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What Now?

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The group thinks on what to do

Category: My Little Pony - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2018-03-19 - 329 words

“How are those barricades coming?” Pharynx turned his attention to the others. They had just finished blocking every window and doors. Sunburst had cleaned and bandaged Starlight’s leg.

“Does it hurt when you move it?”

“Just a little.”

Trixie wrapped her arms around her “Are you sure you’re ok?”

Starlight returned the hug “Yeah I’m fine.”

“Good cause now we need a plan to get out of here.” They turned their attention to Ember sitting on one of the chairs.

“Here’s an idea Dragon Lord Ember. How about you get up and torch that thing!” Pharynx gave her a look.

Ember stood up and got in his face “And what about you Changeling! Why don’t you change into some other giant animal and crush that thing! Or better yet!-”

She turned to face Discord “Why doesn’t the lord of chaos do something! You can easily turn that thing into anything else! Maybe something that can’t kill us!!”

Discord got in her face and shot back pointing a finger at Spike. “Why doesn’t Spike just send a letter to Twilight and tell to come get rid of this thing!”

Said dragon was sitting in a corner of the room shaking like a leaf

“A dragon’s fire doesn’t work right when we’re stressed.” Ember pointed out

Pharynx face palmed himself “So you’re saying Spike can’t use his fire because he’ll all freaked out.”

“Pretty much.”

“Great! So Spike’s out of the question. But what about you and Discord?”

“Alright that’s it! I’ll show you what I can do! As soon as that thing shows up again I’ll turn it into a gravy boat! And if by some reason it doesn’t work Ember can bar-b-que that thing.”

“Ok some this is the plan. When this thing shows up again we’ll throw everything we’ve got at it. Got it.”

Everyone nodded.
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