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Blue Balls By Telephone

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Nikki gets good and bad news

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Blue Balls By Telephone

I received a phone call. When I answered I was surprised to hear Slash's voice. I froze up on the spot.

“Hey man, you think you could pull some strings and shit and get us a gig as one of your openers?”

“I might could arrange something.” Of course I did have ulterior motives in mind. I do nothing unless it benefits me for the most part. “I'll talk to our management and to your keepers.”

“Thanks man, we owe you one.”

“Yeah you do,” I say as a smile creeps to my face.

“Oh hold on,” Slash says, “Izzy wants to holler at you.”

I hear them exchanging the phone.

“What's up Sixxer? You miss us?”

I snort.

“So you really think you can get us some gigs together?” He asks me.

“I'm the boss of this band. I always keep on until they give me my way,” I snicker.

“We'll have to extend our appreciation when we see you again,” his voice replied in this sultry hint.

“Mmmm,” I moan and run my hand over my dick, “whatcha got in mind?”

“Is your memory that bad?” He questions.

“No...just want to hear you say it.”

“I'll do you so good you'll beg me to never stop. I'll suck that cock of yours, while I finger your ass. Ride your dick till you scream my name and beg me to let you come.”

“ got me hard already.” I moan into the receiver.

I hear a devious flirty chuckle from Izzy, “Touch it and think of me.” And then the phone went dead.

My hand snakes it down to my hard dick through my leather pants. “Fucking tease,” I mumble. But I'd be a goddamn liar if I said I didn't like it. I liked the teasing. I like the way Izzy and Slash fulfilled me. I liked the way they felt. Even more so, I liked the way they made me feel. I wish I could make someone feel like that. Someone special.

I sit and nod a while. Then in a brief moment of lucidity I stand up and pull up my pants. I walk out into the hall and down to Tommy's room.

“Heather flew in this morning,” Fred tells me as I approach Tommy's door.

I bang the side of my fist on the door. “Tommy! Tommy, lets get out of here man! Come on, I've got coke!”

There is no reply. So I continue being persistent.

“I know she's in there but it doesn't mean we can't hang out! Come on with me.”

Then the door opens and Tommy's towering 6'4” frame is standing before me looking pissed.

“Fuck dude, she's in for one fucking day! Can't we get a little privacy?!”

“She can hang out with us...come on...lets have some fun,” I sway.

“Looks like you're having plenty of fun bro,” he sighs. “Look, I gotta go.” And he slowly begins to close the door.

“Wait!” I say as the door shuts gently in front of me, separating me from Tommy.

Anger seems o seep into my pores and swell. “Man fuck Heather! She's got your fucking balls in her front pocket you fucking pussy motherfucker!”

“Come on Sixx,” Fred sighs, “just leave them alone.”

I turn to him and take a swing. This is a stupid move on my behalf. We hired this guy to be our head of security because he was a Hell's Angel. He tackles me to the ground like I was some kindergartener on a playground who said something about his mama. But I never surrender to defeat. I thrash and roll and fight with everything my frail smacked out body has.

Eventually I end up face down with my hands pulled behind my back.

“If you move I'll break your fucking arm,” Fred warns me.

“You gonna fuck me too Fred?” I hysterically laugh.

Fred pulls me to my feet. “Go to bed Sixx, sleep it off. She's be gone in the morning and your Terror Twin will be available to terrorize the world with you again.”

“Fuck Heather fucking Locklear!!!!” I scream out at Tommy's door. “He think's he's just the shit now cuz he fucking that prude whore!”

Fred grabs my arms trying to calm me. “Keep your voice down man...he's planning to ask her to marry him.”

“WHAT!?!?” I say and literally feel my guts hit the floor at my feet. Tommy was going to marry her? No. No he couldn't. He just couldn't.

I couldn't compose myself. I began screaming and pounding my fists, feet and head all up and down the hallway. I ripped paintings from the walls. I overturned chairs. I shoved anyone who approached me. Then I felt a tear falling from my eye. I quickly made my exit and retreated back to my own room.
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