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Aluze and Jerado

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POVs of Aluze/Arngrim and Jerado/Jelanda

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Aluze's POV

Damn how this world has changed. When I was reborn into mortal form once more, I realized how much has changed. There were still swords and spears, but now the new thing in battle is the "laser swords" and "laser spear heads". The good thing about these new weapons is that they cannot break in battle. Guns now replace bow and arrows, but damn, they are very loud weapons indeed.

I am now the city of Artolia's bodyguard. This new money, these paper bills, they are much more easier on the load than heavy bags of coins. I kinda like my job. It's not too different from being a mercenary of the past.

But I just can't get over how many things are different. Now I travel around in a van or truck rather than horse and carriage. Not to mention that you have to go to these "gas stations" to keep your car from running low and stopping.

I haven't forgotten about my companions. Lawfa and Kashell now live together in an "apartment building" and also work alongside me as bodyguards. Even though many things in Midgard have changed, there are still some things that never change.

While I now work for the government of Artolia, I frequently have to protect their new princess (Who happens to be a reincarnate of Jerado herself). I'm one of the many bodyguards that protect her from anything threatening.

I like a life where you battle those who are against you or your allies. That's my kind of life.

Jerado's POV

Well, well, I guess I'm back to being a princess again. I just don't know how the hell Artolia managed to put itself back together again, but I guess things just happen like that. When I died 300 years ago, the king had no other children beside me. I still think about it. After 300 years, a broken kingdom fixes itself once more.

But I do miss those days on the battle field, battling monsters of darkness. My life just isn't the same now. I love my father, but he just seems to be too over protective of me. I can never go anywhere alone. Thank kind of sucks. I feel like a 314 year old goddess trapped in a 15 year old body.

Anyways, there are a lot of things I like to do. My favorite outdoor hobbies are horse back riding, tennis, gardening and swimming. My favorite indoor hobbies is reading comic books, watching animated shows, playing video games and cooking my own meals (because sometimes our servants don't get my favorite recipes right).

However, despite all that, I haven't given up on being a sorceress. I still practice magic skills as well as doing my homework from school. Why let such a special talent like using magic go to waste?

I still see Aluze quite a bit. From what I have heard, his job can be rather dangerous and takes hard work. I wonder how can he do all that. Well, at least he hasn't put down my father recently.

But I am sure glad that Artolia has been restored. At least it did not become a ghost town like Camille village nearby. Very few, if any, people go there, but from what I have heard, that the ghost village is haunted and a lot of phantom activity takes place there. Even the bravest of souls don't like going to that place.

Overall, I'm glad that I, Valkyrie and the others were able to restore the world to it's former glory. I knew we could do it. Why let Ragnarok get you down when Valkyrie is the new leader of the gods?
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