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Hurt, Pain and Heartache VII

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We arrived at the next venue at 3am unfortunately seen as we where only staying here the one night we didn't get a hotel so had to stay in the bus. everyone had fallen asleep by half one, even though I wanted nothing more then to sleep too I stayed up travelling up front with Steve to keep him company. When we parked up he helped my do the routine checks then we finally got to sleep. I had to go collect the competition winners by eleven o'clock in the morning so I wouldn't even get to sleep in.

The next morning I got up at ten o'clock had breakfast and got ready to meet the competition winners. To tell you the truth I really wasn't looking forward to having the competition winners joining us on the tour but it was only for a week I'm sure I can find some way to deal with it, after all I've dealt with a lot worse on tour before. It's not that I don't like GC's fans because I think their absolutely amazing but sometimes they can be a bit, how can I put it... full on. They can be a bit possessive and bitchy when it comes to the guys. Even though they don't know them on a personal level they seem to think that they do and when ever they see anyone else around the i.e. me, they can be rather nasty but I can deal with it there only kids.

I arrived at the front of the venue where it had been arranged for me to meet the competition winners at exactly eleven o'clock. I guessing they where really excited because it looked like they had been there early and had been for a while.
"Hi I'm Carlee Good Charlotte's tour manager, I take it you three won the competition to spend a week on tour with GC?" I smiled a politely as possible.
"Yeah we are and where so excited." On girl squealed.
"Hi I'm Courtney, this is Jemma and he's Dave." The other girl squeaked.
"Hi nice to meet you, shall we make our way to the bus where you can meet the guys?" I said. I could tell this was going to be along week. The two girls where air headed and total girly girls and the boy well he was kind of morbid he didn't look like he wanted to be here at all.
"Oh my gosh I can't wait!" the two girls screeched together. I cringed and walked of towards the bus with the three of them following me. The two girls hurried to catch up to me while the boy hung back following behind.
"So how long have you known Good Charlotte for?" Courtney asked.
"We've been good friends since high school." I smiled.
"Really! You're so lucky."
We spent the rest of the ten minute walk to the bus in meaning less 'oh my gosh!' conversation. I walked straight onto the bus, there was only Billy sat in the main area.
"Hey where's the others." I smiled the girls froze at the door of the bus looking absolutely gob smacked.
"Benj and Joel are still sleeping and Paul went out for... I'm not sure what he went out for but he said he'd be back soon." Billy smiled then looked in the direction of the door where the three kids where. "Don't you need to do some introducing?" Billy said to me. I looked up from the magazine that had caught my attention, I had forgot that the kids where still at the door.
"Oh yes, kids you can come in and sit down." I said they nervously walked in and all three of them sat on the sofa opposite Billy. "Ok Billy this is Courtney, Jemma and Dave, kids this is..."
"Billy I'm so psyched to meet you!" Jemma said practically diving on Billy to give him an unwanted huge on Billy's part. He looked at me for help and I just shrugged. Just them Paul walked into the bus.
"Fucking little bastards, fucking..." Paul grumbled walking onto the bus throwing his bag down.
"Paul, meet the competition winners." I interrupted him before he went into to much of a rant. "This is Dave, Jemma and Courtney." Paul smiled at them and said hi the two girls jumped up giving him hugs which like Billy the hugs came unwanted as looked quite aggressive. I laughed to my self at the whole situation, it was one of those situations where you had to laugh our you would do something you'd regret. Soon after Billy and Paul found some excuses so they had to leave.
"So when do we get to meet Benji and Joel?" Courtney asked hopefully.
"Well their still sleeping at the moment we didn't much sleep last night with travelling but when they get up I'm sure they would be more than happy to spend some time with you. Until then we can hang out here." I said then turning my attention back to my magazine. I got paid for babysitting the GC guys not some snotty jumped up little air heads.

Half an hour later Benji shuffled out of the bunks still half asleep. The girl squealed in excitement. Dave rolled his eyes at them. the girls where about to jump up and bombard Benji with their preppyness but I took pity on him seen as he had just woke up and managed to stop them, I know I wouldn't like to have to deal with them when I had just woke up. Beside who knows what Benji would do to them if they managed to piss him off to much, Benji is most defiantly not a morning person, I know for past experiences.
"Erm girls do you think you could give him a little while to wake up properly first them I'm sure he'll be happy to spend some time with you." said standing in the path between Benji and the girls. They nodded disappointedly then went and sat back down. I went and sat next to Benji in the dining area.
"Morning." I said quietly.
"Thanks for that I think the mood I'm in right now I would defiantly have done something regrettable if they had come over. I can't believe they sent us those so called fans." Benji mumbled.
"Aw Benj their just excited because 'you guys are just so hot and so perfect and oh my gosh'" I said imitating them in a high pitched squeal making us both laugh.
"This is going to be a long week."
"You can say that again."
"This is going to be a long week." He repeated, I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed a little. Just them Billy and Paul popped their heads back into the bus.
"Carlee we have sound check in half an hour." Billy said.
"Half an hour!" Benji moaned. Billy nodded. "Ok what ever me and Joel'll meet you there." Benji said Billy and Paul nodded then left.
"Can we come watch?" Jemma said excitedly. I looked at Benji he looked back at me and shrugged.
"Yeah sure, I'll go wake Joel up." I smiled at them, then looked back at Benji, Benji smirked at me and mouthed 'I bet you'll go wake him up' at me so the kids couldn't see. I and Joel never tried to hide our relationship but we didn't go flaunting it everywhere. As I got to the bunk area I could here the girls bombarding Benji with questions and complements. Joel was still fast asleep it was almost a shame to wake him.
"Joel, Joely wake up." I said kneeling down next to his bunk. He stirred a little and rolled over. "No, no going back to sleep you need to get up you have sound check in half and hour babe, come on get up." I said placing a kiss on his lips. I knew that would wake him up, he started kissing back them pulled me on top of him.
"Good morning." He smiled at me.
"Good afternoon." I grinned back. "You have some rather excited kids waiting to see you out there." I nodded toward the main area of the bus.
"Oh no are they annoying?" Joel sighed.
"In the worst way ever." I nodded smiling.
"Come here then." He said pulling me into a full on kiss.
"What's that for?"
"I need something good to think about." He smirked then got up and prepared him self to meet the kids. I walked through to the main area of the bus with him. The girls where both sat either side of Benji on the sofa looking ecstatic. I laughed to my self at how unimpressed Benji was but was putting on a happy face.
"JOEL!" the girls squealed jumping up walking over to him.
"Erm girl's like Benji could you give Joel some time to wake up first." I said quietly to them. They once again disappointedly nodded then went back to sitting with Benji. The minute they sat down Benji jumped up.
"I have to erm go sort something out before sound check, meet you there bro." Benji said them quickly darting out of the bus.

Joel got ready for sound check spending a few minutes with the kids then we all left for sound check. Joel went and Joined Benji, Billy and Paul while I was stuck with the kids again. The kids went and stood up front watching all what was going on giving me chance to relax a little sitting at the near by bar and having a well needed drink and Gabby joined me. We talked while the guys did sound check, mainly about the kids. Neither of us got the Dave guy but both of us found the two girls way to annoying.

The week went pretty much the same way, Dave being rather distant almost as if he didn't want to be there. The only time I seen him look like he was enjoying him self was when Paul took him to the back of the bus and was showing him his rare and expensive bass, he seemed interested in that. The two girls where just so annoying they where sickly happy and chipper all the time. Apparently Jemma had a crush on Billy and was all over him which made Billy rather uncomfortable. Courtney on the other hand had a crush on my man, Joel. But she was the jealous possessive bitchy psycho kind. She some how caught onto the idea that me and Joel where dating and from then on really hated me. It was like being in high school fighting over some boy. She was giving me dirty looks, vicious comments and latching onto Joel very chance she could get. Joel hated it he couldn't stand her infact I think he hated her more than I did. I managed to hold back from saying or doing anything to her for most of the week but we got to day five of it all and I have to admit I snapped. She pushed me too far. I rail roaded her I even threatened to get her sent home. I felt quiet guilty after seen as I'm twenty-six and she sixteen but boy did she piss me off.
"What the fuck was all that about?!" Joel shouted at me moments after my little out burst. I had stormed off to the back of the bus while everyone else was sat in silence at the front of the bus.
"I'm sorry Joel I know I was out of order but there is no way I'm going to shit like that form some jumped up little kid." I defended.
"I know where your coming from I feel the same way but seriously babe she a fucking kid at the end of the day and your and adult you can't do stuff like that."
"I know I need to go sort something out." I said now regretting what I had said, just two days why couldn't I have controlled my self for just two more days.
"Don't worry about it I talked to her and sorted everything out."
"What? You talked to her, oh did you really?!" I said getting pissed off at him for some reason I don't know why because I know it would have been and meant nothing.
"Carlee calm down, stop all this right now." He demanded.
"Joel I'm sorry really pissed off right now." I sighed.
"I know come here." He said pulling me into a hug. "Calm down ok, she's just a kid she can't do anything and their leaving in two days anyway." he said making me feel better.

The next two day's went by similar to the rest of the week except for Courtney wasn't as full on with Joel and she just pretended like I didn't exist. I have to say when it came time for them leaving I was glad to see the back of them. I had also been called into a meeting with the company about the way I had acted towards Courtney. I managed to get of with just a warning because of how good I was at my job and how unusual it was for me to be so unprofessional. When they where gone the six of us went out that night celebrating having tour back to our selves it felt so weird and uncomfortable with them around, like we couldn't relax and be our selves. After that me and Joel had our own little celebration party together.
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