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What to do?

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They defeated all the seamonsters, but they don't have their submarine anymore? Now how will they find Poseidon and get back home?

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"We need to contact Hermes" said Odie.

"Hopefully my PMR didn't get too soaked" said Odie.


"Odie! Did you find Poseidon, no but we had a visit with Cronus and he brought trouble to us." then he looked at Theresa. " Oh yeah one more thing. And turned the PMR screen to Theresa.

"Oh no, that's not good."

Jay went up to Theresa and put his arms around her.

"I'll send Pegasus's over."(Okay i know there's only one Pegasus that belongs to Hercules. well I think there's only one but i can't think of anything else)

The screen went black.

"Cool Pegasus's." said Atlanta. Then she frowned and went up to Theresa. "It's alright Theresa"
10 minutes later)haha i love the pegasus thing, i think it's kinda funny)

Finally 4 Pegasus's arrived. They we're beautiful. One was plain white with blue hair. Herry and Neil went on that one.

Another one was green with purple hair.
"This one's cool" said arch. 'Hey Odie" he wanted Atlanta to ride with him but she already got one for herself. "Want to ride with me on this one?" he asked

"Sure dude"

Atlanta had a blue one with orange hair.

"Here Theresa, you can ride with me on this one" said jay and carried her on top of a yellow one with white hair.

And they we're off.

No one knew but the gods and the titans that there was an invisible force field around new Olympia that made every magical creature invisible once they enter the city, only the heroes and gods could see them. Of course it made whoever was riding on top of a creature invisible too because you can't have people look like they're floating in the air.

They finally got to the school.
They went to go see Hera

They walked through the door and Hera was shocked!

"Hera, is Theresa gong to be okay?' Atlanta asked.

"We have to see with Chiron, please I must ask you to wait by the door."

And everyone was shooed out but Theresa.

Jay and the others waited for what seemed like a million years but was really just 5 min.

Chiron came out. Jay and Atlanta came up to him blurting out questions as fast as they could. "Is she alright?" "What will happen to her?" "Will she stay that way forever?" They the rest of the gang joined in. "whoa! First of all, Theresa must be in the water every 1 and half hours. And Dionysus doesn't have a cure for her yet. And we are studying what's inside the poison Cronus gave to her."

Then he left to go see Dionysus.

Atlanta came into the room,

"Theresa? Shh...don't cry, everything's going to be fine." she said and sat beside her and gave her a hug then put her arm around her." I'm sure they'll find a cure."

Theresa smiled. "Thanks, um...can I have a glass of water please?" she asked.

"Of course!" she came back with a glass of water" here"

She drank half of it in one second. Then she let out one tear roll down her soft cheek. Theresa lay her head in Atlanta's arm for 2 minutes. " Hey can I do something for you?" Atlanta asked.

"No thanks Atlanta, you've done enough, your such a good friend"

"Hey, I'll get you a Kleenex and fill up your glass again, how about that?"

"Ok, thanks"

"be right back"

and Theresa smiled back at her.

Someone else knocked on the door, it was jay.

"Theresa? Can I come in?"

"Yes! Please!"

She wanted to lie on his shoulders; she wanted to feel safe in his arms.

He held her and wiped the tears off her cheek and starred in her loving eyes. He felt her soft romantic waves. "Don't loose hope Theresa, ok?"



"I feel so close to you. I know you like to get Cronus sometimes, but when we spend time together, I really like it, like best friends. But I always wanted it to be more than just best friends."

He starred at her, wanting to spill out all the words he's been wanting to say. Telling her all his love to her.

He blushed the color of Atlanta's hair. But Theresa stayed calm and still lay in his arms


"Yes jay," she said.

"Me too"

She looked at him, then jay felt brave his cheeks went normal and said" Theresa," he repeated" when i saw we're the most gorgeous, prettiest girl I ever saw."

Now Theresa blushed.

"Remembered when i asked you can read minds? I was hoping you didn't know what i was thinking"

Theresa sat there remembering the time they first met. "Theresa?" he asked again.

She looked at him, and he held her closer. " You are the most amazing person ever! You make me laugh, you brighten my world, you make everything seem like nothing else matters but being with you, I know I don't do that and I'm sorry. Cronus is all I think about and I just want to get him out of the way so I can spend more time with you"

She started crying.

"I won't let him do anything to you, i will protect you will all my heart" and held her even closer. He would climb the highest mountain for her, to the deepest part of the ocean for her, scream her name to the top of his lungs for her. " He would protect her no matter what it takes.

"I promise"

Atlanta was hiding behind the wall and listening. She smiled. She put the glass of water and Kleenex box on the table and left the room through the other door to leave them in peace.

She went to go sit next to Archie in the other room. "Is she okay" Archie asked.

"yeah I think she'll be okay" she said smiling. Archie just starred at her confusingly.

"Guys, grab some weapons" Herry said to them.

"Neil's wasting all the heat again in the shower, hopefully he'll be here soon." said Odie.

Once Atlanta left, even though they did not even notice

T" I love you" and Theresa kissed him and said "I love you" back.

Then they broke apart after a good 5 minutes.

"We better get you to water Theresa."

And he handed the glass of water to her and one tissue. Theresa smiled then drank the whole glass and wiped her tears. Jay picked her up and carefully carried her to the weapon area. Jay put her down on a chair. And Theresa said thank you. It was weird being carried, usually she get picked up by the waist to get down from Herry's truck or that time where jay picked her up by the waist onto Herry's arms so she could trap the minotaurs but the last time she really got carried was probably when she was 4 years old.

Archie came up to her

"hey arch"

"hey! How you doing there?"

"Good" she smiled

"here's your nun-chucks, I think you'd want them since you can't do any butt-kicking" he chuckled

she laugh with him.

Then he walked to where Atlanta was.

"What's that?" Atlanta asked Hephaetus.

"It's just like the one I built from Odie's video game but now it has 7 seats and a floatation device. It can be changed into a sub as well."

"Cool" said Atlanta

"do I have to go?" asked Archie

"Sorry Archie, this might actually be the day you defeat Cronus, remember? 7 heroes. You're just going to have to come over your fears," said Hephaestus.

"I doubt that" he frowned.

"Aww c'mon arch." Atlanta said with a big grin on her face

"hey guys check out all the underwater equipment!" Herry was holding a pile of stuff.

"Hey, check this out!" said Atlanta. "A shooting device that goes underwater, i think it's a bomb..." she looked at the statue she had broken twice before and decided not to try it until later.

She searched through the pile again. "haha, arch here you go" she tossed to him scuba diving suit that comes with an inflatable boat. "Just pressed that button and the boat pop up!" Atlanta said. Atlanta pressed the button but Archie's whip was beside the boat so the boat hit the whip and cut off the nose of the statue again! "oohh, that's the third time Atlanta!" Archie said with a smile on his face. She pouted at him then smiled. "Oh Archie it also helps you swim so you don't sink to the bottom of the ocean" she said smirking. Archie stuck a tongue out. "Hey look there's enough for everyone!" said Odie. There was an extra one because Theresa didn't need it. Finally Neil came back from his shower. "ooh cool suit!" said Neil. "And it will totally make my hair stand out and it won't get it wet!" he said excitingly. Everyone rolled his or her eyes.

"Take a look Neil, what weapon do you want, there's tons of cool gadgets here' said Herry

"I don't need weapons! I'm lucky remember!" he looked around " all I need is this suit and my mirror and hair gel and I'm set!" Neil said.

"Whatever" said Herry.

"I fixed our PMR's and now they got water proof coverings on them." said Odie.

"Great work" said Jay.

"I'll be right back Theresa, I'll go see the news from Dionysus" jay told Theresa.

She nodded.

He went to Dionysus's lab and found out it would take a week to find a cure at least. Theresa was sad.

"Jet's ready" said Hephaetus.

Odie sat in the front seat and jay and Theresa behind him, with Archie and Atlanta behind them and Herry and Neil behind them.

Okay here:

BACK of the jet
FRONT of the jet

Jay helped Theresa on.

End of chapter! I think it's the longest chapter yet!
I'll work on the rest of the story tomorrow. Sorry if the story might seem weird, it's my forst story and i'm kinda rushing it cause i'm in a hurry to wrote it all. But today i've written like 4 or 5 chapters and i wrote alot. and sorry for the spelling mistakes, i've been typing pretty fast. I'll edit it tomorrow hopefully. Hope you like my story so far Please R+R.

And just so you know, I'm starting a new story, another J/T one. It's called If I never knew you. Hope you guys will like it!
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