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Coming To

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Nikki is wasted

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Coming To

I was face down in the alley behind the Cathouse. I feel arms lifting my arms. No clue why I'm face down on the filthy ass pissy fucking ground. Better yet, how the fuck did I even goddamn get here? I don't even remember coming to the fucking Cathouse. How'd I end up here, in the alley? Once more, who the fuck is lifting me up? Fuck am I being robbed, beaten, or arrested? I can't lift my head to see shit.

Then a hand raises my chin and I see Stradlin looking at me with a cigarette dangling in his mouth and squinting one eye at the smoke that's curling up into it. “You breathing?” He asks me?

I think I can only manage a weak groan. As I look at his face. It's twitching from side to side and I blink trying to focus. But my entire vision is jerking violently.

“Man what the fuck are you doing out here?” I hear Slash drunkenly giggle.

Fuck if I know is what I would say if I could. I was hoping like hell they could tell me the curious answer to that shit. They throw my arms around my shoulders and begin dragging me because my goddamn feet just are not going to fucking work right now.

“What did you take?” I hear Izzy asking me.

Very fucking good question Stradlin. Don't suppose you have the miraculous answer to that little mystery either huh? Yeah, me either. Saying what I took could be just about anything. There's nothing I won't do. I'm gonna say definitely some smack. Betting on a whole lot of Jack Daniels too. Pills maybe? All of that seems like perfectly deductible answers as to why my eyesight is twitching. Obviously no coke in a while though, otherwise I probably wouldn't be in this sedated state.

They take me to a limo. Mine? Theirs? They drag me in and get in with me. They lay me across the seat. I feel my eyes rolling back in my head. I feel a hand grab my jaw but my eyes are still rolling.

“Nikki! Come on wake up, snap the fuck out of it,” I can hear Izzy saying.

“Is he Od'ing?” I can hear Slash asking.

“I don't fucking know,” I hear Izzy sigh.

I feel his fingers release my jaw as my head falls to the side. I hear Slash telling the drive to take us back to some fucking where that wasn't my place. Theirs maybe? Yeah, that's Izzy's address. I wish I could ask to verify that I'm right. I'm in this really tranced like coma state. I hear everything going on. I'm kinda aware of what's going on, I think. I hear what's being said. I understand. I can even think of how to answer the questions being asked. Have plenty of questions I'd love to ask. My brain seems to be functioning pretty lucidly. But my body is saying fuck you Nikki Sixx, lay your ass down and shut the fuck up. Be fucking still. Go to sleep bitch.

Look, I know I tell you guys fuck you and I don't care what you think a lot. I'm an incredible asshole, I know. And I don't blame you one bit for being offended when I tell you that shit. But seriously, I'm sorry. So just tell me guys. What the fuck is going on with me? A hint? Anything? Please.

“Shit,” I hear Izzy hiss and I feel him jerking me by my arm onto my side.

Then I feel the vomit oozing out of my mouth. I don't even feel that gag reflex. Can't even feel the booting of my diaphragm. Shit. Am I fucking paralyzed? Fuck what the hell has happened to me? Guys! Am I bleeding? Fuck check me for wounds! Large bruises? Head trauma! Fuck maybe I need to go to a hospital.

“How long did Mick say he'd been missing?” I hear Slash say.

“Since Tommy's wedding...Friday. Five fucking days,” he says and I can feel him rolling me even further on my side to let more puke dribble out of me.

“Man look at his fucking arms,” Slash winces.

“Yeah, already saw them,” Izzy sighs.

“He's been on one hell of binge but I don't think I've ever seen him like this. Nikki can handle his shit.” Slash explains.

“I know he can, that's why I'm wondering what else he took. He had to mix some pills or some shit too, look at him. This ain't just smack and booze.” Izzy says. “I mean, if he took something that ain't working with the smack...”

“Should we take him to the fucking hospital maybe?” Slash asks.

Yes! I think you guys probably should. Just roll me out at the ER entrance and bail. It's cool I totally understand. I'll deal with the cops.

“You know we can't fucking take him to the hospital,” Izzy says in a peculiar tone.

“Well maybe we should give him some coke and see if it brings him around any.”

“What if we fucking kill him?” Izzy asks.

“Just a little shouldn't...just enough to see if it works any. I mean the hospital's gonna shove him full of either Narcan or Adrenalin right? Coke's close.”

There's silence. I'm not too sure what to make of Slash's plan. I mean it makes sense. But am I so fucked up it would? Fuck Sixx, think. What's the last thing you remember? A crystal decanter. Whiskey or Scotch. A fix. Think I was in a limo. This one maybe? When was that? What had I done since Tommy's wedding? I don't even remember leaving it, and I know I drove there. Fuck. Diary. Where's my fucking diary. I had to have written something in it in the last five fucking days.

I guess we reach the destination because I hear the limo being shut off. Then again I feel myself being dragged. This time by the legs. Then my arms are grabbed again and thrown over the Gunner's shoulders. Yeah, this is Izzy's place. Good. Better than my place. That is unless I need a hospital. I don't know.

“Let's get him in the bathroom.” Izzy says attempting to hold me and to unlock his door.

They wrangle me in down a hall, through Izzy's room and into his bathroom. Then they lower me to the cold ass tile floor. Really? No bed? Not a couch? Not even fucking carpet? A cold ass floor.

“Cold shower?” Slash asks.

“Should probably take his clothes off, none of our shit's gonna fit him.” Izzy replies with that dry voice of his. Does anything ever get a rise out of him?

So they undress me. Good thing it's them. I don't mind being naked with them. Not that I could fuck them up if I did. I have zero function of my body. I'm seriously wondering if I'm paralyzed. Oh well maybe this shower will reveal any would be wounds. I'm actually kinda hoping for one. For some excuse to explain this tyranny between my body and mind.

Then I'm slumped down in my tub. Then comes the water. Fucking fuck me that shit is goddamn fucking cold! You Mother fuckers! Then a moan comes out of me. Yes! A fucking moan. Maybe I'm coming around. Try to move something Sixx. But that attempt fails me. But I can open my eyes and see my feet. My vision is still twitching like it has cerebral palsy though.

“Sixx?” I hear and feel a smack across my face.

Which one of these motherfuckers just hit me?! Son of a bitch you just wait until I get my ass up! Then like magic I feel my hand grab the side of my tub. Shit. I think this might be working a little.

“I think he's trying to come around,” Izzy comments as I hear him lighting a cigarette. “Go fix him a rig of blow.”

I guess Slash leaves. It gets quiet. Then I hear Izzy exhaling. “Sixx, if you can hear me...I just want to tell you one thing. It ain't the answer to your problems. But you know that. You gotta pull it together man.”

I feel myself starting to shake.

“Yeah I know,” Izzy sighs, “I hate the cold shower phase too. Not much more man.”

Soon Slash is coming back. “Here man, you do him. I'm probably too drunk.”

I feel Izzy pulling my arm straight. He feels it over. Her turns it from side to side. “Fuck he ain't got no veins man.”

“Come on Iz if anybody can find a fucking vein it's you.” Slash encourages.

“Fuck it,” Izzy says with that nonchalance of his and pushes my head to the side. He sinks the needle into my jugular and within moments the twitching in my eyes stops.

My body's shaking but becoming rigid as well. “F...f...fucking...kill the...water,” I shiver the words out.
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