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Hurt, Pain and Heartache III

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the Benji, Joel Carlee drama continues. please review.

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I woke up the next morning to the alarm clock on my phone, really couldn't be assed getting up so early I was so tired but I had to because some had to make sure the guys actually got up and got to the right place on time. I struggled to free myself from Joel's arms and turned my alarm off. I had managed to get out of bed, turn the alarm off, go into the bathroom, have a shower and get dressed and Joel was still fast asleep. I walked over to his side of the bed nudging him.
"Joel come get up." he shifted slightly beginning to wake up. "Come on Joel get your ass up." I said louder nudging him harder but still he barely moved. I tried for another five minutes to wake him up 'nicely' but he still refused to get up.
"Ok Joel last chance, get up now." I warned, still nothing. I sighed. "Fine have it your way." I said and pushed him so he fell out of bed. He looked at me confused from where he had landed on the floor.
"You want to get up now." I smirked.
"What ever." He groaned.
"Aw you're so nice to be around in a morning." I teased. "I'm gonna go get the other's up you get ready and I'll call for you on my way back." I said as he muttered something while shuffling into the bathroom. I went out the door and started down the hall to Paul's room which was next in line.
"Paul!" I called knocking on the door.
"I'm up." he called back to me.
"Good, you need to leave in half an hour." I called back.
"Ok." He said.
That was easy enough, one down two more to go. I walked to Billy's room next but just before I even knocked on the door he opened it all ready to go.
"Wow what's up with you guys today Paul's already up getting ready, your ready, I hope Benj is this easy." I laughed.
"I highly doubt that." He said.
"Yeah me too." I rolled my eyes. "Meet you at the bus in about twenty minutes, ok?" I said.
"Yeah sure." he said then disappeared to the lift. I made my way to Benji's room; here comes the fun and games.
"BENJI! Benj come time to get up." I called knocking on the door. Nothing. I knocked and called him louder. Still nothing.
"RIGHT, FIVE... FOUR... THREE... BENJI.... TWO...BENJI GET YOUR ASS UP AND OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR NOW!... ONE, right that's it!" I said getting the key out of my pocket and throwing the door open. When I opened the door Benji was sat AWAKE on his bed ginning at me.
"You fucking asshole get up right now and get your ass in that bus in fifteen minutes." I laughed hitting him playfully. He laughed.
"Great fifteen more minutes sleep then." He teased starting to lie back down.
"DON'T YOU DARE GO BACK TO SLEEP! Go on go get ready or what ever you have to do APART FROM SLEEPING." I said pulling him up.
"So I'll see you at the bus in half an hour then." He teased.
"FIFTEEN!" I laughed walking out the door. I nipped down stairs to the café to get some coffee and a muffin then went back to my room to get Joel. When I walked into my room Joel was asleep again on the bed.
"Shit Carlee you scared the shit out of me then." He said.
"Yeah well serves you right for going back to sleep, come on we need to go now." I said pulling him up and dragging him out the door.
"But I'm hungry." He whined like a little child as we got to the bus.
"Well you should have thought about that before you decided to go back to sleep." I scolded like a mother would to a child. Billy, Paul and Benji laughed at us.
"I couldn't help it, I'm just so [yawn] tired." He said. Making us all laugh that time as his yawn came as if on queue.
"Come on if you get your asses on the bus now we can get something to eat when we get there." I said walking onto the bus. They all seemed to like this idea wasting no time in getting onto the bus.

We got to the interview in enough time for the guys to have a decent breakfast before they had to do the interview. The interview went well and we where on our way back to the hotel three hours later. It was twelve thirty by the time we arrived back at the hotel and we we're all starving for some lunch.
"I'm starving." Paul whined as we walked into the hotel doors.
"Me too." Benji said.
"We all are." Billy said as they walked in the direction of the restaurant.
"Ok guys you need to be at sound check by four o'clock. ok? That's four o'clock not half four or ten past four or any other time after four, it means four o'clock." I made it clear to them they looked at little confused.
"Why where are you going?" Joel asked.
"I've got to sort some shit out for the rest of the tour and pick some things up but promise me you'll be there at four." I explained.
"Can you not get some lunch first?" Paul asked.
"No I'm already late I was supposed to be there ten minutes ago but make sure your there for four because it's me that gets into shit if your late." I said.
"Don't worry we'll be there for five o'clock on the dot." Benji teased.
"just don't even bother joking about it because I know what you like Benjamin Madden." I warned and the others laughed. "I don't know what you three are laughing at your not too far behind either." I said and they stopped laughing. "I'll meet you guys after the show." I said and they nodded. "What time's sound check?" I called before I left.
"Four o'clock." They all called back to me.
"Good. See ya'll later." I said leaving as they went to get lunch.

I got a sandwich on my way to the local office where I had to finish some paper work and make some calls arranging hotels and other tour related stuff. After that was sorted I needed to pick up some necessities for on the bus, as we where going to be living on the bus for the next few days and not stopping at a hotel, like toiletries etc. when I had finished all that it was five thirty, I made my way back to the hotel to drop the shopping off and get changed before going to meet the guys at the show. When I finally got to the show there was only half an hour left so I went straight backstage to wait for them. it wasn't long before I heard their voices coming down the corridor. Benji and Joel walked in looking very sweaty and well just plain minging.
"Hey Carlee." Joel smiled walking over to me about to give me a hug. I stepped away and he looked a little confused.
"No offence dude but your fucking minging, have a shower first." I said. Joel playfully hit me on the shoulder then walked over to get a bottle of water.
"Yeah well there's only two showers and Billy and Paul have already gone in so you're going to have to put up with us for a little longer." Benji grinned pulling me into a very unwanted hug.
"How nice of you." I said sarcastically. He laughed then caught the bottle of water Joel had chucked at him. We sat and talked for a while until Billy and Paul walked in after their shower. Benji and Joel left to have their showers. Paul left soon after muttering about something, leaving me and Billy alone.
"So you guys get to sound check on time?" I asked.
"Was here ten minutes early." He smiled proudly at me.
"Good what I like to hear." I smiled. We where quiet for a second.
"So you and Joel back together?" he said breaking the silence.
"And everything's ok?" he asked sounding a little unsure.
"Yeah why wouldn't it be?"
"Just you know with all the shit that's gone on between you all."
"We talked about it and where all clear on everything, we're ok really we are." I reassured.
"What about you though are you ok with being back with Joel?"
"I wouldn't be with him if I wasn't ok with it." I said not really sure what he was getting at.
"So you don't think he'll cheat on you again?"
"Billy!" I said shocked that he would think something like that, I mean I know it's true Joel did cheat on me but that's a whole other story.
"What if was me getting back with an old girlfriend that had cheated on me before I can't deny that I would be completely trusting."
"I see where you're coming from but Joel cheating on me that was years ago and a whole other story. You know Joel he's not like that, he's not the type of guy to cheat and I trust him."
"ok just making sure." Billy aid sounding a little more convinced deep down he know Joel would never cheat on anyone.
"What about you and Benji?" he said breaking the silence again.
"We're friends."
"And that's what you both want; you don't still have feelings for him?"
"Billy I never had feelings for Benji in that way before, don't get me wrong I love the guy but no more than I love you or Paul. When me and Benji where together it was just lust, well on my part it was just lust and I thought it was for him too but now I'm not to sure."
"What do you mean?" Billy asked looking a little confused.
"Well apparently Benji likes me and I mean really likes me. When we where together he was hoping our relationship would be like mine and Joel's. He was jealous of what me and Joel had and he wanted it, that's why he acted like he did."
"Wow I thought it would be something like that for Benji to act how he was but I never thought it was as far as that. When did you find all that out?"
"when I returned back to the tour he explained everything to me, I feel really bad actually, not to sound big headed or anything, but he did really like me even now he still has feelings for me but said that me and Joel are meant to be together and he accepts that now so he's trying to move on."
"Don't beat yourself up too much you can't help the way he feels he'll learn to get over it." Billy reassured.
"I know but I just wish I could the pain and heartache he's feeling go away, I feel responsible and guilty because it's me he wants but it's me he can't have."
"Ok forget all the stuff that's happened there's just you, Joel and Benji, all you know is how they feel about you and how you feel about them. All hurt, pain and heartache aside, who would you choose?" he said. I had to think for a second weighting up each feeling, how I felt and how each other the boys felt about me then I finally came to a conclusion.
"Still Joel." I finally said. Billy seemed to have mixed reactions of confusion, shock but also like he knew that that would be the answer.
"What makes you say that?"
"I don't know I just seem to sway more towards Joel than Benji on that level."
"What took you so long to answer if it truly was Joel you wanted then why wasn't it quicker?" he said. I was beginning to feel like I should be sat on a leather sofa and Billy with a clip board say things like 'and how do you feel about that?'
"Ok Billy where's all this going, why so many questions? Do you not think that I should be with Joel?"
"No it's nothing like that even a blind person can see how happy you and Joel are and hoe happy you make each other it's just I want to make sure this is what you really want because there's no way I want to go back to the way it was before with you and the twins at each other throats."
"ok fair enough I get you point but everything sorted me and Joel are happy together, Benji's happy for us and he's working on getting over what ever he needs too. Life's good, so stop worrying." I smiled giving him a quick hug.
"Ok good just making sure." he smiled back. Just then Benji and Joel walked in.
"Ok let's go." Joel said.
"What's the rush?" Billy asked.
"I wanna get back to the hotel and enjoy sleeping in a real bed before I have to break my back on the shitty ones on the bus for the next few days." Joel said. Billy nodded; me and Billy got up and walked over to the door to them.
"Wait what about Paul?" I said suddenly remembering him not being here.
"He's gonna make his own way back to the hotel he found some chick and went off with her." Benji explained.
"He better be at the fucking bus in the morning because I'm not waiting round trying to find him, ya'll have to do the show with out him." I laughed.
"Yeah I'm sure that would be a success." Joel laughed sarcastically and we made our way back to the hotel. We all lazily got into the hotel lift up to our floor we walked together dropping of one by one as we got to each others room. First Benji we said our good nights to him, then the same for Billy. I continued walking to my room which was right at the end. Joel was still walking with me even though we'd already passed his room. I knew he was waiting for me to ask him if he wanted to stay in my room tonight but I decided to stay quiet and see what he does. We got to my room, I continued my game and didn't acknowledge Joel. I opened my door and he went to walk in.
"Where do you think your going?" I said acting snotty.
"I...I thought..."
"Well you thought wrong." I said continuing my game. The look on Joel's face was priceless he looked shocked and confused which made me give up my game. I laughed at how cute he looked. "I'm just messing, come on." I said pulling him inside.
"Bitch." He laughed rugby tackling my onto the bed.
"I may be a bitch but you're my bitch baby." I smirked.
"Oh is that right?" he smirked back pinning my arms above my head and kissing me neck.
"I thought you wanted to 'sleep in a real bed before you have to break your back in the bus'." I teased.
"Yeah well unlike this I can manage to sleep in the bus." he smiled making the 'most' of being in a hotel, with a real bed and me in it.
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