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The next morning I was hiding round the corner outside the hotel smoking, yes I know I told Joel I would quit but truth is I don't want to besides what will the odd one or two hurt it's not like I'm constantly smoking like chimney.
"Carlee?" I heard someone call coming up behind me scaring me half to death. It sounded like Joel, I jumped spinning round to face who ever it was trying my best to hide my cigarette. To my luck it was Benji.
"Fuck Benj you scared the shit out of me then." I said with a little laugh, Benji was already laughing at me.
"You're looking guilty. Didn't Joel say you'd quit?" he said motioning towards my cigarette.
"That's what he thinks. Shh don't tell him." I said whispering, we laughed.
"I can't promise anything if he asks me straight out then I can't lie but no I won't bring it up." he grinned and winked at me. I smiled.
"Thanks Benj. So how did the date go?" I asked he blushed and laughed a little. "That good?" I laughed raising my eyebrows.
"No we had a really good time. You where right she's amazing we got along really well and thank you so much for all what you planned it was like the best date ever."
"Well I wanted it to be perfect for my two best friends." I smiled. "So do you think you'll be seeing her again?"
"I'd like too but we're leaving Canada next week and we're still touring so I don't know if it will work you know with only just meeting each other."
"That won't be a problem because she's coming with us." I smiled. He looked at me confused. "I got her a job on tour with us; she's going to be assistant tour manager."
"Seriously?" Benji said looking surprised, shocked and happy.
"Yeah I talked to her yesterday about it and she was up for it. So I called the company this morning and they where cool with it. Apparently I do such a good job at my job they don't mind paying someone extra money to help me do it." I laughed.
"Wow that's really cool, she was telling me about how much she hated her job but really needed for her money troubles."
"Oh no she didn't bore you with all her life problems did she." I laughed.
"No not to much." He laughed. "Wait a minute your not thinking of leaving again are you because last time someone join us on tour it was because you where leaving..."
"Benj don't worry I'm not going anywhere."
"Oh good." He smiled. "Where is Joel anyway?"
"Don't know... in our room I think doing... Joel stuff... or something."
"You don't really know do you?" Benji laughed.
"No not really I just really needed a fag and left." I laughed.
"I thought you said you weren't addicted to them?" he laughed.
"I'm not I just like the occasional one. This is the first one I've had all week." I smiled proudly.
"Ok whatever you keep telling your self that. I'm going to go find Paul, see you later." He smiled walking back into the hotel.
"Ok see ya."
"And don't worry your dirty little secrets safe with me." he shouted laughing as everyone around stopped staring at me and I flipped him off.

Later that night after the show we all went back to the hotel to have showers and get changed because we we're all going round to mine and Gabby's for dinner. Gabby was supposed to be cooking so that meant that we'd probably all have foods poisoning tomorrow. We where going so that we could introduce Billy, Paul, Joel and Gabby to each other.
When we got to our house I knocked on the door seconds later Gabby opened the door looking rather dressed up all sexy and everything no doubt for Benji more than anything, I guess their date really did go well.
"Hey." She smiled giving me a hug then she and Benji greeted each other. Then I introduced her to Billy, Paul and Joel. We made small talk for a little long moving into the living room sitting down where ever there was space, house cleaning wasn't Gabby's speciality not that she ever had time to do it with all the hours that she worked.
"I'll go get dinner." Gabby announced walking to the kitchen.
"I'll give you a hand if you want?" Benji said standing up.
"Please." Gabby smiled and off they went, returning seconds later with six pizza's still in there boxes.
"Gabby if you where going to cheat and get a take away you should have at least took it out of the boxes to make it a little more believable." I laughed.
"Ha ha you laugh now but I wasn't going to be responsible for giving Good Charlotte food poisoning in the middle of a tour." Gabby laughed.
We all started eating.
"So your going to be joining us on tour soon?" Paul asked Gabby.
"Yeah at the end of the week when you leave Canada."
"Are you sure you'll be able to cope with us, we're all nutters." Paul laughed.
"I'll try to manage." Gabby laughed.
"What is it that you will be doing?" Billy asked.
"I'm Assistant tour manager basically being Carlee's slave." Gabby laughed.
"It's ok Carlee's our bitch." Joel smirked.
"I may be GC's bitch but Joel Madden you know you're my bitch." I smirked back wiping the smirk of Joel's face making everyone burst out laughing.

After we'd ate dinner I gave Gabby a hand in cleaning up. I'd just sat down in the living room again next to Joel when Gabby came in with a pack of cigarettes; Gabby unlike me really was addicted to smoking.
"Want one Carlee?" she offered me.
"No I've quit." I said just then I looked over to Benji who was sat across the room from me smirking.
"I thought you started again?" Gabby continued Benji was in silent fits of laughter.
"No I quit again."
"But I thought you..." she continued I was glaring at her finally she got the message to shut up. "Oh no sorry I was thinking of jenny." Gabby quickly said then went out side for her cigarette. Benji got up and went out side to Gabby; he tapped me on the shoulder on the way past still laughing at my close call.
"So you used to live here?" Paul piped up looking at me.
"I still do well I pay half to the bills but I mainly just use it to dump all my stuff that I can't take on tour with me. I've not stayed here properly in at least three years."
"So how come you pay half when you hardly live here?" Billy asked.
"It's a long story, basically Gabby has some money troubles and she had a really shitty job. When we first got this place I lived here properly for the first couple of years. I still have a room upstairs but it doesn't really look like a room anymore with all my shit just thrown in it." I laughed.

Later we where all hanging out in the living room. Gabby's brother had come round with three of his friends, two guys and one girl. The house was a mixture of talking and laughter with al nine of us squashed into it. Me and Joel where sat next to each other on the sofa. It was getting late and I was getting really tired. I have to be up early tomorrow because I'm in meetings all morning getting everything ready for the tour moving to the next stop. I yawned and rested my head on Joel shoulder. He put his hand on my leg and leaned in closer to me.
"Is it just me or do I keep getting dirty looks from Gabby's brother?" Joel whispered to me. I laughed a little.
"No it's not just you he is giving you dirty looks." I said.
"Why?" Joel said looking a little confused and hurt.
"Because he likes me he's like that with any guy that comes near me. he thinks I'm his property when ever he's around me and gets all territorial when guys come talking to me." I explained he nodded.
"So why does that chick keep giving you dirty looks?" he asked.
"Because she like's Gabby's bro so she's jealous of me, I don't see why she can have him for all I care." I smirked.
"You must love being you." Joel smirked.
"You have Guys falling at your feet and all the girls are jealous of you." he laughed.
"I don't have half as many guys falling at my feet as you have girls." I laughed. He blushed a little.
"Ooo do I detect a hint of jealously." Joel teased.
"Like fuck I'm jealous they've got nothing on me." I said proudly.
"Too right." he said giving me a quick kiss earning a really pissed off look from Gabby's brother. We sat in silence for a little while. I yawned again and got comfy leaning on Joel again.
"You tired?" he asked. I nodded.
"I've got to be up early tomorrow too, got meetings all morning." I said.
"Do you wanna go back to the hotel?" Joel asked.
"Can't Benj, Billy and Paul won't be able to get back, we only brought one car." I sighed just then Billy came over to us.
"Guy's I'm shattered I'm gonna call a cab and go back to the hotel." Billy said.
"We where just talking about going back I'll go ask Paul and Benj if they want to leave now and we can all go together if not we'll take the car and they can get a cab." I said. I went to ask Benji and Paul, they decided to stay the night at Gabby's and meet us back at the hotel the next day. So me, Joel and Billy got in the car and set off back to the hotel. Billy drove and Joel and I sat in the back, well Joel sat I was lay across his lap I could barely keep my eyes open. Apparently I had fallen asleep before we got back to the hotel so Joel carried me up to our room and put me in bed.

The next day I was up before any of the guys, I don't think Benji and Paul had even got back yet. I got ready and left for my morning of meetings, the meetings where the worst part of the job for me I found them so boring but I had to do them. I spent all morning in endless boring meeting after endless boring meeting. I finally got back to the hotel at 2pm after stopping for lunch on the way back. When I got to the hotel the guys and Gabby where hanging out in mine and Joel's room. I sighed and flopped down next to Joel.
"Had a good time?" Joel smirked.
"Bored out of my fucking mind." I mumbled.
"Is everything sorted?" Billy asked.
"Yeah we leave here tomorrow which also mean's Gabby you'll be officially on tour with GC starting tomorrow." I explained they all nodded and smiled.
"Welcome on bored." Paul smiled.
"I also have, I don't know if you'll consider it good or bad." I stared.
"What?" all four of them looked at me curiously.
"There's been a competition to win a week on tour with GC; three of your adoring fans will be joining us on tour for a week when we get to our next venue." I said.
"Fans as in normal people of crazy freaky obsessive type fans?" Paul said not looking to impressed.
"I don't know but if they get on my fucking nerves I'll be chucking them off tour quicker than they can say 'oh my god I just met Good Charlotte!'" I said the last bit in a high pitched squeak making the guys laugh.
"so what are we doing for the rest of the day?" Joel asked.
"Sleeping I sighed lying down across his lap.
"No that's boring." Paul groaned pushing me lightly.
"Let's go bowling." Benji burst out.
"Yeah bowling sounds good." Billy added, Paul and Joel nodded in agreement.
"Gabs?" I asked looking at her.
"Cool with me." she smiled. They all got up to leave and I sprawled out on the bed.
"Carlee?" Benji stopped and looked at me noticing I wasn't following, everyone else stopped too.
"What I never said I was going I'm sleeping." I said.
"No you're not your coming with us." Joel smirked walking over pulling me up.
"Hey unlike you guys I've been up all morning working." I said as Benji grabbed my other arm and helped Joel drag me up.
"Tough you're coming with us." Benji smirked.
I finally gave in and went bowling with them. We had a really nice chilled out fun time. We had three games and where in pairs: me and Joel, Benji and Gabby and Paul and Billy. We all won a game each; after we'd played we had an early dinner then went back to the hotel for the guys to get ready for their show later that night.

The next day we all got up rather late, we had breakfast together then went to our rooms to pack. It didn't take me long seen as I never unpacked. Joel was still packing when I'd finished and he hates anybody helping him pack so I took my chance to sneak off round the side of the hotel for a quick cigarette. Once again I was minding my own business having a peaceful smoke when Benji came up behind me once again scaring the shit out of me as I thought it was Joel.
"Still cheating on my brother with smoking?" Benji grinned. I jumped and turned to face him.
"Shit Benj you need to stop doing that or you'll give me a heart attack." I laughed.
"No it's not me that'll give you a heart attack it's those." He said pointing to me cigarette.
"Oh don't you star lecturing me as well." I sighed.
"We're only looking out for your health." He shrugged.
"Yeah well maybe I need them for my health with all the stress you guys put me through." We laughed.
"How come you're not still packing like the others?"
"I took your advice and just didn't unpack to start with." He explained I nodded.
"So you and Gabby seem to be getting one well?"
"Yeah she's cool."
"Any romance?" I asked. he paused for a second.
"No, not yet."
"So you'd like there to be?" I clarified.
"What's with all these vague answers either you wan tot fuck her or not." I laughed. He looked a little taken back by it. "I'm sorry don't reply to that last one." I said he laughed.
"What's she said?" Benji asked.
"To tell you the truth I've not really had chance to talk to her about it yet but I will do soon." I smiled.

Later that night at seven o'clock the guys and our new addition Gabby where waiting for me on the bus while I checked us out of the hotel. When I'd checked us out I did the final checks, told Steve that we where good to go and then joined the guys in the main part of the bus. When I got on the bus Billy and Paul where playing video games in the living bit and Benji and Gabby where sat together talking and watching Billy and Paul playing.
"We going now?" Paul asked not taking his attention of the TV.
"Yeah we'll be moving any second now." I replied. As if on queue Steve started the bus up and we where off on the road again.
"What time will we get there?" Benji asked.
"Should be around two but if there's more traffic or anything then it could get later." I said. He nodded. "Where's Joel?"
"Bunk's." Benji replied pointing towards the bunks. I nodded and walked to the bunks to Joel. When I got there he was lay in his bunk on his back with his eyes closed but he wasn't asleep. I slowly and quietly lay next to him on my side wrapping my arms around him. He sighed and smiled moving closer to me. He kissed the top of my head.
"Hey Carlee." He said softly.
"Hey." I smiled lifting my head up to look at him. He had opened his eyes and was looking back at me. We kissed.
"You ok?" he asked.
"Yeah I'm fine, you?"
"I'm good, even better now you're with me." He smiled. I laughed. "What are you laughing at?"
"You, you sound like something out of a greetings card with some of the things you some out with sometimes." I laughed.
"But it's true." He defended starting to laugh too.
"It's cheesy." I laughed.
"Hey." He said pushing me lightly. I pushed him back and it wasn't long before we where in a full on play fight. We ended up lay on the bunk Joel on top of me pinning my down. We where both in fits of laughter then we went serious staring into each others eyes then broke into a passionate kiss. Joel started kissing down my neck and unzipping my top.
"J...Joel... we can't... not here... someone..."
"But... I can't...wait." He said kissing back up my neck to face me again.
"Joel not with all the guys on the bus." I said. Joel suddenly got a mischievous look in his eye. "What?" he grinned at me then jumped out of the buck walking over to the curtain that separates the buck area from the main part of the bus.
"Erm guys don't come back here for a while ok." I heard Joel say to everyone.
"Whatever." I heard Benji mumble.
"Keep it down we don't need to be hearing anything." I heard Billy warn.
"And stay in your bunk I don't want you doing the dirty dirty on my bunk." I heard Paul say disgustedly. Then Joel returned closing the curtains behind him. He jumped back onto the bunk taking back his place on top of me and grinning at me.
"I can't believe you just did that." I laughed.
"Shut up." he mumbled pressing his lips to mine. I kissed back pulling his shirt over his head as he worked on unzipping my top again. I moved to unbuckling and undoing his pants as he finished off undressing me.

An hour later Joel went out to the front of the bus to the guys but I stayed in the bucks on my lap top chatting on line to some of my friends that I haven't seen in ages and returning some e-mails.
"Is it safe to come back here?" I heard Gabby laugh from the other side of the curtain.
"Shut up bitch." I laughed as she came through sitting next to me on my bunk. My bunk was the top bunk to Joel's bottom bunk.
"What cha doin'?" Gabby asked.
"Just replying to some e-mails." I replied. She nodded. "So you enjoying tour so far?" I asked finishing my last e-mail and putting my laptop away.
"Yeah it's... different." She said struggling to find the words.
"You'll get used to it soon, it's just a little weird at first and don't worry Joel or any of the other guys for that matter are usually like that. It's usually no sex on the bus unless we're stopped somewhere and no one else is around." I smiled and she laughed. "So how are you and Benji?"
"Ok he's a nice guy." She smiled trying not to give too much away.
"Gabriella don't you dare be all vague and secretive with me."
"I'm not. What do you want to know?"
"Everything." I grinned.
"There's nothing really to tell. The date you set up for us was amazing, thanks for that by the way I owe you one big style, but we just get along really well."
"Get along as just friend, I wanna fuck you or I'm fucking you?" I asked bluntly. She laughed at me being straight to the point.
"Friends but could become more." She settled for.
"Do you want more?"
"Sort of, maybe. Yeah." I smiled blushing slightly.
"Cool go for it, he feels the same way."
"I can't."
Why not what's stopping you?" I laughed.
"Well for one I haven't got the confidence and two what about you?"
"What about me?" I shirked.
"You know yours and Benji's history and what you where telling me about how he feels about you."
"Gabs don't let me stop you; nothing would make me happier than for you and Benj to get together. Yes I admit that Benji did tell me that he has feelings for me but he also told me that he's working on getting over them. He knows I don't want him like that and he accepts that. Give him a chance."
"I want to but I can never compare to you."
"What do you mean by that?"
"I mean Benji likes you and you're just so amazing and fun and successful and sexy I'm not even half of what you are."
"Gabby don't compare yourself to me you have just as many good qualities as me don't try to be me, be your amazing self. Benji told me he liked you and he means it."
"Carlee Steve wants you." Benji interrupted just before Gabby could say anything else.
"Ok thanks Benj." I said getting up to go to the front of the bus to Steve. "Think about what I said." I said to Gabby and she nodded.
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