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POV of Belinas/Belenus

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Belinas' POV

I've been back to Lassen yet again. It's now a peaceful town, much more peaceful than it was 300 years ago. Though things have not been the same for me. Asaka has been dead for over three centuries. My flower from her crumbled up into dust. All that I have left of her are just memories.

But my divine body did not go to sleep for no reason. I just wanted to see how much Midgard has changed. And damn, it has changed dramatically. You have to be careful crossing the streets now, since traffic can be such dangerous things to come across.

As for slavery...even though it still happens in parts of the world, it's now frowned upon by most developed nations. I guess that is a good thing. Even though I try to treat everyone with respect, there are others who mistreat and take advantage of those of lower status.

As for what I do now, I now run a shop selling antique items from all over the world. I get a lot of customers in this store and make a good amount of money. It seems like the people who come to my store come for nostalgic reasons. They wanted to be reminded of the past. I feel nostalgic as well, because every time I sort out these items, I'm reminded of my loved ones from the past and present era.

All is not lost with me though. I formed a special bond with one of my employees. Her name is Keiko, a woman from Hai-Lan. We seem to have a lot in common. We like doing a lot of the same things and like doing a lot of stuff together. The relationship between me and Keiko is blooming, just like the relationship between me and Asaka 300 years ago.

So anyhow, I've gained some things in life and lost some things in life. Oh well, life is not perfect. There are always obstacles in life and there must always be a way to get around them. That's just how life works.
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