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Hurt, Pain and Heartache II

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ya'll wanted more so here it is let me know what you think.

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We went back into the room to Benji, Billy and Paul and sat down with them. We all talked for a while.
"Ok why are we sat here doing nothing on our day off?" Billy said.
"Yeah we should go do something fun now everything's finally back to normal." Paul said eyeing me, Benji and Joel.
"Sorry guys your going to have to count me out because I've got to go to a meeting." I sighed looking at my watch. "A meeting that I'm late for, I'm gonna have to go see ya'll later." I said getting up.
"How long will you be?" Joel asked.
"Don't know I've got a load of stuff so sort out because apparently Molly fucked up and didn't do half to the she was supposed to and what bit she did she did wrong, fucking dumb bitch, so now I've got to go sort it all out. I'll give you a call later when I finish." I smiled at them. "You boys have fun." I said before leaving the room.

It was four thirty by the time I had finished sorting all the work out that Molly had fucked up I really don't know how she managed to mess it up that much in the short time she was managing them or how the tour even existed with the way she was doing things. I was walking to my car that the company had rented for me and decided to call Joel to let him know I was on my way back.
"Hey Joel just letting you know I'm on my way home now."
"Ok cool erm we thought maybe when you get back here we can all go out for dinner somewhere or something."
"Yeah sure sounds good I'm starving just give me an hour to get back and get ready then I'll meet you in the hotel lobby."
"Ok see you at about five-ish in the lobby then."
"Ok see you later." I put the phone down and got in my car driving back to the hotel. I had possibly the best room in the hotel. It was the pent house suite I always got the good rooms when I was working on tour and we stopped in a hotel.
When I got into my room I put the TV on and started running the shower. I had a long relaxing shower, when I got out I just slipped on one of the hotels robes as I still had half an hour before I had to meet the guys in the lobby and it would only take me ten minutes to finish getting ready. I flopped down on the huge bed for a bit when I heard a nock on my door. I begrudgingly got up and answer it. When I opened the door I seen Joel stood there. He looked round me room in amazement.
"Wow you got a good room." He said his eyes scanning thought the room I laughed.
"You wanna come in?"
"Oh yeah sure." he said following me inside.
"Bloody hell you must have the best room in the hotel."
"Perk of the job." I grinned sitting down on the bed again. He looked at me for the first time.
"I thought I was the perk of your job." He said rather seductively into my ear leaning closely into me. Only I ever got to see this side of him.
"My, my Joel Madden if only people could see this side of you they wouldn't think you where so sweet and innocent no more." I grinned allowing him to push me back onto the bed him on top of me. He grinned at me then leaned in kissing me.
"Ok not that I have a problem this but we're going to be late for dinner." I said pulling away from his kiss reluctantly.
"Well you may not have I problem but I certainly do." He said as I noticed the growing bulge in his pants making me smirk.
"Getting a little excited are we." I teased.
"Fuck you." he said getting up.
"I know you want to." I laughed Joel didn't look too impressed but I could tell he wasn't really mad. I got up and wrapped my arms around him from behind.
"Now I was going to offer to take care of your 'problem' for you but seen as your being a bitch I..." I said seductively in his ear but before I could finish my sentence he had turned round in my arms kissing me hungrily and lifting me up carrying me over to the bed to 'take care of his problem'.

We where lay next to each other on my huge bed when I noticed the time 5:20.
"Ok I think we should get ready and go meet the guys in the lobby." I said turning on my side to face him.
"Why what time is it?"
"Five twenty. We're late." I said getting up, getting dressed and fixing my hair. Joel got up and got dressed too.
"Yeah and who's fault was that?" he laughed.
"I hope your not insinuating that it was my fault." I smirked.
"That's exactly what I'm insinuating." He said grinning walking over to me kissing me lightly and putting his hands on my hips.
"Oh yeah and you completely innocent in all of this." I said with raised eyebrows.
"Yeah you're the bad influence on me; you lead me astray every time." He grinned kissing me lightly again.
"Really?" I said all too familiar with this conversation. It was an old joke that we all had when me and Joel used to be dating in the past. It was always he was the 'sweet innocent' one and I was the 'bad girl' or the 'bad influence' when everyone knew he was just as bad if not worse than me; I was beginning to know how Benji felt when they where kids growing up.

We finally managed to get down to the lobby for half five to the guys.
"We where beginning to think you got lost." Billy said as we entered to lobby. Paul had whispered something to Benji and they both carked up laughing not taking their eyes off me and Joel.
"Seriously you could get lost in her room it's huge." Joel laughed.
"I'm sure you had fun 'getting lost' in Carlee's room." Paul grinned.
"Ok so where does everyone want to go to eat?" Billy asked.
"I don't mind." Benji said, Paul shrugged.
"How about we eat here. I don't really feel like going out anywhere."
"More like you don't feel like dragging your drunken ass all the way back to the hotel when you can just eat and drink here." Paul laughed.
"You know me too well Mr Thomas." I laughed.
"That ok with everyone to eat here?" Billy asked looking at Benji and Joel mainly. They nodded and we walked off to the restaurant.
We found a table at a quiet side of the restaurant. Joel sat next to me, Benji opposite me and Billy and Paul on either side of Benji. We ordered our food and talked.
"Ok so seriously Carlee don't ever leave us with the tour manager from hell ever again." Paul said.
"Aw she wasn't that bad was she?" I laughed.
"Easy for you to say." Benji muttered making Billy, Paul and Joel laugh and me a little confused.
"Yeah let's just say Molly had a little personal vendetta against Benj." Joel explained.
"What why?"
"You know the whole pretending to date her thing...well she used her authority to get back at me." Benji said a little embarrassed.
"Why what did she do?" I asked trying to hold back a laugh but also interested because it's forbidden to use her to use her status to 'get back at someone', she could get suspended or even fired for it.
"I don't want to talk about it."
"No seriously Benj if she fucked you about with anything tour related she can get suspended well actually after her first warning probably fired. She can't use her position as tour manager to get back at you."
"Can't really say I blame her though."
"Not the point."
"It's doesn't matter."
"It does, tell me what she did." I persisted Benji sighed knowing he wasn't going to get away from this.
"Just stupid shit like not booking me a room, messing with my guitar equipment or losing my bags."
"Did you tell anyone?"
"Yeah these three which didn't really help."
"No did you tell anyone from the company?"
"You should have you, shouldn't have let her get away with it. I can file a report and get something done about it if you want?"
"It's doesn't matter now she's gone."
"It's no trouble in fact it would be my delight to see the back of her from the company, it's not the first time she's done something like that she's got a string of complaints on her record. Think about it and let me know in the morning." I smiled deciding to drop the conversation for now and he seemed relived.
"So how was it with the other band?" Billy asked me.
"You me pop group?" I corrected they laughed. "Shit. Seriously they must have spent like all day in the bathroom fixing their hair and make-up before the show on the night and the ironic thing was they didn't look any better after."
"So being on tour with us is better." Paul grinned.
"Defiantly, I'd rather have stuck pins in my eyes than spend another week on tour with them." I said making them laugh.

We had a really nice time together I can't remember the last time the five of us where able to sit together and have a good time with out any arguments or bitching, probably because it's never happened. We chatted and had a laugh together while eating our meal. When we had finished our meal Billy and Paul went up too their rooms leaving me, Benji and Joel alone. We didn't talk much there was more of a comfortable silence between us which was nice seen as any silences between us over the past few years have been anything but comfortable. I finished the last of my wine in my glass then decided to go up to my room and go in the Jacuzzi before I went to bed.
"Well I'm gonna go too, see you boys bright and early in the morning." I grinned at them standing up. They had an early start in the morning doing some press thing and they hated getting up early especially the way I wake them up. They both groaned then smiled and said good night.

Joel's POV

Carlee had just left the table leaving me and Benji alone.
"Are you ok?" I asked him.
"Yeah fine you?" he replied generally.
"No Benj I mean are you ok, really ok, you know with everything." I said motioning towards where Carlee had just been sat.
"Look bro I can't deny that I don't have feeling for her but the only relationship I want or ever will have with Carlee is friendship or maybe hopefully if you play your cards right sister-in-law." He smiled reassuringly at me.
"You sure?" I smiled feeling relived.
"I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it bro I'm happy for the two of you I've never seen a better couple."
"Thanks Benj." I smiled.
"Just one thing Joel..."
"You break her heart and brother or not I will kick your ass." Benji grinned at me.

Carlee's POV

I went up to my room and started the Jacuzzi. I'm so lucky I have an amazing job where I can travel round the world and see so many amazing places. The works not very hard to do really it's only babysitting four grown men and now that we're all getting along it's a lot easier, well apart from when it comes to waking them up for an early start in a morning (that takes skill and patients) but other than the odd grumpy mood and some paper work my jobs just having fun with some really great guys, not forgetting the added luxuries like the amazing hotel rooms I get to stay in. I suppose I'd think differently about being away from home so much if I actually had a family waiting for me but I lost them along time ago, the guys are my only family now.

I'd been in the Jacuzzi what felt like fives minute but what was probably more like half an hour, seriously I could live in one of these things there so relaxing, when I heard a knock on my door. I tried to ignore it thinking the person would probably give up and go away thinking I was sleeping but no they continued knocking even harder.
"Who is it?" I called reluctant to get out of the Jacuzzi unless really necessary
"Me." the person called back I laughed as 'me' didn't really help much. Luckily I recognised the voice as Joel's.
"Me who?" I called laughter in my voice.
"Stop pissing around and open the fucking door now Carlee." I heard him call back laugher also in his voice.
"I'm sorry 'Me Stop-pissing-around-and-open-the-door' but I can't assed getting out of the lovely Jacuzzi to open the door you'll have to come back later." I teased.
"Carlee..." he started to plead.
"This better be good." I muttered getting out of the Jacuzzi rapping a towel round me and opening the door to a grinning Joel.
"Well I can defiantly say this welcome was worth waiting for." He said looking me up and down then walking into my room.
"Did you come for a reason or just to interrupt my relaxation?" I said wanting desperately to get back to the Jacuzzi.
"Actually I was hoping to have a serious talk but if nows not convenient then I can come back later or tomorrow or something." He said quietly looking down at the floor.
"Ok nothing good ever comes after a sentence like that but sure if you'll just give me a second to get dressed and turn the Jacuzzi off we can talk now." I said he nodded and I went to the bathroom to get dressed and sort the Jacuzzi out. When I walked back into my room Joel was sat on the bed. He looked up at me when I walked in we smiled nervously at each other. I hadn't got a clue what he wanted to 'serious talk' about but what ever it was it was defiantly bugging Joel and that alone worried me.
"So what was it you wanted to talk about?" I asked breaking the silence as I sat opposite him on the bed.
"Ok well you see I've been thinking a lot about stuff mainly you and me and I've got some questions I need to ask you before we get too far into anything." Joel said sounding unsure.
"Ok what do you want to know?"
"Ok first off do you or did you ever love Benji?" he said quickly as if trying to get it over and done with so not to prolong any pain.
"Ok Joel I do and always have loved Benji but as a friend, when we where together it was just lust and nothing more, you need to know that I don't have any interest in having anything more than friendship with Benji and I never will do. I love you."
"Really?" he smiled at me looking relived making me laugh at how sweet he looked.
"Yes really. Now is there anything else?" I said smiling.
"Only where I stand with you?" he asked hopefully and leaning in closer to me.
"Where would you like to stand?" I grinned leaning closer to him like he had just done so that we we're inches apart.
We looked into each others eyes both of us going serious then he closed the gap between us and kissed me softly. After a couple of seconds he pulled away slightly.
"I'd like to give us another go." He said softly.
"I'd like that too." I smiled then pulled him into a more full on kiss.
We made out for a while, not long enough though if you ask me but I could be at it all day with him and I'd still say that it wasn't long enough.
"Fuck it's almost one am I had no idea it was that late." Joel said noticing the time on the clock.
"You'd better go get some sleep then before tomorrow you have an early start and a show on the night." I said reluctantly.
"What are you talking about I'm sleeping here." He smirked lying back on my bed. I raised my eyebrows at him. "You have the best room in the hotel and this bed's like heaven there's no way I'm going back to my room." He laughed.
"Fine stay there but you'll be first up, if you'd have gone back to you room you'd have got an extra half hour sleep by the time I've got to your room after waking Benji, Paul and Billy up." I laughed. He seemed a little pissed at that but the got comfy in my bed, taking his top and pants off, and decided it was worth it. I got changed, turned the light off then got in MY bed next to him. Seconds after I had lain down he moved closer to me wrapping his arms around me. I relaxed into his embrace and we drifted off to sleep seconds after.
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