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Does Tommy remember

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I woke up the mean I guess it's the next day...maybe, I don't know for sure. Fuck all I know is when they tell me to get my ass onstage. The rest of the shit just sort of blurs together.

I sit up and reach for a cigarette. I smile slightly as last night crosses my mind. Mmmm fucking Tommy. So tasty and delicious, not to mention drugged, on my bed. Fuck I'm getting hard just thinking about it. I try to stop grinning long enough to light my cigarette.

Fuck. I hope he doesn't remember. Yet, a part of me hopes he does. And if he does that he's cool with it. It would be great if he was more than cool with it. I know my answer will come the second I look him in the eyes. I know Tommy so well I can read his fucking mind. Seriously, one look is all the fuck I need.

My hand finds its way onto my cock. Yeah, this motherfucker is as hard as a fucking rock. And there ain't shit I can do with it. See, when you're a guy like me...jacking off no longer cuts it for you. I could probably find some chick to fuck in an instant, but I'm just not...

My eyes look over at the phone by the bed. I reach over and pick it up. I dial the number and wait. After a few rings a voice answers the phone.




"Yeah what are you and Izzy up to today?" I nervously ask feeling like such a fucking girl.

I can hear Slash lightly chuckle into the phone, "Oh, I don't know. Why?"

"I was thinking I could fly you guys in for a few know, hang out and shit. Fuck some shit up."

"Mmmm, I have to talk to Iz man...he's...indisposed."

"Well should I book your tickets?" I ask coiling the phones cord around my finger nervously.

"Um...yeah...sure, yeah."

"Cool," I sigh in relief. "I'll give you a call back with the details."

"Yeah, cool man. Talk to you later then." Slash says and hangs up.

I barely get the phone hung up before there's a knock at my door. Not just any knock I mind you. No, the pace of this one suggests a drummer. My drummer. Fuck me. It's Tommy.

"Nikki! Dude wake up!" I hear him yell through the door.

My dick is still hard and I question if I should get up and answer the door. If Tommy is pissed off because he remembers everything I don't think I can deal with that shit right now. But then maybe he only has suspicions, and by not answering the door I'm admitting my guilt. Fuck.

"Come on man! Wake up!" He pounds on my door some more.

I guess I have no choice but to answer. I slide out of the bed and go over to the door. I unlock it and prepare to see Tommy's eyes. I open the door. Shit, he's wearing sun glasses! I see his lips pull into his happy Tommy smile.

"'d I get back to my room? I thought I passed out in here."

My voice is caught in my throat. Does he remember? What's with the smile? Fuck I wish he would let me see his fucking eyes, I'd know then.

"I uh...had them take you to your room...after you passed out." I stammer.

"Thanks bro, Heather called like super early. I would have totally missed her fucking call if you wouldn't have." He says barging into my room.

My jaw gapes a little, " problem." What the fuck is going on here?

He plops down across my bed. "So what are you doing today?" He asks.

I shrug and just stand idle in the door way. "Uhhh...ya know...usual stuff I guess. Uh Slash and Izzy are flying in."

"Oh cool, we can go out then," he nods drumming his fingertips silently on my bed.

"Y...yeah..." I force a smile to my utterly confused face.

"Sooooo...what about right now? Wanna get out of here or something?" Tommy asks hopeful.

" can't. I've gotta book the flight for Slash and Izzy and call them back then go get them at the airport...Today's just busy for me," I mutter on explaining and coming up with excuses.

I see the disappointed tug in the corner of Tommy's mouth. "Yeah, sure...whatever, I'll go see if Vince wants to hang out then. He rolls off my bed and heads to the door.

Fuck!!! Does he goddamn remember last night or not? Bastard. He would have to be in fucking sun glasses.
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