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Needs To Be Met

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An interrupted moment

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Needs To Be Met

When I came back to the hotel that night Izzy and Slash were lounging about in my room. My dick twitches at thoughts of the vile things I plan to do to them. They look so sexy. They seemed perfectly laid-back and mellow. Intoxicated on many levels I'm sure. I couldn't wait to join in.

"What's up man?" Slash tilts the neck of a Jack bottle at me with a wink I barely see from behind his spirals of hair.

I just receive a smirk from Izzy as he looks me up and down with prowling lusty eyes. "Looks like our boy needs a shower. Slash why don't you help him with that while i make a few arrangements for us." The mischievous look on his face tell me I will like whatever he has up his sleeve.

"Gladly," Slash smiles to me and sits the bottle in his hand down. "This way," he says leading me to a shower.

I go willingly. I don't even protest as Slash kisses me while he slowly undresses me. I really needed to release some frustrations. Since being with these two i just couldn't do chicks. Chicks bored me now. They opened my mind to something else. Tommy. Tommy who I craved more than anything.

I close my eyes as Slash's lips trail down my neck as his soapy hands glide down my chest. Mmmm I needed this shit. His hands maneuver me like a Les Paul. My dick is like a fucking rock. I must moan out pretty loud because we soon hear Izzy yelling through the door. "Hey fuckers save some fun for me!"

Slash growls at the door and pulls me closer into his wet naked body, "Fuck Izzy, I want you all to myself," he says planting a deep kiss on me.

And I wanted Slash too. His kisses were tender and his hands loved to roam. Plus he was a talker in bed. I liked vocal sex partners. It heightened things a bit. I really loved the way slash would make noises around my dick and nuts when he blew me. And Slash liked it rough. I'm a guy who gets wound up on some level between freak and deviant at times. It sucked when the other person wasn't into it.

But i couldn't deny how fucking great Izzy was either. Izzy confounded most people. Izzy was the type of guy no one ever really gets to know. Izzy is a cautious person. Izzy kept the real him buried deep. When I kissed him was the only time I felt I was seeing the real him. Izzy was definitely a rhythm guitarist. The way he moved his hips was like keeping beat to some song. Izzy moved with grace. Izzy was an awe-inspiring lover. And his ass was so much tighter than Slash's.

Still, I liked the way the two of them devoured me. I wanted them both, together, focused entirely on me. I love being the center of attention. Maybe I was using them. But not as selfishly as you may think. I mean sure, I'm the one busting a nut. But there was more to it than my own selfish needs. I used them more as teachers. I really want to learn how to please Tommy. I didn't care if i had to drug him again. Though he hadn't put up much fight, and he was awake for it. I needed his body. One day he would just have to feel it too. Maybe he already did...if he remembered last night. Regardless, I was hooked. I was in love. I wanted Tommy to feel it too.

After much intense making out in the bathroom with Slash we emerge, dripping wet and naked. Sprawled out on my bed is an equally naked Izzy. Two lines of coke are laid out on his hip. On his thigh lay three hypodermics with what I assume are loaded with smack. The bottle of Jack is now in his hand and he's peeling the label off around the rim. A demure smile radiates from his eyes but he dares to keep it withdrawn from those lips. He motions down to the smörgåsbord of drugs laying across his perfect body, offering them to me.

Slash towel dries his curls and nods over for me to take up the offer. I gently get on all fours and snort the line of coke across his hip. With the second I lick and suck at it receiving faint moans from Izzy. He extends the bottle of Jack to me as I hold back my head snorting down the blow. I take it and gulp it as Izzy's fingertips trace my abs softly.

Slash comes over and and runs his tongue up Izzy's thigh and takes a syringe in his hand. Izzy reaches down for one. I take the last.

“Mmmm, let me fix you,” I say to Izzy in a lusty voice. I love shooting up someone else. Kinda turns me on.”

He extends his arm out to me as Slash fixes himself behind us.

Izzy looks into my eyes while I tie him off and get ready to stick the needle in. I lightly drag the needle down his vein. My eyes meet his with my smirking empowered look. His bliss was in my hands. The look on his face looked like he might cum any second. There was moans, grunts, closed eyes, lips being bitten. I think Izzy was getting off on bring teased. Finally I slide the needle into him. He moans in delight and lets his head go back as I inject him.

“Mmmm,” he mumbles remaining completely still. Trapped in the luminescence of heroin's candy kiss.

I see a trail of his blood oozing from the injection site. Like with Tommy, I just want to taste it. I bend over and slowly rub my tongue across it as my eyes look up at Izzy's closed yes.

“That's so fucking sexy,” he mutters and looks to me with lust filled eyes. He forcefully pulls me to him and kisses me. When Izzy kisses he kisses with these breathtaking techniques...and yes, they leave me breathless. No wonder all their groupies said Izzy was the best lay.

I soon feel Slash's hand seeking out my hard dick as he runs his tongue up my spine. A shiver accompanies it as I shift to kiss his so soft plush lips. “Did you miss us?” he asks between kisses.

“Yes,” I draw in a hiss as Izzy's tongue finds it's way into my ear.

“Do you want us?” Izzy whispers teasingly at my ear.

“God yes,” I groan with a aboriginal demand for atonement. I had a fulfillment that only these two insatiable guitarists could gratify.

Slash lays flt on the bed and motions for me to straddle his face. So I straddle his shoulders as he takes me into his mouth. His tongue twirls in circles as his hand strokes me. His other tugs at my balls. Izzy straddles Slash as well from behind me. His hand reaches down to my ass and works a wet finger inside me. His other grips at my throat and pulls my neck back to his lips. I feel his blistering breath on my most tender flesh.

“You trust me?” I hear Izzy coo from my neck.

I just lean my neck further back into him. I trust any device of his.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Izzy pants.

There is no opposition in me. I fall to my palms with them on the bed. Slash was still working magic on my dick from beneath me. I feel Izzy's hands on my ass. He spreads it wide and I soon feel his tongue taunting my ass. A primal growl comes from deep inside me as my eyes momentarily close.

“Yeah that's it...tell me you want more,” Izzy's concupiscent pant comes from behind me.

“Fuck me,” I hanker as my body writhes in Slash's mouth.

I feel Izzy's hand on my lower back. I feel something cold moving across my asshole. I tense, “Hey what the...”

“Do you trust me?” Izzy whispers as he runs his tongue up my spine. “Trust me.” He pleas with such a sexy innocence.

And I do. Soon that cold hardness is sliding inside of me. What the fuck is that? Is that the neck of the fucking Jack bottle? Izzy is soon in front of my face as I'm all fours over Slash. That has got to be the fucking neck of the bottle. Izzy holds his cock out for me to take. I hesitate, but do. He bends over and begins moving the Jack bottle so slowly and mildly. As passionately as one could ever imagine a whiskey bottle fucking their ass. Every so often he presses into my prostate with it. It's not long before I'm almost choking Slash with my cum.

After a short cigarette interval and a bottle elimination, I find myself on my back with Izzy's fingers in me doing me in that slow gentle way of his. His fingers in my ass were wiggling and driving me half-crazed and deranged. It was torture of the best kind. I felt alive. Slash's cock is in my mouth and I'm learning the fine art of blow jobs. It was pretty self explanatory really. Then I feel Izzy's cock slide into me. Jesus how did he do that shit so fucking gentle? I feel his fingers coddling my balls as he pushes my legs back over my head so Slash and he both have good access. God I love that fucking spot. I'm hard and ready to go. I'm so glad I was paying attention to this shit. I couldn't wait to try it on Tommy again. God all I could do was obsess over him. Even now, being with Slash and Izzy, I'm still nowhere else except with Tommy.

“You're so fucking sexy,” Slash says looking down at me blowing him and strokes his finger across my cheek. God what I wouldn't give to hear Tommy say that to me.

I can feel the nubs of Izzy's fingers excavating into my thighs. He must be getting close. I remove my lips from Slash's prick. “Oh no you don't Stradlin,” I say and sit up to push him onto his back. “Now it's my turn to tease you.”

Izzy smiles but completely and submissively complies. I straddle his hips and slide my slippery ass down onto his entire length. He's not as huge as Tommy, but Izzy definitely had something to brag about. Tommy was actually a bit scary. My mouth almost couldn't open up wide enough to suck him. And the next day I had felt like I had been punched in the fucking jaw. God had fucked me with only a six inch dick, but trust me, I knew how to exploit a use from every last one of those fucking inches.

“You motherfucking tease,” Izzy's hips writhe beneath my ass begging for a fulfillment of gratification he knew I would not presently render. Izzy liked the way I titillated him. He found it just as exciting as I did.

“What's the matter? You ready to cum?” I remark superciliously.

“F...f...uck you,”he chokes out seeming to be experiencing difficulty in speech. His hips trying to buck upward against my own movements.

“You're going to have to beg for that sweetheart,” I curl my lips to a snarl.

His head just goes side to side as he moans in excruciation. His legs can't be still. His hands grip tightly at my hips trying to force thrusts from beneath me. I firmly plant my feet behind his calves to stop his control. I'm in control now. I grab his wrists and forcefully pin them above his head. He devours my mouth, obviously turned on by being controlled buy my dominate side. I slide up and down so slowly on his throbbing dick with a slight rotation to my hips. He whimpers into my mouth, begging with a need only I can deliver.

“If you're a good boy maybe Slash will lick your ass while I grind on this hard fucking dick of yours.”

Izzy covers his head with a pillow and growls into it as Slash soon takes my suggestion.

“Mmmm, feels fucking good don't it?” I taunt Izzy. “You want to come so hard in my ass don't you? Beg bitch.”

“Fuck...please,” he begs removing the pillow. He pulls me down to his lips for a kiss. He's already learned I can't refuse his kisses.

As I'm kissing him I don't even notice my door open. I was locked. I know it was. Only one person has a key. Tommy.

“Bro...what the fuck?” I hear Tommy's voice crack and my head pops up to meet his confounded expression.

The shades are gone bit I simply can't read his expression. I mean I'm riding Stradlin with Slash's eager tongue stuck up Izzy's ass. Izzy's begging for me to let him cum. That's a lot of shit for Tommy to take in. Come on Tommy, don't freak out. Within moments Slash and Izzy perceive there is a problem and their sexual desire trapped gazes meet Tommy's as well. No one moves. No one speaks. Fuck me.
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