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Behold! A Paper Bag!

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This is a cute title. Interesting chappie.

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That Hero Business

Chapter 9 - Behold! A Paper Bag!

Seven teenagers sat staring dumbfounded at the coffee table between them. On it was a large paper bag, its contents recently spilled out onto the table. An assortment of wallets, keys, a gold mirror and some boxes of gum lay on the table. A girlish squeal of delight broke the stunned silence as Neil snatched his mirror of the table,
"Oh, I thought I'd lost you forever! It was such a horrible day without you! I had to keep running to the bathroom to check my hair!"
"So it was just sitting here?" Jay asked as Neil lapsed into silence, gazing lovingly at his reflection. Archie and Atlanta nodded. Having raced home, they had been the first to arrive and discover the package.
"I'll see if I can find some fingerprints that might help us identify our delivery service," Odie picked up the bag delicately by the corner. Jay nodded,
"Get on it, I want to thank whoever brought it back, and find out what they know about whoever took it." Everyone gathered up their possetions thankfully, and Odie disappeared into the basement to do his research.


"So Odie, got anything yet?" Jay poked his head into the dimly lit room, "any fingerprints?"
"Yeah, but I'll get to those later," Odie replied, "you had better come look at this first." Jay approached Odie's work. The bag had been dismantled and was now spread flat on Odie's desk, surrounded by various chemicals Jay couldn't name. A black light shone over it and illuminated the letters someone had wrote:

For fire to take,
And hunter to heal,
Here are your positions,
And here's the deal:

The honorable pirate,
Calls an able-bodied crew,
To rise above terror,
And conquer at keel.

The siege-breaker
Calls he who throws stone,
to settle his voice,
and harness his soul.

The raiser of heroes
Calls the seer of time,
To learn how to save
her friends from the nine.

The controller of thoughts,
Calls the one who has many,
To learn the mysterious treaties,
And speak with the power of armies.

The seducer of danger,
Calls the one with great rage,
To face all his fears,
Take advice from the sage.

The huntress of wisdom,
Calls the red-headed virgin
To run with the wolves,
And consummate the kingdom.

The player of fire,
Calls he with the gold,
To learn how to use it,
And be truly bold.

Seven heroes, seven mentors. The proposition has been made.


Well, there you go, an update. I hope it gets you on the edge of your seats. I tried to make a riddle, but its actually fairly obvious what their talking about. Anyway, anyone who decides they want to try and solve the riddle can review, or I believe you can contact me via my profile. Anyhoo, the best answer gets a prize! It could be a secret answer to your burning question, a wicked cool character based on a profile you give me in the story, a story request, whatever you desire! (My discretion, of course) Anyway, you could always just review like a nice reader. Maybe...

Scout out.
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