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Hurt, Pain and Heartache IIII

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sorry it's a little shorter than the rest but theres more coming soon. keep the reviews coming.

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The next morning I woke up quiet early but couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to get up and have a shower. After I had showered and got dressed I made my way through my room about to go downstairs for breakfast. I was trying not to wake Joel but it didn't work very well.
"What time is it?" he said groggily hardly opening his eyes to look at me.
"Nine I'm going getting something to eat but you can go back to sleep for a bit if you want we don't have to leave for anther two hours." I smiled and leant over the bed to give him a kiss. He nodded and rolled over to go back to sleep.

When I walked into the restaurant I couldn't believe my eyes Benji Madden was wake and up and about before noon with out having to be chased out of bed. I walked over to the table he was sat at joining him.
"I think I'm seeing a ghost, Benji Madden out of bed before noon, that's a first." I laughed.
"Hey I'm not that bad." He defended laughing too.
"You obviously haven't tried waking you up." I laughed. "Seriously though how come your up this early?"
"Dunno just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. You?"
"Same, Joel on the other hand had no problem going back to sleep."
"That's Joel for you he could sleep standing up." Benji laughed.
"Where time did our dear Paul get in last night or is he still out?"
"I think I heard him stumble in at around three thirty or something like that. He really has no idea how loud he is when he's drunk."
"Now you know why I make sure my room is far away from his." I laughed. "How the packing going?"
"It's not; I need to do it now. Yours?"
"I never unpack I live out of a box, I'm too lazy to bother unpacking and repacking everything."
"Good idea I should do that."
"Your should it saves so much time."
"I'm gonna go pack you wanna come..." he said getting up. "You don't have to help." He quickly added.
"Sorry no can do, I've gotta go check the bus over, load all my shit then try and wake your brother and Paul up, Billy shouldn't be a problem. If I have time when I've finished all that and your still packing, which you better not e because it'll be time for leaving then, but if you are then I'll come help." I smiled and we both went our separate ways.

At ten thirty I went back up to my room to make sure Joel got up in time to leave in time. When I got into my room to my surprise Joel was not in bed. I looked round the room and there was no sign of him then I heard the shower running in the bathroom. I walked through and sat on the counter in front of the mirror next to the sink. I could her Joel humming along to some songs in his head as he showered. About five minutes later he turned the water off and got out of the shower.
"How long have you been there?" he smiled walking towards me and standing between my legs leaning against the counter.
"Not long. Why? Been doing something you shouldn't." I smirked.
"No." he smiled innocently making me laugh. He started fiddling with his hair looking at it through the mirror over my shoulder.
"Come here." I said pulling his head closer to me and grabbing his gel from next to me on the counter. I started doing his hair for him deep in concentration. When I was finally happy that it was prefect it was only then that I noticed him looking at me watching me as I did his hair.
"How's that?" I smiled looking into his eyes.
"Perfect." he smiled not even looking at it but still looking deep into my eyes.
"You didn't even look at it." I laughed.
"I don't need to." he said quietly then started kissing me and I kissed back.
Minutes later there was a knocking on the door, we pulled apart.
"JOEL HURRY YOUR ASS UP, CARLEE WOULD HE NOT GET UP AGAIN? KICK HIS LAZY ASS!" we heard Benji calling from outside. It was only then that I remembered that I had actually came o make sure Joel wasn't late but looking at my watch we both are.
"Shit we gotta go." I said jumping of the counter and opening the door to Benji as Joel got his bags. "Is everyone ready at the bus?" I asked Benji as the three of us walked down the corridor.
"Even Paul?"
"Even Paul." Benji laughed.
"In what state?" I smiled.
"Hung over like you've never seen." Benji said and we all laughed, it was really funny winding Paul up when he was hung over. We made our way to the hotel reception so I could hand the keys in. they waited with me while I handed them in and checked out then we made our way to the bus. Benji went straight onto the bus, Joel put his bag in the compartment then followed Benji on the bus and I went to check over the travel plan with Steve before joining the boys in the main part of the bus. Benji, Billy and Joel where sat in the living part of the bus and Paul was sat at the table looking like shit. From the look of amusement on Benji, Billy and Joel's faces and the pissed off look on Paul's face they had already been winding him up. When I walked onto the bus the three of them where holding back laughter and signalling me to continue what they'd started. I silently laughed rolling my eyes, then composed myself.
"Ya'll right Paul!" I said loudly and cheerfully walking over to him patting his shoulder.
"No. do you have to talk that loud." He mumbled.
"Why what's wrong love?!" I continued being just as annoyingly loud and cheerful. Benji, Billy and Joel where holding back their laughing.
"Fucking hung over, feel like shit." He groaned.
"Well you know what I say about that?" I said he looked at me waiting for what I had to say thinking I was going to give him some advice. "You shouldn't have gone getting fucking pissed when we have to leave early the next morning." I smiled, Benji, Billy and Joel burst out laughing and Paul looked really pissed off. I took pity on him them and got him a glass of water and a paracetamol that I had bought when I went shopping because we'd ran out from the last time we where on the bus.
"Here get that down you." I said handing then to him. He smiled weakly and I joined Benji, Billy and Joel.

It had been two hours since our last rest stop; Paul was feeling better by now and was complaining of hunger and Joel and Billy weren't so far behind. As soon as we stopped the three of them rushed off the bus leavening me and Benji behind.
"Can I talk to you for a second?" I said grabbing his arm as he started walking of the bus. he stopped as soon I had spoke and turned to face me.
"Yeah sure, what's wrong?" He said looking a little concerned.
"I've been meaning to talk to you for a while but haven't had the chance. Did you think about that thing with Molly, do you want me to get something done about her?" I said. He thought for a second.
"I've been thinking and I don't want to."
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. It kind of made me think really because she made my life on tour a living hell for just one week and I couldn't stand it, I felt miserable and just wanted to leave. I can't even begin to think how I made you feel over the years." Benji admitted guilty.
"Benj forget about it, it doesn't matter anymore."
"Yeah it does I feel so horrible I was to you for years what Molly was to me for a few days, how did you put up with it?"
"Benji I've forgiven you, yes it was fucked up but it's over now so just forget it." I smiled and he smiled back. "Come on 'I'm starving'." I whined imitating Joel, Billy and Paul making him laugh.
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