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Chess Moves

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Nikki trys something

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Chess Moves

Tommy and I go out. We find a strip club and set up camp for the night. I start out the night with over 2,500 bucks. Then come the drinks and the lines, and the chicks.

Tommy takes in the experience like it's his goddamn bachelor party or something. There's chicks all over us. It does little to me tonight. My mind is elsewhere I guess.

I look over at to Tommy. A girl is turned around backwards and grinding in his lap. Tommy is not observing the do not touch clause of a strip club. But no one is seeming to mind. His hands grab at her tits and his tongue licks her bare back. He moans and makes all his typical Tommy noises.

I just sit there sipping my drink and ignoring a strippers hand running up my thigh toward my dick. I watch with amusement as Tommy tries to talk a stripper into a blow job under the table. That kid is always so fucking horny.

But his persistence pays off as the stripper slithers under the table and parts his legs. He looks up at me with a gleam and toast the neck of the bottle in his hand at me.

"Hey you," he calls out to the stripper next to me, "Suck Nikki's dick bitch."

I could really give a fuck less. Really I'm not even in the fucking mood. But I slouch down and indulge in Tommy's command. I can feel the hands on my pants freeing my dick. Then comes a wet mouth and warm set of lips. Should feel good right? But my dick isn't even trying to get hard for this chick.

I sigh and look over at Tommy. His head goes back as he moans and slouches down even further into the booth. My eyes look down his long neck and onto his taught bare chest. I think my dick might be trying to get hard now.

"Fuck yeah, suck it," I hear Tommy moaning and writhing in pleasure. He looks like I felt that night with Izzy and Slash.

"This bitch sucks," I say far louder than intended. She abruptly stops, comes out from under the table, slaps the shit out of me and leaves.

Tommy laughs, "Just a second and you can have this one. She's amazing bro."

"Nah, it's cool," I say and zip m fly. "Lets get out of here."

"And go where?" he moans out still enjoying his blow job.

"Back to the hotel," I say as I light a cigarette.

"Mind if I finish this first?" He smirks at me.

I ash my cigarette, "Sure, knock yourself out."

Minutes later I'm watching as he is cumming. Tommy's a loud cummer. And a long one too. Shit, wish mine were that intense. I think my dick comes to life again just from witnessing his display.

"Woah shit!" He smiles excitedly and places his dick back in his pants and zips up. "Ok, now we can go."

We go back to my room at the hotel and I waste no time in breaking out the smack. "Do some with me," I tell Tommy.

He just shrugs. "You'll have to do it, I'm too fucked up," he says extending his arm out to me.

"Yeah sure," I smile and walk over with the loaded syringe in my hand.

I lightly run my fingertips down his arm searching out for a vein. My dick titches as I slide it under his skin. He starts to moan and get relaxed as I start shoving the shit into his system. His eyes close and he lays back on my bed.

My eyes travel his body as I stand there paralyzed. I see a bead of blood start to run from the injection. I don't know what comes over me. I lean forward to it and lick it away with my tongue. Tommy's blood tastes so sweet.

When I look up at his face his eyes are locked on mine. He doesn't say a word, he just stares at me. More impulses come over me. Shit I just can't fight. Then I lean in and press my lips to his.
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