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Chapter 3

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Michelle really needs to stop letting John choose the booze...

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I'm surrounded by mist in darkness again. I dart my gaze in all directions, looking for this man.

"I know you're there!" I call out. "Show yourself!"

No response.

"Not much of a talker..." I think to myself.
"Michelle...." A deep, British voice says from behind me.

I flinch in surprise. I wasn't expecting that, but I didn't want to show fear.

"Who are you?" I ask. "You know my name. I demand to know yours."
"Blunt, such as myself, but beautiful like your mother," he chuckles deeply.
" mother..." I'm confused.
"My name is Bard. God of dark magic."
"Bard? God? Dark magic? What the hell did I drink last night?" I distract myself in thought.
"Our time shall come, my dear," Bard interrupts my thoughts.
"Who are you?!" I quickly turn toward him.

I regret it immediately. I see a 6 foot tall demonic creature, horns fiercely poking out of the top of its head. Its crimson eyes stare down at me.

"Do not fear me, my child..." he says.
"My child?" I reiterate in confusion.
"Yes. I am your father."
"Okay... When I wake up, I'm gonna find John, and I'm gonna kill him," I recall the shots of liquor he had me take.
"This isn't any ordinary dream. What you're experiencing now is all too real."

I'm still in shock as I stare up at him. He notices.

"Perhaps my human form will be more appropriate..." Bard says.

In a flash of crimson light and mist, he changes into a human. I examine his features: still 6 feet tall, light skin like mine, black hair like mine but with grey hairs at the edges and a grey beard, brown eyes like mine. He's wearing a black cloak with crimson designs on it and a metal chest plate.

"Whoa, so you go from a demon to a human? Seriously, what the hell is going on?!" I'm puzzled.
"My dear, our time awaits," he disregards my comment. "Your duty shall be fulfilled."
"What duty exactly?"
"To save Midgard."
"Save Midgard? That's... Earth in Norse mythology," I recall in literature.
"Ah but we are no myth."
"You are destined to save Midgard. Your true lineage has been hidden from you since your birth - since they took you away from me."

I'm getting an eerie feeling from this guy.

"If you claim to be my father, prove it to me," I say.

With a movement of his hand a picture appears in it. He holds it out for me to take. A little hesitant, I cautiously take it from him. My eyes widen in shock as I see the exact same picture of my mother that I have in my locket.

"That's the same picture..." I trail off as I grasp my locket in disbelief.
"Yes, my dear," Bard reassures. "That very locket in your hand belonged to your mother. It was the last gift your mother left you. Inscribed on the back is your mother's name."
"Ingrid..." I read the name.

I stare down in disbelief. This can't be happening.

"What happened to me?" I finally ask.
"You were taken from me and your mother. Your mother, however, died after giving birth to you," Bard replies. "The ones responsible for your kidnapping are in search for you. They wish to take you away and imprison you, as they did to me."
"What can I do? I'm assuming the ones after me are also gods... So what chance do I stand against them?"
"Your mother was a demigod. And I a full blooded god. You're practically full blooded god. However, your true abilities will not manifest until they are activated."
"What true abilities?"
"Your life span is about 5000 years. You have dark magic powers that you inherited from me. The ones responsible have kept them locked away inside you. I can activate them but not from where I am. I am merely projecting myself in your mind. But until I get to you, your true power will not be freed."
"What if those after me find me? What will I do then?"
"That is also why I'm here..."

With that, he raises his hands toward me as crimson mist is emitted from them. The mist engulfs my body and lifts me up a few feet. I feel a surge run through me.

"I can only activate your dark magic powers at the moment. Everything else will come in due time," he says. "You need to learn how to use these powers. I cannot teach you at the moment."

I can't say or do anything as the surge through my body further intensifies.

"I shall see you soon, my child," is the last thing I hear before blacking out.
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