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POV of Rourry/Llewelyn

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Rourry's POV

Things have changed greatly in Crell Monferaigne. Seems like people these days prefer guns over bows and arrows. Not me, guns are just too noisy and jerks around a lot. I hate loud noise, I just can't stand it.

Since my work is done in Asgard, Valkyrie said my divine body shall go to sleep and live a normal life. And I must say, that's a great relief. Even though there is still strife in this world, at least I don't have to be involved in it anymore. I'm tired of warfare and I just want to live a normal, peaceful life.

The clothing people wear today is quite different from when it was long ago. Some outfits are tighter while other outfits are baggy. Not all clothing is made of just leather and silk anymore. Now they came up with artificial fabrics like polyester and so on. Those fabrics felt a little odd at first, but they're fine once you get used to them.

However, old fears never seem to go away. I'm still scared to death of water. The only time where I go anywhere near water is when I shower. I just can't go swimming at all, whether it be a beach, lake, sea or swimming pool, I just can't do it. It gives me too many bad memories.

It's been about a year since I graduated from High School. Man, school seems to be so different these days. Instead of classes being taught in one school house by one teacher, it's now in a big building and classes are taught by many teachers. There are also lockers to store additional items in, so you don't have to carry it around everywhere.

The thing I did not like about High School is how mean the students can be. I've got picked on a lot and there were times where I had to defend myself and avoid initiations. Ah well, that beats dying in a ditch out on a battle field.

I now have a lover I've been going out with for three years. Her name is Silvia. We are due to be married in a year or so. Where I live, arranged marriages seem to be a thing of the past. Silvia might not be Miria, but she is very feisty and likes to go out a lot.

Besides, all I ever yearned for is to live a normal life, and my wish was granted. Plus, living with someone you love also helps.
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