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It's a Q&A... well kind of.

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Sorry it took awhile, but I found this really good book so when I'm not at school I'm usually reading.

He went to his desk and got out his book. Delilah looked over at Julius and asked, "What the hell is he doing?" Julius pretended not to hear her. "Hey what the hell do you think you're doing? Don't you what to talk to us or something?"

He looked over the edge of his book and simply said, "Nope."

"Well if you don't want to talk to us, can you be so as to let us go?" He laughed. His face was hidden behind his book so neither of them knew if he had laughed at Delilah's question or if his book was at a funny part.

"Hello I'm talking to you. Hey guy who is reading that book, answer me!"

"You know it's very rude to bugs a person when they're reading."

"Hey, did you know that it's rude to ignore people?"

"Shut up."

"Well, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed." He completely ignored her. She gave up on him and turned to Julius. "He's rude." Julius shook his head in agreement.

Delilah and Julius just sat there in silence with the occasional rattling of Delilah's chains. Julius sat there with only one thought in his mind and that was of Delilah. Would she be okay? He didn't care about himself anymore. The only thing that was important to him was Delilah.

However Delilah was bored out of her skull. She couldn't sit still. At first she hung her head down and tried to blow her hair away from her face. Then she remembered this song she always listened to at the academy. She sang it to her self quietly. "Silence wears a new suit. To his coffee toast and eggs. But now he has to skip the stairs. Because of two broken legs. And you're sad, and you're sorry. Let it all out what are you running from? This is your chance, be ready. I'm taking my seat oh Lucky Me."

She got a few words wrong and most of the time she forgot the verses but she still sung it and at the parts she had no clue what to sing, she would hum. Julius was in his own world so he didn't notice all the annoying things Delilah was doing, but that man did. He soon got frustrated with Delilah and yelled. "Shut up you annoying bitch!"

"Wow, don't freak out."

"Stop making noises!" Their yelling brought Julius back to reality.

"Fine." Delilah went back to sitting silently and the man went back to reading. Soon Delilah was bored, again. She began to shake her chains. She liked the noise they made when they hit the wall. Julius wanted to tell Delilah to quit it, but he was afraid that it would break their deal, if he talked.

Delilah rattled her chains to see how loud of a noise she could make. The man lost his patience. "Stop that right now!" He put his book down and dragged his chair in front of Delilah and Julius. "You want to talk, then fine we'll talk." He sat down in his chair and calmed down. Delilah smiled as she finally got what she wanted. "Okay ask me a question, oh and Julius you can talk. You've been a good boy so far."

Delilah ignored what he had said to Julius and started to ask questions. "What's your name?"

"I'm not telling you."

Julius continued with the questions. "Why?"

"Why what. Be more specific."

"Why did you capture us? We've never even met you before."

"It's my job."

"What is your job?"

"To break up your team."

"You mean kill us?"

"Not necessarily. I just have to make sure that you two aren't saving the world anymore. Next question."

"So you can let us go if we promise to leave the academy."

"I said, next question."

Delilah asked the only question that was on her mind, "What's your name?"

"I already said that I wasn't telling you."

Julius continued, "We promise we won't go back to the academy. We'll never contact them. It would be as if we died."

"I'm sorry but my employer wouldn't accept that."

"Who is your employer?"

"I can't say."

"What is your job exactly?"

"I used to be a hitman."

"Used to be?"

"I quit about two months ago."

"Why did you start up again?"

"My current employer has something that I want back. Julius, do you have any more questions."


"I have one. What is your name?"

The song Delilah was singing was Lucky me by Sarah Slean.
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