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What is he doing?

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Um well no summary read it if you like this story it's an okay chapter!

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Sorry bout the wait hope this chapter will make up for it! Oh and I found a song that I though kinda fit this chapter it's by Kelly Clarkson it's called You Found Me.

Is this a dream?
If it is
Please don't wake me from this high
I've become comfortably numb
Until you opened up my eyes
To what it's like
When everything's right
I can't believe

You found me
When no one else was lookin'
How did you know just where I would be?
Yeah, you broke through
All of my confusion
The ups and the downs
And you still didn't leave
I guess that you saw what nobody could see
You found me
You found me

Herry approached the door at the end of the hall. He could see where he had broken the knob off and it was still missing. Atlanta had put up a few more signs sense the incident with Now Arachne there were 4 posters up. One said keep out, one had a scull and cross bones on it, another had a picture of a stick man without a head, and the last said ' Stay out no matter what, and if you break it you pay for it!' Herry chuckled at the last one he knew it was ment for him. But then when he looked up at the stick man one he got rather creeped out. By the man with no head there was blots of red ink for blood and an arrow pointing to it saying ' enter and you will leave like this!' Herry shivered at the thought of that. Mabey he should come back later or even better never! But he needed to find out if she would go out with him, even if he had to leave with no head. Besides if Archie had a chance with her then so did he. Herry gathered up his courage and raised his fist to knock.

Jay was in his room, the door was opened a crack and outside it he could see Herry standing outside Atlanta's door. He remembered how mad she had been wen she found out that they went in her room and even more mad when she found out that they went through her closet. This made him laugh a little even though he was still broken to pieces. He was worried about Theresa she was so week these days and she refused to eat. She could hardly stand up on her own and in class she always got light headed and was ready to faint. It may have been from the bright florescent lights and the fact that she hated social studies but he was still worried. Theresa ment the world to him and he hated to see her like this, but he didn't know what he could do. But he had problems of his own, a little sister who was all alone without her mom or her brother, his mother had died and he was never around her, and he was stuck here in new Olympia fighting a crazy god to save the world. And not to mention the fact that he was the leader of the group of teens who saved the world from him. Jay always wanted a little excitement in his life and now he got it, but once he did he longed for his old life back.
A life where he had a loving family.

A life where he had a little sister to play with.

A life where he didn't have to worry about things constantly.

A life where he could have a little privacy.

A life where he had a house cleaner and not some goddess of war picking up after seven messy teens.

A life where everything was perfect.
Jay sat at his bed he was chewing on the end of his pen and the paper he was writing on was crumpled up in his lap. Jay picked up the paper and read over what it said.

Dear Dad and Kia,
I hope you are doing the best you can, I am trying my best. I really wish I could come up and see you this very moment. But I am too busy and I don't have the money. Kia how are you? I am okay my friends at the school are helping me with my problems and I will be okay.

That was all he had written. Jay dropped his pen and reached under his old bed. He pulled up a box full of the letters he had sent to his family and the ones they had sent his. He had made copies of his letters so he could remember what he had written. Jay picked up his last letter. It was from about a month ago. He read it over and tears formed in his eyes.

Dear Mom,
I am doing very well at the new school. I can't wait to come up and visit you soon, I hear it is nice in California. I wish I could have been there when you moved. School is almost over and I will come up soon. I have a job here and a very nice dorm. I work at a travel agency and I get paid very handsomely. I have almost enough money saved up to come see you.

Love Jay.

Jay set aside the letter and began to cry uncontrollably. His last letter to his mom was a lie and he would never be able to tell her what was really happening. He reached for the letter his mom had sent him.

Dear Jay,
Glad to hear that you are having fun at you're new school. Yes it is very nice here and we have alot of land. Kia starts school in a month. It seems like yesterday she was still learning to walk. You're father is working as a carpenter for a very big company. It's great to hear that you got a job. I can't wait to see you. TTYL.

Jay wondered if she was lying to. Mabey they weren't okay and mabey they really needed him. Dad had never said anything about work. Mabey he never thought of it. Jay tried to wipe the tears from his eyes but more came. It was like when Herry battled the Hydra more heads grew back when he cut one off. But when he found a better idea all the heads got chopped off. Mabey that's what he needed. Mabey he needed to take a walk get all the worries off his back. Jay got up and slid on a relatively clean shirt. He had been so depressed this weekend he didn't bother to take care of himself. He hadn't changed in 3 days let alone shower. He checked himself in the mirror to make sure he didn't look like a hobbo when he went out. Jay decided to take a stop in the bathroom and clean himself up a bit. Jay brushed his teeth and his hair, put on some deodorant and left the brownstone.

Archie was roaming the streets of the busy city. It seemed everyone was outside today. He looked around him; he saw a bus loaded with people drive by, bikers constantly passed him in the streets. Tons of people crowed the sidewalks. Archie held his head down he kicked a passing can that had been thrown towards the trash but didn't quite make it. That's how he felt, he was pushed towards Atlanta but he fell short and messed everything up. Archie walked for a while longer with his head down until he waked into someone. Archie looked up ready to apologise but when he did he couldn't say anything. Looking him in the face was a man that looked so similar to him one could have thought they were related!
" Sorry Mates." The Archie clone said in a British accent. Archie still couldn't talk. This man or however was in a green hoddie like his, yellow jogging pants and he had a purplish colour hair!
" Oh yeah that's fine, I'm Archie." Archie said extending a hand.
" I'm Albertos. (Al Bert Os)" He said shaking Archie's hand. Archie nodded and quickly hurried away. Once the man was out of sight Archie slowed down and hung his head once more.

Atlanta was in her room. She heard footsteps outside her door every few moments. She got the impression someone most likely Neil was spying on her. So she remained quiet. She lay lifelessly in her bed, arms behind her head legs crossed and staring at the ceiling. Above her a fan was spinning. Her green curtains danced about the room. Her notebooks on her desk flipped through pages of blank paper. Atlanta heard a door squeak so she quietly jumped up from her bed. She walked over to her door and peered out the crack. She saw Jay's door open slightly and Jay walked out and down the hall. This was the first time she had seen him sense Friday at lunch. She could tell that he hadn't washed, brushed or changed over the past few days. She also heard another door quickly slam shut. She guessed that it came from Herry's room just a few doors down. Atlanta watched for a few more minutes, she saw Jay go into the bathroom and she also saw Herry sneak up to her door.
" What is he doing?" Atlanta asked in a very low whisper. Quietly she crept over to her desk on the other side of her room so that he couldn't see her if he looked through the crack. The same question kept repeating inside her head, What was he doing?

Suspense well kind of, hope you like it it's not all that long but I will try to post more soon! R&R!
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