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What's Tommy say??

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I have never in my life seen Tommy Lee be so fucking quiet. He's just standing there like a damn statue with furrowed brows and slightly pursed lips. He kicks the door shut with his heel and folds his arms across his chest. He looks slightly down and to the right.

“So this is why you were too fucking busy to hang out with me huh?” He questions.

Slash is looking at Tommy. Izzy is looking at me. And my eyes are bouncing back and forth between them all. Shit! Talk about getting aught with your fucking pants down.

Tommy brings his thumbnail to his mouth and chews at it as he slowly studies our paralyzed figures. “Well don't mind me,” he shrugs and walks over to plop down in a chair. “I love a good show.”

“Uh T-Bone...nows not the best time...” I stutter. What the fuck is he doing? Does he really plan to sit there and fucking watch me get it on with two guys?

“Are you kidding? Looks like I got here just in fucking time. You got Izzy all begging and shit. You can't just leave him hanging like that,” Tommy motions at Izzy with a shrug.

“Tommy...uhhhh would you mind seeing your way out of here and fucking forget everything you saw?” I snap with Izzy's dick still hard in my ass. Izzy moans softly as my ass clenches around him.

“Hey I got no problem with spectators,” Izzy pants dying to cum, “If he wants to watch, fuck it, let him watch.” He grabs my ass and slowly grinds up into me.

“Sure,” Slash gives Tommy a smirk, “The more the merrier.”

Tommy chuckles, “That's always been my fucking philosophy, but Nikki here claims he can't get it up with another dude in the room.” Tommy cocks his head to the side for a better view at my dick. “Looks pretty fucking hard to me bro.”

“Man...would you get the fuck out of here?!” I point to the door.

“What's the matter you too shy with me not smacked out?” Tommy questions in a condescending tone. Fuck. He did remember.

My jaw gapes and I have no fucking clue what to say or do now.

Tommy shrugs, “You gonna fuck him or what?”


“What, don't tell me you're gonna get all shy now? What's the matter you were hoping I didn't remember?” He questions me with a smug grin.

Slash reclines back on his knees. “Uh are we stepping on some toes here or something?”

“Not at all,” he says sliding his hand down to rub his dick over his jeans, “In fact this makes me kinda hard.”

“Feel free to come join in man,” Slash urges Tommy.

“Wait!” I blurt and jump up off Izzy. I quickly grab a towel and wrap it around my waist. I nervously pace in six foot intervals staring at the carpet. Fucking Jesus Christ what kind of shit have I gotten myself into.

“Oh come on!” Izzy growls with agitation throwing his head back on the pillow.

“Why you being so weird dude?” Tommy asks me as he unzips his pants.

I do my best not to watch as he plops out that luscious cock that haunts my dreams.

“Should we fucking leave?” Izzy sighs irritably as his hand lightly strokes his shaft to keep himself in the mood that I was quickly ruining.

“No way,” Tommy says sliding his jeans down off his hips, “Nikki's just being shy because I'm here.”

“You mind if I talk to you in the bathroom bro?” I ask motioning to it.
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