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Practice makes perfect

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No idea what to say

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Here is the next chapter I don't have much to say.

It was morning at the brownstone. But nobody felt like getting up well all but Atlanta. She was down stairs in a room of the den. This was a game room. There was an air hockey table and video game console. Also in the corner was a computer with a cordless phone on the desk next to it. Atlanta sat in the chair she was playing computer games. She had the speakers turned down low because she didn't want to wake the others. It was 11:34 and nobody els was up. They were probably just tired, she tough to herself.
Atlanta sighed, She had just lost the game she was playing at again that was the 5th time today. Atlanta slid the chair back and stood up. She stretched because she had been in the same position for over 2 hours. Atlanta had nothing els to do so she thought she would use the fact that no-one els was awake. She walked over to the shelf that all the c.d.'s were on. Beside it stood an old chair and a guitar that belonged to Jay. To Jay his guitar was like Herry's truck. Nobody besides him could use it. Atlanta sat down in the chair and picked up the guitar. Back home she had an electric guitar. Atlanta adjusted the stand with the sheet music on it and began playing.

Jay was on the couch with Theresa in his arms. Suddenly Jay's eyes flickered open. He could hear a faint noise of what sounded like his guitar. This made Jay become fully awake. He slipped Theresa away from him and tiptoed into the game room. Jay peered into the room, Where he saw someone who is not him playing HIS guitar.
" W-What are you doing with my baby?" Jay asked furiously.
"I-ah -I um well you see," Atlanta stuttered.
" Out!" Jay shouted pointing a finger to the door.
Atlanta jumped up and scurried out the door. Jay ran over to the chair where Atlanta had been sitting and picked up his guitar. Jay turned it over looking for any dents or scratches, but he found none. Jay set the guitar down in the stand and thought about what he had just said to Atlanta. Mabey I was a little hard on her, He thought. No way no one is allowed to touch my guitar. He told himself making him feel a tad better. Jay walked over to his shinny instrument. My mom bought me this when I was 13. Jay thought back to when he was turning 13. He had his party at the movies, and when he opened his presents he found the guitar that he had wanted for over 6 months. Out of all the many presents he had gotten that was his favourite mabey that was why he was so protective about it. Jay thought mabey he should apologise to Atlanta for flipping out on her. Jay needed help this whole thing was taking over his life, and Jay had many other important things to do. Lick saving the world from an insane god, Girls, Leading a team of teenagers, School, Theresa. Jay shook his head he was hunrgy and needed breakfast. Jay walked into the kitchen where he saw Athena, Atlanta and Theresa. Jay took a seat beside Atlanta. Atlanta looked away from him.
" Atlanta," Jay whispered.
Atlanta glanced up at Jay. She widened her eyes to show that she was listening.
" I'm sorry about yelling at you." Jay whispered.
Atlanta nodded and continued to eat her toast.
Not long after Jay arrived they others poured in. Most of them had one thing in common, They looked sad. Well all but Herry who had a wide grin on his face it might have been from the smell of food or it could have been the fact that he was going to ask Atlanta out sometime today.
" What are you smiling about?" Archie teased Herry.
Herry shook his head and just ate his pancakes.

By the time the titans were dressed it was around 12:45. Atlanta and Theresa were going to a sleepover today, Archie was at the library, Jay had gone over to the school with Archie. Odie locked himself in his room and Neil was hanging around the house. Herry was practising asking out Atlanta.
" Atlanta I know it may be soon but sometime would you mabey you know want to go out with me?" Herry asked himself staring in the mirror.
" Arggg it's pointless she won't want to anyway." Herry sighed and flipped back onto his bed, Which he now knew wasn't a good idea because he practically broke it. Herry sat up quickly rubbing his head.
" Mabey I should just go for it, It would probably be better then practising it would make me seem more confident." Herry said aloud. So that was what he would do.

Hope you liked it R&R.
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