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Chapter 7

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Delilah wakes up.

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Julius quickly opened his eyes and looked towards Delilah.

Delilah took a big yawn and tried to stretch, but realized she couldn't. She opened her eyes and saw that she was chained up. "Great." she said sarcastically. She looked beside her and was surprised to see Julius staring at her.

"Do you feel all right?"

"My body's aching, I'm bleeding, my arms are numb, I'm still tired, my throat's dry, and to top it all off I'm hungry. So, no I don't feel all right."

"Sorry for asking."

"No I'm sorry. I shouldn't have took out my frustration on you, but it's hard to be in a good mood when you're chained up, and it's not your fault we're in here."

"Actually it is."

"Julius what are you talking about."

"When I was outside I let that man get the best of me. I ran towards him and he tripped me. I fell for one of the oldest tricks." Julius looked down at the ground. He felt like a complete idiot.

Delilah started to laugh, making Julius feel even more like an idiot. "It's okay Julius. I also fell for a stupid trick."


"Yeah." Delilah looked around and noticed that they were all alone. "Were is he?"

"I don't know, but he will be back."

"Julius I'm scared." She didn't even need to tell him he could sense it, "This guy can kill us. He has the guts to, I know he does. When or if he wants to he will kill us." She started to cry. "I don't want to die. We're to young."

Julius didn't want to but he also began to cry. He couldn't help it, when ever he saw her cry he would too. "You'll make it out alright."

Delilah stopped crying as she heard his words. What did he mean by that. "You mean we'll make it out alright?"

"Yeah, sure." Julius didn't like lying to her but sometimes it's okay to lie. Especially if the truth hurts and Julius knew that the truth would hurt her... a lot. Also he wasn't allowed to tell her.

They both sat there in silence. Then Julius realized this may be their last time to be alone together. He had to tell her how he felt about her. "Um, Delilah I have to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"I lo..."

"Both of you be quiet." Delilah and Julius looked forward and saw the man, standing in a door way behind his desk. He casually walked to his desk and took out his book to read. Julius knew he had lost his, perhaps only chance.
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