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Chapter 05.

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"You don't need a reason. To get out on the dance floor! We can get it on and on all night long."-Men, Woman and Children. It goes well with this chapter. (Intorduction to the poopy head Constan...

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At the dance..........

Some weirdo disco song was playing...I'll find one.

Everyone was in their weirdo college costumes and if you ever saw mean girls(which is by the way one of the greatest movies evah made) you know how most of the girls looked. Except Cloe and her friends of course. The dudes were dressed up too.

Everyone was dancing.

When Gerard, Cloe, Ray and their friends walked in the party my world anyways. Nobody else seemed to care...unless they had a rude remark.

"I don't care what you losers are doing. I'm hitting the dance floor." Jazz grabbed Ray to the dance floor.

"I'll follow." Melody went with them.

Cloe smiled at Gerard. "You wanna dance?" Gerard asked.

"I'd love to." Cloe kept her smile on.

So they danced...drunk...untill they got drunk. It's fun. So when they danced again...they were twice as energized.

A few minutes after they danced Ray gave Gerard a gesture to come over to him. "I'll be right back." Gerard said.

Cloe continued dancing to the korn song Melody requested.

Some dude walked up to her. "Hey." The dude said.

"Hello..." she answered. "May I help you?"

"You wanna dance?" he had a light italian accent.

"No thanks."

"I'm Constantine by the way." He said rufusing to leave. "You italian?"

" have a date."

" and Gerard? Why would a pretty girl like you be with him?"

"Because he has a good personality and he's cute. Unlike you..."


Back with Gerard and Ray.

"Gerard, someone's flirting with Cloe." Ray said.

"what?" Gerard looked in Cloe's direction.

"I'm on your side."

Gerard and Ray walked over to Cloe.

"I said leave me alone." Cloe shouted.

"She said leave her alone." Gerard said.

"I. DON'T. HAVE. TO." Constantine said.

Cloe hid behind Gerard and Ray.

"Just leave her alone, man. We're not causing any trouble." Ray said.

"Shut up Gay Toro." He replied.

"First of all...that was one of the most LAMEST come backs I've ever heard of and second of all he's right." Gerard said.

Constantine threw his head back and laughed like a maniac. "me...listen to you?" He laughed some more.

"Give it up. There's 2 of us and 1 of you." Gerard said.

"Nope. think again." Constantine whistled a weirdo tune and a bunch of really tuff dudes walked behind him.

"Crap. Why do we have to be the losers?" Ray asked.

"Because the world has to be so damn cruel."

Gerard and Ray got into fighting postions. Cloe lost her patience and shoved her way thru' Gerard and Ray and the rest of the crowd. "I CAN'T StAND FIGHTS!!!!" She yelled. "So take your sorry ass away from us and leave us the HELL alone!" She shoved Constantine away from her and before he could do anything she said "Na, ah, ah. You can't hit girls."

Gerard and Ray stood there wide eyed. Someone in the crowd yelled "Crap. the girls got guts!" And the whole gym was quiet except for a cough.

"What...I really can't."

Chapter 6 coming soon.
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