my body and pulls me back onto his lap while he’s still inside of me. “I love you Baby Boy,” he whispers.

“I love you too Duffy,” I answer and turn far enough around to kiss his sweet lips. He holds me close for a few minutes before we head to the shower. We clean up and then line the hammock with the comforter that we had thrown on the floor. I grab the extra blanket from the closet in the room and we snuggle up together and drift off to sleep. Fuck you Nikki, no matter what we’re closer than ever and dead or alive you can’t break us.
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