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One week later we where in LA and it was the last day of the tour in the states. They would have the next week of then they would go to Canada. I was really excited about the tour going to Canada because Toronto was my home town. I lived in Canada for the first eight years of my life which was the longest I'd ever stayed in one place my whole life. We used to travel around a lot when I was younger because of my father's job. The only other place that I had stayed in for longer than a few months was Maryland when I was in high school and met the GC boys. Even then I had to take long periods of time out to be dragged half way across the world, then try to catch up on all my work. There was always tension and arguments going on in my family and my fathers job was a big factor in the whole family war thing which resulted in my now longer being part of our family, if you ask me I'm better of with out them. Now I have continued with the travelling round the world lifestyle with my job. I guess travelling is in my blood. I've always considered Toronto my real home because it's the only place that I have ever been able to live in somewhere I could call a home, had real friends and it is also where most of my family live. I don't know whether I consider the last point to be a good one but the first two defiantly are.

It was around two in the morning and I was stood outside the club, there was a huge party inside for everyone from the tour. I was stood leaning against the wall completely zoned out enjoying my cigarette, I know I'm weak I do need to give up but just can't be assed.
"You should give them up?" I heard Joel say walking up behind me bringing me out of me daze.
"I should." I stated simply.
"You have no intensions to do you?" he laughed.
"No not really." I said turning to face him.
"Don't see why not because you've done it before."
"I don't see why you're so bothered."
"I'm bothered because you're killing yourself."
"Joel I could die tomorrow crossing the road and besides I've not had one in a whole week."
"See if you can go a week with out them you can give up all together."
"I can give up; I know I can because I'm not addicted to them. I just like them once in a while, like you like chocolate." I smiled.
"Not the same thing, promise me you'll at least try to quit." He said seriously and looking into my eyes.
"Fine." I sighed. He smiled then took the half finished cigarette out of my hand and put it out.
"Hey I wasn't finished with that." I playfully hit him on the shoulder.
"You are now." He laughed grabbing my hand anticipating another smack. "So what you doing out here apart from hiding your smoking from me?" he smiled.
"I'm not hiding..."
"You so where I'm not that stupid you always go hiding every time you want a smoke." He said knowing me all to well. I rolled my eyes smiling confirming that he was right.
"Nothing just tired." I sighed.
"Come on." He said taking my hand and starting to walk towards his car in the car park.
"But don't you wanna..." I said motioning towards the party.
"No come on lets go." He said opening his car and waiting for my to get in.
"Where are you staying this week?" he asked me as I got in the car and he started it.
"Hotel." I shrugged.

I never bothered buying my own house when I left my family because I was always travelling so I was either living in a hotel or on the tour bus. My best friend Gabby and I rent a house together in Toronto but it was more or less hers I just used it for somewhere to keep a few of my things that I could lug round with me while I was travelling. We both paid half to all the bills, Gabby felt bad that I paid half to it because I was never there. She was always offering to try and pay full rent even though in reality she knew she didn't have enough to do so. I didn't mind though because she was my best friend and always has been, I'd do anything for her plus it means that I actually did have some roots to go back to if I ever stopped travelling.

"No you're not, come stay with me." he said.
"No you're not staying in a hotel when there's plenty of room at mine."
"I'm not going to get out of this am I?" I laughed.
"Nope." He laughed.
"Ok well thank I'd love to stay with you." I smiled.
"Good." He grinned loving getting his own way. Minute later we pulled up outside his house.
"Nice." I commented as we walked in.
"Nice is that all you've got to say." He laughed.
"Yeah it's a little bigger than my place." I laughed.
"I thought you side you didn't have a place?"
"Sort of, me and my best friend Gabby rent a place in Toronto but it's basically hers I just pay half the rent and dump my stuff there that I don't need." I explained he nodded. We went to bed not long after because we where both absolutely shattered.

When I woke up the next morning to Joel lying next to me on his side stroking my hair and smiling at me. I smiled and stretched turning on my side to face him.
"Morning beautiful." He smiled whipping a piece of hair out of my face.
"Morning sexy." I smiled back.
"I made you breakfast." He said getting a tray from behind him.
"What've I done to deserve this?" I questioned confused. He smiled at me.
"A lot but it's also a thank you."
"Thank you for what?" I smiled.
"Just been your amazing, kind, sweet self and most of all for forgiving me and giving me a second chance even though I don't deserve it." He said.
"Ok seriously forget about all that shit it doesn't matter any more." I said seriously to him. He smiled and kissed me.
"I love you."
"I love you too babe." I smiled then took the tray of him.

After I'd finished eating the rather good breakfast, I shared with Joel reluctantly, I had a shower then went downstairs to the living room where Joel was sat watching TV.
"So what we doing today?" I asked sitting down next to him leaning on him.
"Dunno the guys where on about coming round later." He said putting his arm around my shoulder pulling me down so that I was lay with me head on his lap and he was playing with my hair. "Why what do you want to do today?" he asked.
"Nothing... this." I sighed.
So for the rest of the day we did just that. We lazed around, cuddling and doing absolutely nothing all day up till five o'clock when there was a knock at the door signalling the guys arrival. Joel answered the door while I was in the kitchen getting some drinks and snacks. We all hung out for the rest of the night laughing, joking and messing around all night.

The rest of the week off went pretty much the same way. It wasn't long before the week was over and we where in the airport waiting to bored our flight to Canada. I couldn't wait to get there we would be spending a week in Toronto so I would be able to see Gabby; I hadn't seen her in well over a year. We'd kept in touch by e-mail and phone calls but I really missed hanging out with her. She was a really cool chick we got a long so well mainly because we are quite similar in personalities, where both a little bad ass and outrageous at times and we both have the some 'dirty' sense of humour. The guys and Gabby had never met before but I know they'll get along well. My plan was to try and set her and Benji up because they would make a really great couple plus Gabby's been messed around with assholes for so long she really needs a good guy like Benji to restore her faith in men and Benji just needs some lovin'.
"You excited?" Joel whispered into my ear coming up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist as we where all stood waiting to board the private plain.
"Yeah I can't wait." I smiled leaning into his embrace. Just then we where aloud onto the plain. Me and Joel sat next to each other with Benji on the other side opposite us and Paul and Billy behind us.

Half way into the flight Joel, Paul and Benji where all asleep, Benji stretched out across his seat and the spare seat next to him, Joel leaning against the window next to me and Paul leaning against the window behind Joel and next to Billy. Me and Billy both had the isle seats so I turned round in my seat so we could talk. We where in the middle of talking about my life in Toronto or what was left of it when Benji began to wake up, he stretched then sat up looking at us.
"It's alive." Billy joked and I laughed.
"You have a good sleep?" I said smiling at Benji.
"Not bad I've got a stiff neck now though." He said rubbing his neck. "What where you talking about?"
"Carlee going home for the first time in three year's." Billy said.
"Seriously it's been that long?" he asked looking at me surprised.
"Yeah because I was touring with you guys and then when you where off last year I stayed in that villa in Hawaii for a break it was like an extended holiday." I explained.
"Aw but you can't wait to get back there." he smiled.
"I can't, I'm really excited. I can't wait to see my friends and stuff again."
"Will you be seeing any of your family?" he asked quietly.
"No, I don't plan too but I do have someone I'd like you too meet." I smirked at him.
"Really, Who?" he asked.
"You'll see." I smiled.
"Carlee what are you up too?" he said curiously.
"Nothing." I replied innocently.

We arrived in Toronto Canada at 2am and got drove to a hotel for the night. The next two days the guys had off which meant I also had the next two days off. I planned to drop by the house and see Gabby tomorrow and hopefully introduce the guys to her. The next morning I woke up to a note next to me in bed instead of Joel. I read the note.

Hey babe
Really, REALLY sorry I left before you got up but Paul wanted us to go check out some stuff guy stuff with him. You looked so peaceful sleeping that I didn't want to wake you up. I'll see you later we'll probably be back at around three-ish and I promise we can do what ever you want then. Maybe you can show us round your home!? Miss you already.

Love you always and forever
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Joel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I smiled and looked at the clock it was eleven thirty I was glad he decided not to wake me up I really needed that sleep. I ordered some breakfast from room service, while I waiting for it to come I had a shower and got dressed. I decided to call Gabby to see if it was ok for me to call round to see her before the guys got back from doing their 'guy stuff' seriously I don't know who they think their fooling when they call it that because everyone knows that they just go to an arcade to play video games.
"Hello?" I heard Gabby answer the phone.
"Hey Gabby." I said smiling waiting for the screech.
"CARLEE!!!" I heard Gabby screech down the phone as anticipated.
"Hey is it alright for me to drop by today?"
"Yeah course it is you don't have to ask, what time are you thinking about coming?"
"Some time in the next hour."
"Ok can't wait to see you."
"See you soon. Bye."
I put the phone down finished my breakfast then got my things together and took the rental car the company had got for me and drove to mine and Gabby's house. I had to knock on the door because seen as I hardly ever come here I had forgot to pack my keys.
"Carlee come here! It's been so long how are you." she said pulling me into a hug which I returned.
"I'm great how are you?"
"Good, good come tell me all what you've been up too." she said pulling my into our house.
"Wow you decorated." I commented looking round the house that looked so different but so familiar.
"Yeah do you like it?" she asked.
"Yeah it's really nice you did a good job." I smiled.
"Coffee?" she asked as we went into the kitchen and I sat at the breakfast bar.
"sure." I smiled she handed me a mug and then sat opposite me.
"So how's everything? Is it still world war three on tour?" she asked.
"Actually no." I smiled.
"WHAT?" she exclaimed nearly spitting her coffee out. "Explain."
"We made up." I said simply.
"No way how did that happen? Last time I heard from you it was getting that back you where going to quit." She said confused.
"Yeah I did quit that's what changed everything."
"Wow hang on stop explain everything from the beginning from the last time I spoke to you." she said. So I told her everything that had happened since the last time we spoke on the phone.
"Oh my god I can't believe you and Joel are back together." She smiled. "You two make such an amazing couple. How's Benji with all this? You say he still likes you?"
"Yeah that's what he said but neither of us are interested in a relationship, he understands and accepts that Joel's what makes me happy and I'm what make's Joel happy. I do feel bad though knowing that he has those feelings for me and I don't have them back."
"So there's no weirdness between any of you it's all cool?"
"Yep everything's great we're all getting along better than ever." I smiled.
"Where are they now?"
"Out doing 'guy stuff' which translated means they want to go be 'bug kids' playing at arcades with out me moaning saying I'm bored. So I decided to come and see you. So how's your life?"
"Not bad, could be better."
"Why what's wrong?"
"Nothing just the same old shit, hardly any money, shit job and just got out of another bad relationship."
"I don't know why you stay in that stupid office job if you hate it so much."
"Because it pays the bills if I didn't have that job I'd be even more skint than I am now."
"Gab I've told you before you don't need to worry about money anything you need you can have of me."
"I don't want to live off you."
"You won't be I'll talk to the company I think there's some jobs going on the road with us, you could apply for one of those, I'd put in a good word for you and there's no doubt you'd get it."
"But what would we do with this place?" she said looking round the house.
"Keep it I could pay the full rent it's no problem out of my salary."
"I can't let you pay my half of the rent for me."
"Well how about if it wasn't you half of the rent, we could switch this place into my name fully but you can still stay with me as a lodger. Not that you'd need a place on tour with us."
"Do you really think I could just up and leave?"
"Why not what have you got keeping you here?" I said she though for a second.
"Your right do think you could see about a job then, it's no trouble if you can't."
"Gabs don't worry about it. I'll call the company tomorrow and you'll be leavening with us for the rest of tour by the end of the week." I smiled. She seemed excited about the idea of being able to get out of her repetitive daily lifestyle that she hated so much. "Now about those bad relationships why do you always have to pick the assholes?" I laughed.
"I don't know I guess I just attract them I think I'm destined to spend the rest of my life alone dating the occasional asshole who wants a quick fuck." She sighed.
"Gabby, Gabby, Gabby it must be your lucky day and I must be your fairy godmother because not only do I have a solution to your money and job issues but I also have an answer to you love life disasters. I have the perfect eligible bachelor to set you up with." I smiled.
"Yeah right sure you do." She laughed.
"I'm being serious are you free tonight?"
"Well you're not any more your going out on a date with one of the most perfect guys on the planet." I smiled.
"Fuck off." gabby said refusing to believe me.
"No, be ready for seven. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go arrange a few things." I smirked getting up and walking towards the door.
"Wait aren't you going to tell me who this guy is?" she said getting up and running after me.
"Nope, you'll see soon enough." I smiled and closed the door behind me leaving Gabby completely befuddled.

It was two thirty when I got back to the hotel. I went up to my room looking through the phone book to arrange the perfect date for Benji and Gabby tonight. There would be a limo to pick them up, flowers, Champaign (ok well maybe Champaign just for Gabby, I think she'll need it when she finds out who I'm setting her up with.), the most expensive romantic restaurant in town, everything would be perfect for them. by three o'clock everything was arranged for tonight it was so good I wanted to go on this date instead but no it's for Benji and Gabby. All I have to do now is get Benji to go.
"Hey babe, sorry about this morning. You had a good day?" Joel said walking in the room. He stood behind me and kissed my head.
"No problem. I went to see my best friend Gabby you know the one that I have a house with out here." I said. He nodded looking at all my arrangements for tonight.
"Ooo is all this for us? What's the special occasion?" he said looking at my plans.
"Actually no it's for Benji and Gabby. I'm setting them up on a blind date the only problem is I need to get Benji to agree."
"So your doing all of this you don't even make that much of an effort for us." He laughed.
"Yeah well I want this to be perfect for them, Benj needs some lovin' and Gabby needs a good guy instead of all the assholes she attracts. Why do you want me to do something like this for us?" I said turning to face him as he sat on the bed.
"Maybe." He smirked kissing me.
"Well maybe I will sometime." I smiled then kissed him back then pulled away. "Ok I need to go persuade your brother to agree to all of this. See you later." I smiled getting up.
"How long do you think you'll be?"
"Don't know how long does it usually take me to get your brother to agree to anything that isn't his idea?" I smirked.
"See you next year then." He laughed and I set off down the corridor to Benji's room. I knock then heard him call 'come in'
"Hi." I said walking in.
"Hey Carlee what brings you here?" he smiled at me.
"Just wanted to see you, how are you?" I smiled innocently.
"Ok what're you up to?" Benji smirked.
"Ok well erm thing is... do you have any plans for tonight?"
"No." Benji said a little confused.
"Ok well how do you feel about maybe going on a date?"
"A date?"
"Yes a date with a girl?"
"A girl?"
"Well to be more specific my best friend Gabby."
"Wait, wait let me get this straight your trying to set me up on a blind date with your best friends Gabby?"
"Well yeah."
"No way." I said a smile playing on his face I knew he did really want to go.
"Because..." he struggled to find a good enough reason.
Benj please she's really nice and cool and hot and ... please Benji you'd really like her."
"No." he said a little more serious.
"Why?" I said I didn't think it would be this hard to persuade Benji to go out with a hot chick and get free food.
"Carlee just leave it ok I don't need you to interfere with my love life. So thanks but no thanks!" he said opening the door of his room indicating that he wanted me to leave. I looked at him shocked then sighed and left.

"Hey how did it go?" Joel asked when I walked into our room.
"Your brothers an asshole I can't believe I ever though he'd be good for Gabby. He completely flipped put at me and made me leave. Now I feel really bad because I'm gonna have to call her and tell her the dates off."
"What Benji turned down a night with a hot chick and free food?" Joel asked shocked.
"And he flipped put at you and made you leave?"
"Yeah I don't know what's got into him." I said picking up the phone about to call Gabby. Joel took the phone off me.
"Hang on let me go talk to him." He said getting up and leaving.

Joel's POV

I couldn't believe what Carlee had just told me about the way Benj was acting so I decided to go see what was bothering him. When I got to his room I knocked of the door.
"FUCK OFF CARLEE" I heard Benji shout.
"BENJ IT'S ME." I called back. Seconds later he opened the door.
"What do you want?" he grumbled.
"Just seeing if you ok?"
"I'm fine." He said but it was obvious he was far from fine.
"Benj what's wrong?"
"Ok well would you like to tell me why you shouted at my girlfriend and one of you best friend's and chucked her out?"
"She deserved it she... she..."
"She what Benj?"
"Tried to set me up on a blind date." He said quietly.
"And what's wrong with that? Worse case scenario you have a nice night out and meet someone new, you don't have to marry the girl. You should see some of the stuff Carlee's planned for the two of you; she's worked really hard on it. It's really important to her, I don't know exactly why but I think you should give her a chance. You never know this Gabby chick might be the girl of your dreams. I mean come on if she's Carlee's best friend there must be something good about her."
"She's really gone through a lot of trouble?"
"Yeah seriously Benji I'd go on the blind date just to do some of the stuff Carlee's set up." I laughed.
"I need to go apologise to Carlee don't I? I was an ass to her."
"Yeah I think you do she's in our room." I said.
"Ok thanks Joel." He said and then left.

Carlee's POV

It was about twenty minute since Joel had left to go to talk to Benji when there was a knock at the door. I rolled my eye's Joel was always forgetting his hotel key. I'd lost count the number of times he used to wake me up at all sorts of time in the morning for the spare key to his room. I went and opened the door expecting to see Joel there but instead it was Benji.
"Carlee I'm really sorry for the way I acted before I was just a little taken back by the idea, I've thought about it and I'd love to go on the blind date." He said.
"Oh come on Benj get real you wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for Joel going giving you what ever sob story he fed you. You know what maybe sorry doesn't cut it anymore, maybe sorry's from you just don't mean anything to me any more because I've heard them so many times. It you really are sorry you wouldn't have to keep saying sorry over and over again because you wouldn't make the same mistake over and over again..."
"Look I agreed to go on the date..."
"Benji it's about a lot more that the stupid date. It's about you and me and the way you keep treating me. We're getting along great one minute then the next you just turn into asshole of the century and then expect me to forgive you because you say you're sorry? Well I don't think you mean it any more, if you truly meant that you where sorry you wouldn't keep acting the way you do. I wanted to set you up with Gabby because she's been fucked around by some many assholes all her life I though it would be nice for her to go on a date with one of the few genuine nice guys left in the world but I think I was wrong your just like all the other asshole in her life. Dates off Benj I'm not going to allow my best friend to be treated the way you treat women."
"Carlee I really am sorry it's just really hard for me."
"What Benji? What is really hard for you?"
"Being around you all the time. Being so close to all I've ever wanted but never being able to grab hold of it. It just really gets to me at times and... and I know it's no excuse to act the way I do to you but that's just me, that's the way I deal with it in my own fucked up way." he said getting upset. I stood up and walked over to him and pulled him into a hug.
"I'm sorry Benj I didn't realise you felt that strongly about me." I said pulling him in close to me trying to make him feel better
"Yeah well I do and I'm working on getting over it but it's really hard." He said leaning into my embrace. We where silent for a moment. It killed me seeing him in so much pain especially because it was over me. I would do anything to make things better for him. Just then I had a drastic though that I didn't think was prepared to do but if it made things better for him I was willing to give it a go.
"Benj would it be easier for you to get over this if I wasn't around?" I said quietly. He pulled away looking into my eyes.
"W...what are you trying to say?" he said quietly confused.
"I'm saying if I wasn't here on tour every day, if you didn't have to be around me twenty-four seven would it be easier for you?"
"Carlee are you trying to say you want to quit your job, again, to try and make me feel better?"
"Well... yeah."
"Carlee no I couldn't live with my self if you left you job that you love because of me."
"Benj I can't go on causing you all this pain it's killing me."
"No Carlee you're not quitting your job I've told you I'm getting over it, I will get over it. I'd rather have you as a friend than not at all."
"Are you sure?"
"Carlee if you left you might as well just shoot me because I wouldn't be able to deal with the guilt and that's nothing compared to what Joel, Billy and Paul would do to me." he laughed. "Your not going any where, promise me that you won't leave."
"Ok I promise." I smiled getting the first genuine smile of happiness off Benji all day. "So are you up for this date or what?" I said changing the subject to more up beat.
"Depends, am I trusted?" he smirked at me.
"I suppose so, be ready for the limo at seven." I smiled.
"Ok se you later." He said starting to walk out the door. Just before he go to the door he stopped and turned back to me.
"Thank you." he said quietly and gave me a small hug.
"No probs." I said when he let go of me and then he left. Minute later Joel returned. I was sat on the bed watching TV.
"Hey babe." He said coming sitting next to me and giving me a peck on the cheek.
"Hey." I smiled back.
"So you and Benj ok?"
"Yeah we're fine now, he's gone getting ready for the date." I said.
"You really think him and Gabby will get along."
"I know they will she's so Benji's type, even if they just want to be friends that's cool." I said he nodded. We where silent for a minute. "So do you still want to go out for a date like Benji and Gabby's?" I said.
"No." he sighed. I turned to look at him with a questioning look on my face. He turned to look at me. "Because if we go out that just means more time that I can't do this." He said then pushed me back getting on top of me and kissing me laughing.
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