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Everyone gathered around one of the tables while Sunburst read to them the files.

“Ok first off I know why our magic isn’t working. It turns out that the scientist who were working here cast a magical barrier blocking any and all magic in order to protect their research.”

“What research?” Starlight asked

“Apparently they were working on some sort of super creature.”

“A super creature? What is that suppose to mean?” Trixie stared at him confused

“It says here it was meant to be a weapon of sorts against enemies. It appears they tried to create something more organic but also lethal. They named the project Animal an organic life form with the DNA compounds of multiple creature for different traits. They used a bear’s as the primary structure, a cheetah for its speed, an Ox’s strength, a wolf’s sense of smell, and remains of a dead dragon so it’s skin would be resistant to flames…”

Both Ember and Spike were disturbed by that one

“They also used the DNA of a wolverine, crocodile, hyena, shark, komodo dragon, and leopard for the creature’s volatile nature…”

Sunburst continued on in his head but as he slowed down his mood went from curiosity to absolute horror. Starlight stared at him a look of worry on her face..

“What is it Sunburst? What’s wrong?”

He swallowed a lump in his throat and read it aloud

“It says here that’s where they made their mistake. The creature became too volatile and broke free. It slaughtered everyone in the facility, all but one, the remaining scientist managed to stay hidden in one of the supply closets. When the creature escaped he took his chance and ran leaving behind this folder and a message…”

Discord waited for him impatiently

“Well...What does it say?”

Sunburst turned the folder to everyone the words written in big black marker read…

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