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Check Mate

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How far will Nikki go

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Check Mate

Tommy's smacked out lips put forth no effort. I understood he probably couldn't. He didn't have my tolerance for smack...well...for anything. Yet I can't help but hold my lips to his. They felt so natural and right. I eventually will myself to move away. Tommy is still lying there looking at me with barely parted dark eyes. Just staring blankly. Ahhh, the blissful throws of heroin. It made everything perfect.

I gently run my hand down his smooth bare chest and stomach. My fingers stop at his waist band. From Tommy there's still no reaction other than a smacked out stare. Not one batting eyelash and no blinking. His eyes are locked on me like a target. My fingers instinctally fiddle with his button. He then attempts to lift his heavy head.

"Bro..." he manages to mumble as he looks to see what I'm doing.

"Shhhh," I shake my head, "It's ok." And with a pluck the button is undone.

"Ummm...Nikki..." I hear him mumbling with a trace of confusion from Heroin's kiss.

I look into his eyes as my fingers gently tug his zipper down. "Don't be a pussy," I whisper.

I start to slowly tug his pants down over his bony hips. Still he does nothing to stop me.

"W...wait...what..." The vage words trickle from his lips.

"Shhhh," I say again as I run by hand down his torso again, taking in every detail of his skin as I do.

It's so taught over his lanky frame. So warm under my fingers. So smooth. Needing a hit of smack has drifted from my mind. All I can think of is Tommy laying here on my bed. My eyes travel to his dick. My fingertip traces it's length laying there in a flacid state. My fingers wrap around it. As I take it in my hand I lower my mouth down onto it.

I hear Tommy draw in a shallow breath. "Nikki..."

I snake my free hand up to his mouth and cup it over his mouth firmly as I continue to suck his dick. Tommy has very little fight in him. He hasn't the strength to turn his head away from my hand. His hands try to lightly push at my shoulders. But I ignore it and continue stroking him as I suck his dick. His dick has some how gotten hard for me. And some how I think mine is getting hard too.

Muffled moans come from his mouth under my hand. I just keep his jaw firmly grasped. I can see his chest heaving. His dick growing even more. The pressure he bears down on my shoulders stops. I do believe T-Bone is starting to enjoy himself.

"Mmmmm..." he groans again from behind my hand but there's still no fight to be had. "Fassser..." I hear him say with a dull muffled whisper.

I grip at his dick even harder. I thrust my hand up and down it agressively as my mouth follows suit. I can feel Tommy lightly squirming. He moans more from behind my hand grasped across his mouth. I feel on of his hands coming up on the back of my head. His pelvis slightly arches. Moments later Tommy is exploding in my mouth. I get a rush from his taste, simply because it's his.

I wipe my hand across my mouth and sit up to look at him. My hand still covers his mouth and I lightly remove it. He still just looks at me with an empty stare. But it only lasts for a second before his eyes start rolling back into his head and his eyelids shut, concealing them.

"Tommy?" I say.

He only gives a slight grumble.

I sigh look over to the nightstand. Guess I can fix now. Tommy is out. Hummm, do I leave him here like this in my bed? All sexy and splayed out? I mean I do plan on sleeping here myself. I'm pretty sure Tommy isn't going to remember any of this. So do I re-dress him and have someone take him to his own room? When he wakes up it will simply be another hangover. Just another wild night that resulted with him in his bed and no memory of how he got there. Then he would come to me to piece his night back together. I could tell him any lie I could come up with. Then he would believe me and go on with his day.

Or do I lie here with him? Feel his skin on my skin. Hold him in these hours I'm blessed with him. Do I whisper to his comotose body how much I love him. Do I tell him he's the only thing I can think about? Do I tell him how long I've loved him? Tell him I want him to be mine? And then when he wakes, answer all his questions?

I fear what questions ther may be. I'm not prepared for them. My hands grap the sides of his pants and start to tug them back up. I rezip and rebutton them. Nope. I'm chicken shit. I go to the door and call or someone to return him to his own room.
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