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Chapter 9- Crooked Smile with a Name That Sounds Secret

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Sorta a filler- but it's really sad. I like the beginning.

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"I'm ready for sleep," Ok, so I changed my mind. Patrick laughed as he drove and Joe rubbed my arm as I leaned on his shoulder, my eyelids heavy.

"You want a sleep over, Jenny?" he asked and I hummed a yes.

"Patrick's house, mine is...crap," I mumbled and yawned deeply before closing my eyes.

"Don't, your really heavy," Joe commented and I felt the car turn and stop.

"Actually, she's rather light," I smiled as Joe left my side and the door opened, and another pair of hands grabbed at my sides. "Homecoming gives practice for my wedding night," I smiled again as my chin found Patrick's shoulder and I held on as he carried me like a baby up the driveway, Joe's footsteps ahead of us.

"Carry me over the mantle," I mumbled and felt Patrick lightly laugh.

"I already did, Jenny," he said and then felt him walk into a room.

"Oh, I call that couch, it's so freaking comfortable," I laughed and heard Joe jump, landing in a huff as the door closed.

"Come on Jenny," Patrick pulled me off and I grunted as he placed me down. I was gone, but not quite.

"I want blankets," I mumbled and I could picture the glare I got as his hands paused above my arms.

"Alright," Soon the bed indented and I sighed though my nose, smiling as Patrick turned towards my lying body, the sheets falling over my arms.

"Do you have a stuffed teddy bear?" I asked next and peeked open one lazy eye to see Patrick already falling asleep. "Joe?" I called and heard him grunt.

"No," he said in the darkness and I sighed before turning to Patrick and shaking my head.

"Your warm, Patty," I smiled up at him and held him around his middle as he peeked one eye open, smiling as his left arm fell around me.

"Go to sleep," he simply said and I yawned, nodding and closing my eyes.

"Tell me a story," I persisted. Patrick smirked.

"I want to tell you something, but...,"

I really did want to know.

But curse my brain for letting me fall asleep.


My eyelashes fluttered open as the sunlight from Patrick's un-curtained window spilled into the room. A light smile spread across my face and I rolled over to see Patrick on his stomach, arm spread out like he was still holding me. Swallowing that post-sleep saliva I smirked at his squashed cheek in the pillow and his slight open mouth, a light snore emitting every few seconds.

"Cheesecake," he mumbled and I lightly smirked again as he grabbed air before snoring again. Shaking my head slightly I reached out and tucked his wild hair behind one ear and closed my eyes again as I let my hand fall back onto the sheets.

"Strawberry cheesecake," he corrected and I smiled with my eyes closed before opening them to see his eyes slightly opening, the sunlight catching in his eyelashes it illuminating those light blue eyes even more, giving them that ever-so static look.

"Hi," he breathed and I smiled before yawning and laughing.

"Are you craving cheesecake or something?" I asked and Patrick raised an eyebrow.

"Huh?" he asked and I smirked before shaking my head.

"Never mind," I said.


Ashley's constantly diminishing figure passed by me in the hallway, a nervous look on her face as she came back from her 'last treatment'.

"Ashley," I called and she walked on, her footsteps picking up. "What's the news?" I asked and she sighed, turning around right in front of her door.

"I have one more treatment, Jenny, one more and it'll all be over," she whispered and I arched my eyebrows.

"Then why are you being so...moody?" I asked and Ashley bit her lip before looking away. She shook her head and sighed.

"I...I can't tell you this time, Jenny," she whispered and my lips parted.

I was losing my sister again.


"Jenny, whoa, /Jenny/," I sighed as Joe opened the door to see my tearful face.

"I made a promise but I can't keep it from you guys," I breathed and he gathered me into the living room where I saw everyone except Pete on the couch.

"Jenny, what's the matter?" Adi called out and I shook my head.

"Ashley," I started and Joe widened his eyes.

"Did something happen?" he asked and I sighed.

"A long time ago, yea," I finished and saw the confusion on their faces. "About a year ago, Ashley found that...she had cancer," I whispered the last bit and heard the gasps all around me.

"Wait, why...why hasn't she told anyone?" Andy asked and I closed my eyes tight.

"She was fighting with Pete, she...I don't know," I took a shaky breath and leaned into Joe who comforted me. "I don't know," I breathed out and heard him sigh.

"Jenny, what's going on?" he asked and I sighed.

"She doesn't want Pete finding out, and her last treatment is soon, but she said there was something else, and..." I sniffed and looked away from the prying eyes. "She couldn't tell me what," I finished and Joe shook his head, obviously disappointed.

"Jenny, thank you," he said and I looked over at the silent Patrick.

"We can't tell Pete, he's in a dark place...this would send him over the edge," Andy spoke and I bit my lip.

"I'm so scared," I spoke and felt Joe's arms tighten around me.

"As long as it's going away, I'm sure things are going to be ok," he said and I closed my eyes as the conversation went on.

That's the thing, I'm not even sure if it's going away...
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