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A creature chases the group

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“Sunburst are you sure this is the right way?” Pharynx asked a bit annoyed they had been walking for about half an hour.

“Well unlike someone I know how to read a map.”

Pharynx gritted his teeth and Discord snickered at him. After a while he and Spike had finally stopped hiding behind Starlight. After Pharynx and Ember finally calmed down.


Trixie screamed all of a sudden and Pharynx was at her side in a second. He pulling her into his arms he shined his flashlight what had scared her and he immediately took a few steps back bumping into his brother.

“What is it?! What’s wrong?!”

“See for yourself.”

Everyone stared at the horrifying scene. It was a bear carcass completely torn to pieces, blood and guts everywhere.

Sunburst pulled Starlight close covering her eyes. “Sweet Celestia.”

“What the hay! What in Tartarus happened to it!” Ember shouted

“It was probably just another animal.” Sunburst replied

“What the hay kind of animal can!”

“Ok Ember calm down I’m sure there’s a-”


Everyone paused dead in their tracks when they heard the sound

“What in Equestria was that?” Pharynx asked

“I don’t know but we need to get out of here. Let’s go everyone” Sunburst led the other away Pharynx right beside him holding Trixie’s hand

“Woah woah! Shh.” Pharynx covered Trixie’s mouth before she could speak and signaled for everyone to stay behind him.

“Shh look there.” He pointed to some bushes and they saw the creature. It was bent over another carcass devouring it. Pharynx signaled again for everyone to slowly back away.


The creature turned to face them everyone stopped

“Woah! Stop stop. Stay behind me.” Pharynx kept his friends behind him

“What do we do?” Trixie asked trying hard not to scream

“I’m gonna scare it.” Pharynx bent down slowly and picked up a large stick holding it out front with the flashlight in his other hand.

“On 3. 1. 2-”


“GO! GO GO GO!!” Pharynx throw stick at the creature and everyone took out running ducking and dodging through tree and branches. Spike tripped over something and fell Pharynx helped him up pulling his backpack off and pushing him forward. They kept running until they came across a small patch.

“Guys look!” Discord pointed to a small lab like structure.

“Alright.” Pharynx reached into his bag and pulled out one their flare guns.

“When I say we run like Tartarus to that lab.”

“And what exactly are you gonna do to stop that thing?!” Ember asked

“I’m gonna blast it in the face. When I say “go” run and I mean run.”


“GO NOW RUN!” Everyone raced as fast as they could to the lab and as soon as the creature got close Pharynx pulled the trigger shoot the creature in it face. Having blinded it he ran toward the lab.


“CLOSE THE DOOR!!” Pharynx raced inside and Thorax slammed the shut


But the creature knocked him of his feet before he could lock the door. Pharynx slammed on the door, Discord and Ember helped Thorax to his feet and they pushed hard against the door. Starlight searched the room and locked eyes on a broom. She grabbed it broke off the brush and to the door jabbing it in the head.


The creature grabbed her by the foot and began pulling her but Sunburst grabbed her by the waist and tried pulling her back in. Spike and Trixie were pulling her by the arms. Trixie looked over to her bag then got an idea.

“Don’t either of you let go!”

Trixie ran back to her bag and began digging through it

“Trixie what do you think you’re doing! Get back over here!”

She dug through her bag and pulled out some smoke bombs. Running back to her friends she throw the smoke bombs at the face.


It let go of Starlight’s leg and Sunburst pulled her in, the guys and Ember slammed the door and locked it.

“Ember get something to block the door NOW!”

All three guys kept their weight against the door while Ember pulled Trixie over to help her move a storage cabinet towards the door. They pushed it hard against the door as the creature continued trying to push through. Everyone stood back and waited until the sounds of the creature finally stopped.


Everyone turned their attention to Sunburst cradling a crying Starlight.
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