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Chapter 4

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Bard warns Michelle of people coming after her. But she didn't expect them to come so soon!

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My eyes are heavy as I slowly open my eyes. My vision blurs but clears up with every blink. I turn my gaze to my clock on the night stand: it's 9:57PM, Saturday. I sit up with my hand holding my head as I feel everything spin.

"Did I really have that bad of a hangover?" I think to myself. "Just what on Earth did John have me drink last night?"

I then recall the dream.

"Was it a dream?" I ask myself. "Yea, it was. But it was too real... Bard? Midgard? Dark magic?"

I scoff, getting up from my bed and head to the bathroom. I take a look at myself in the mirror and see my black curls are the equivalent to Medusa's snakes.

"The hardest part of having curly hair is controlling it..." I sigh. "In fact, they control me! If only I could just magically style my hair neatly!"

Suddenly, in a crimson mist, my hair is styled to the best condition it's ever been. I flinch in shock, staring at my hair through the mirror in silence. My large curls lay naturally around my shoulders with no frizz and lots of definition.

"What the...." I examine my hair. "No. No! I'm just hallucinating. That's it! What next? I'm gonna poof some nice clothes on myself?"

At that instant, clothes appeared on my body with the crimson mist. I flinch again staring down at the clothes I'm wearing: a crimson dress shirt with a stylish black jacket and black dress pants of fine silk, accented with simple but elegant one-inch heeled boots. I shuffle to the long mirror across my dresser and stare in disbelief.

"It's some pretty damn fine clothing if you ask me..." I mutter, proud of how the outfit hugs my curves nicely. "Make my ass look even bett--eeEEEEHHHH WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?!"

I rush to my dining table, shuffling for my apartments keys.

"You're losing your mind, Michelle! You just need some fresh air. Yeeeaaa that'll do the trick," I try to convince myself.

I scurry out of my apartment and toward the elevator and push the button to summon it. To my surprise, it opens immediately. Only, two men and a woman are standing inside. One man has short blond hair with a gold plated eye patch; he is wearing a navy blue dress shirt under a grey jacket, along with grey dress pants. The other man has jet black hair tucked behind his ears; he's wearing a green dress shirt under a black jacket and black dress pants. The petite woman has brown hair and is wearing a dark brown coat. The three of them stare at me for a second, as if they'd found what they'd been searching for.

"It's her," the brunette woman says in surprise.
"Halt! The King of Asgard wishes to speak with you!" the blond man exclaims.

I lean back in surprise with an awkward smile and think of having the door to the elevator quickly close. Not to my surprise or dismay, it does.

"Hey! Wait!" the brunette calls out before the door closes.

I rush over to the door that leads to the stairs. I see the floor number and sigh: 12th floor.

"Aw shhhhit," I mutter.
"Where did she run off to?!" I hear the voice of the blond man behind the staircase door.
"You went and scared her away, you big oaf!" I hear the other man exclaim.

With no other direction to go, I sprint down the stairs. To my dismay, the heels of the boots echoe loudly at my first steps, giving away my location.

"The stairs!" I hear the brunette woman.

I'm down three flights of stairs when I hear the door burst open from which I came. My pace quickens as I hear the collection of feet thud down the stairs above me.

"Halt!" I hear again.
"Like she's actually going to listen to you," the other man smartly shoots.

I burst through the main level door, sprinting through to the revolving doors. Outside is the hustle and bustle of a Saturday night. Perfect for my predicament. I shift swiftly past people, trying not to bump into any.

"Even if I could use the magic, I can't bring attention to myself," I think.

I turn back over my shoulder and see the three who are after me at least a block away. The one with the jet black hair and light skin somehow manages to meet my gaze directly through the crowd. His sky-blue eyes lock onto my deep brown eyes, almost in slow motion. After what seemed like seconds, I slip him a sly smirk and dart around the corner. After sprinting down a block, I reach the area of abandoned factories. If I have to use these "powers", it would have to be where no one is around.

"Where? Where? Where?" I panic as my gaze darts around the area.

I spot a tall stack of wooden palettes covered with torn black plastic. I sprint to it and crouch behind it in the dark shadows. The echoe of sprinting feet catches my attention.

"She's around here," I hear the voice of the blue-eyed man faintly say from afar.
"Split up," the brunette suggests.
"Shit!" I think.

There's no way of running. You can hear the echo of anything around these deserted factories; they'll find me fast. I peer through a hole of the torn black plastic as I lean against the palette pile. Some 15 feet away I see the blue-eyed man glancing around. He has his back toward my direction as he casually searches the area. The only thing I can think to do was a diversion.

"If only old Bard woulda helped me better control this magic..." I think as I roll my eyes.

The magic abilities are still new. I just can't master any expert tricks! So I did the most logical thing I can do: use my magic to knock down some palettes some feet away from the man for a diversion. I concentrate on them and a bit of crimson mist appears behind the palettes, knocking them down. With the rustle, I take this chance to sprint to my getaway.

"Not so fast," the man exclaims as he turns quickly to me.

I feel myself lift off the ground at least 10 feet. I'm surprised to see a mist like my own, but it was green. It wraps around my left calf as it hangs me upside down.

"A trick like that won't work on me," the man teases.
"You can't blame me for trying..." I let my arms hang with a cheeky smile.
"You found her," the blond man comes running to us, with the brunette behind.
"Michelle Camacho," the brunette woman states. "We've been searching for you for a while now."
"Seems pretty obvious by now..." I mutter as I cross my arms.
"I know how this looks, but we mean no harm," she continues.
"And having me hang upside down way up high means no harm..." I say.
"We wish to speak with you," the blond man says. "You posses a power that can do the unthinkable."
"So I've been told..." I spin slowly.
"So you know?" the woman asks.
"You might know more than I do right now," I respond. "I'd be more than happy to speak with you in a more..suited environment and condition..."
"Loki..." the blond man turns to the blue-eyed man.
"Are you sure we can trust her?" Loki hesitates.
"Look, if it makes you feel any better, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing with these so called powers," I reassure.

I stare down at them as they return my gaze in thought. Suddenly, I fall toward the ground. The blond man rushes over to catch me in his arms, then he turns to Loki with a stern gaze.

"Oops," Loki casually says.

The blond man lets me down on my feet. I adjust my hair and jacket firmly as I give Loki an amused gaze.

"I'll remember that," I say to Loki.
"Hm," he grunts with a slight smirk.

With that, I turn around and begin to walk.

"Where are you going?" the brunette asks.
"I haven't eaten since yesterday. I'm not talking on an empty stomach," I simply state.
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