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The homewrecker with a heart of gold (part one)

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"Are you the reason Ryan has been so edgy lately?"

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AN: Thanks to Selita for getting the ball rolling on this chapter (and a few after)! It was sort of her idea.

Title: "Snitches and Talkers get Stitches and Walkers" - Fall Out Boy

As I sat and seethed over Ryan and his major asshole-ness, I thought of a way for revenge. It was more my nature to get even than to get mad. I watched out my window as Ryan stormed to his car and furiously lit a cigarette and peeled up the road. I picked up my phone and dialed the only number I knew Ryan wouldn't want me to call:


"Hey, Brendon? This is Tinsley, I have to tell you something." Silence.

"Why do you need to tell me? I don't even know you. Hey, do you know why Hazel never returns my calls?" I sighed. Ass.

"She doesn't like you, in fact, I think she hates you. But what I need to tell you has to do with Ryan...and me, but still, it has to do with Ryan and it will most likely effect the future of your band and I think you need to know."

"Man, that sucks. She was really hot." I rolled my eyes and wished he could see it. "What do you need to say?"

"Can I meet you somewhere? I'd like to tell you in person."

"I guess. I'll meet you halfway at that diner on the highway."

"Okay. I'm leaving now. See you in a half hour."

When I arrived at the diner, Brendon was already sitting, sipping on water. I saw him and smiled. Was he always this cute, did I miss something? He looked up and nodded in my direction, saying hey and I sat down across from him, suddenly not sure I wanted to this behind Ryan's back.

"So, what's so important?" he looked up at me from his straw. God, those are some eyes...I gulped.

"I, uh...well, to be honest, this seemed like a better idea on the phone. I was trying to get revenge on Ryan, but...I don't think I can do it anymore. I'm sorry, I wasted your time." I began to grab my purse and stand up...

"Are you the reason Ryan has been so edgy lately?" I stopped moving and looked at Brendon. He was studying me closely and suddenly I felt like I could confide in him.

"Most likely; he hasn't said anything to any of you?" Brendon shook his head. I took a deep breath. "Do you remember that night I came and saw you guys rehearse?" Brendon made a face as if he was trying to think back that far, I knew I was pretty invisible that night, anyway.

"Vaguely." I nodded. "Ryan took me back to the city and stayed with me because he said he didn't want to go home. Well, we slept together and..." I sighed, Brendon's eyes were hard to look at, they looked so concerned, interested, "Fuck it. I'm pregnant and I know for a fact that it's Ryan's." I thought he was going to drop his cup, he chocked a little on his water.

"You can't be serious!" he exclaimed suddenly. I felt ashamed for the first time since I found out about the baby. "He, he doesn't even know you, you don't know him. Have you guys ever heard of condoms, they are useful in preventing these kinds of things." I glared at Brendon; he wasn't that cute after all.

"In the heat of the moment, it's exactly the first thing that comes to mind," I said coolly.

"Why are you telling me this anyway?

"Ryan said some hurtful things to me earlier, I was getting even by telling his band behind his back. "

"I'm not going to pretend that I'm okay with this, Tinsley, but I'm going to accept it because shit happens. We all make mistakes, I know. I've made a few." I smiled at him.

"Thank you. I just don't want this to ruin what's happening for you guys right now. I want to be a part of Ryan's life, for the baby's sake, but I don't want to be a burden either." Brendon was just looking at me like I was a painting he couldn't understand. He was trying to read me and it was beginning to freak me out.

"I don't want to be forward, but can I just, try something?" I looked at him curiously, is this kid joking? I nodded in agreement anyway, but as he leaned over the table, my mind suddenly began screaming at me to turn away, move, something, but I stayed there and as his lips touched mine I felt all the blood rush to my head. I got my bearing back after a minute attached to his soft lips and pushed him away.

"What are you doing?"

"Baby or no baby, there's something about you..."

"Brendon..." He shook his head.

"Take me home with you."
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