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Seven Heroes

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Deciphering the riddle, and an interesting conversation...

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That Hero Business

Chapter 10 - Seven Heroes

The school had been closed due to the fire incident. Little damage had been caused, and it appeared that the fire had been extinguished moments after it had been set. This gave the seven occupants of the brownstone time to pour over the proposition that had been sent to them.
"Our stuff was taken by 'fire," Jay began, "so whoever sent this must have had something to do with the fires at the old bank and the school."
"The hunter to heal," Archie continued, "well, the only hunters we know are Artemis and Atlanta," he turned to her, "have you talked to Artemis lately?" Atlanta shook her head,
"She's disappeared, as far as I know."
"Let's forget that for now," Odie said, "there are seven paragraphs, so I'm assuming there's one for each of us."
"I don't know, Odie, 'an able-bodied crew' sounds like all of us," Jay replied.
"Maybe, but you're the only one who knows about sailing, and it is a 'pirate' calling." Odie reasoned.
"Okay, so I'm the able-bodied crew, who's next?"
"Well, there's only one of us that has a chance of breaking stone," Theresa replied, looking at Herry.
"The seer is pretty obvious too," Neil spoke up, "you're the only one who can see the future."
"Okay, that's three," Jay continued, "the one that has many thoughts must be Odie."
Odie nodded,
"Any idea who 'the one with great rage' is?"
"Archie," several voices replied simultaneously.
"Okay, so we've got two redheads, which one's not a virgin?" Odie asked jokingly.
"Um, that would be me..." Theresa said quietly. There was a moment of silence.
"Really?" Archie asked.
"Don't sound so surprised," Theresa replied, scowling at him.
"Not a virgin either, for the record," Neil raised his hand.
"Why are we having this conversation?" Atlanta asked.
"I'm surprised we haven't already had this conversation," Theresa replied, "you are all so conservative."
"I'm not conservative, I just have trouble finding like - minded women," Odie replied immediately.
"Can we get back to the task at hand?" Jay yelled at the uncomfortable comfusion that had just overtaken the living room. Everyone stopped and looked at him. Theresa smirked,
"So, how about you Jay, still a virgin?" Jay sighed in defeat,
"No, can we get back to the message now?" He took the silence of the room as a yes and continued, "okay, Atlanta's the red-head they want, so the last one... What?" He looked back at his friend's stares.
"Really?" Herry asked.
"But your so serious all the time," Neil continued.
"I had a life before Cronus you know," Jay growled.
"And this life involved girls?" Archie asked skeptically.
"Well," Jay smirked to himself, "that's what sailing camp is like."
"So..." Atlanta continued, obviously uncomfortable with the current topic of conversation, "the one with the gold must be Neil, cause of that mirror he's always got out."
"Right," Jay agreed, glad someone was back on the proper topic, "so that's us, but who are these 'mentors'" Odie shrugged,
"I've got nothing on them, except the two sets of fingerprints are classified, top security. I've tried to get through the firewalls, but whoever put those up is far better than this than I am."
"So what you're saying is someone out there is better than you?" Archie asked.
"I'm only sixteen Archie, the American military has some of the best minds in the world, people who were good before they got the best training. That's the kind of people I'm up against, so I'm still working on it."
"So I guess these mentors are pretty important?" Atlanta raised her eyebrows. Odie nodded, hands in his pockets as he wondered why she had to ask.
"Usually important people are easy to find," Neil pointed out, the billboard of himself visible from the window.
"Neil, 'classified' means secret," Odie replied with a slightly annoyed tone.
"Who'd want to do that?"
"Someone with something to hide," Theresa replied, not liking the sound of these 'mentors' at all.
"So how are we supposed to find them?" Herry asked. He was met with silence and shrugs.
"Perhaps I can be of some assistance." The Goddess Athena stood in the doorway, tall and regal looking, prepared to share the knowledge of the immortals.


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