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Chapter 04.

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Cloe gets all dressed up. What are the to find out.

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Gerard got back to the dorm finding Ray playing with a paddle ball.

"Damn, damn, damn." Ray kept on saying that...he could never hit the ball. "Damn, damn." Ray continued. "DAMN! DIE YOU FU-"

Gerard walked in. "What the hell are you yelling at?"

"Umm... nothing!" Ray threw the paddle ball behind the chair.

"Okay. Well, guess who I'm taking to the dance."


"No retart. Guess again."


"You wish"

"I do."

"Anyways. I'm taking Cloe."

"Cloe? the Cloe that I know? Or a nerdy bitch named Cloe."

"The Cloe that you know."

"The pretty one?"

"Why are you so surprised?"

"Because...Cloe. Nice long dark almost brown blonde hair, clear blue eyes. Nice figure, more goth than you'll ever be. Plays the piano real well, draws not better than you, has a fairly good voice."

"I don't want to know her fricken life story." Gerard said.

"Sorry but...I didn't think it was possible."

"Well it is. Nerds do belong together."

"Oh yeah, and she is a nerd."


1 month later....THE HALLOWEEN DANCE!!!

Cloe was all pertyed up in her weird costume. She was a weirdo wat looked like a freakish groupie. Her hair was orangey, pinkish and slightly green at the bottom. The top of her head was natural hair color blonde. She had a black b-52s style dress on. For her it was normal.

Someone knocked on the door. "Hold on. Melody! Can you get it?" Cloe yelled from the bathroom. She was doing her makeup.

"Sure. Who?" Melody asked.

"Gerard and Ray." Gerard yelled thru' the door.

"It's Gerard and Ray." Melody yelled. "Let 'em in?"

"Sure. I'm pretty much done."

"Come on in!" Melody greeted.

Ray just recolored his, white, purple and green. Thats totally Ray. He also wore a weird retro suit.

As for Gerard...the ussual vampire thing. Not much. "Hey...where's Cloe?" Gerard asked.

"She'll be right there. Still doin makeup."


Cloe walked out. She was offically a B-52s band member.

"What are you supposed to be?" Ray asked.

"I really don't know...what are you? A clown?" Cloe asked.

"I'm just...I have no clue."

"The dance sarts in 5! Come on wooses!" Jazz yelled running out the door. Everyone followed.

chapter 5 soon....
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