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The Gray-Eyed Goddess

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Some answers and a mission. Whoo hoo!

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That Hero Business

Chapter 11 - The Gray Eyed Goddess

The seven heroes had never thought much about being in the same room as the gods, seeing as they had appeared quite normal. Now they sat in awe of Athena, goddess of wisdom. Wearing a shimmering gown of silk and seashells, long dark hair seaming to swirl around her, she held their absolute attention as she sat on the old couch filled with stains and popcorn kernels. With a calm and strident voice, she began to tell the legend of the youthful immortals:
"Many thousands of years ago, ancient history for your heroic ancestors, there was an inter-world council of the Gods. It was discovered by means of prophecy, that there was about to appear several anomalies within the intelligent races. Creatures that could rise to a power to rival the Gods themselves. They could become either great enemies or allies, and we chose to make them the latter. A wise and talented woman was chosen from the Atlantean race to accomplish this goal. She was given immortality as to help her perform this service. Her mission was to track down these anomalies and turn them towards worship of the gods instead of an ultimate goal of destruction. They were marked by eternal youth, growing into young adults and then becoming ageless, doomed to never die of natural causes. At first, we received regular reports of the atlantean's progress, but then the immortals discovered our ploy and disappeared from our view. Since then, they have reappeared now and then in various worlds, and legends became the only knowledge we have of them. I will pass on what ever knowledge I have, give me the message they wrote you." Athena took the riddle from Odie and related what she knew:
"The honorable pirate is described as a tall, attractive male with dark hair and keen eyes. You should look for him around sea - faring vessels, as it is said that he has spent so much time at sea that he has grown scales and gills.
The siege-breaker is renown for crashing down fortress walls with mere strength alone. He can be found around athletic competitions, as he loves these as he loves life itself.
The raiser of heroes is a woman born to the long-lived race of elves, and can be identified with delicate features and pointed ears. She is a great healer, capable of curing any injury.
The controller of thoughts is a powerful magician as well as telepath. Supposedly, he is capable of creating 'hell on earth,' but possesses the most ordinary features of a human male.
The seducer of danger was once a great gladiator, broken out of slavery when discovered. He has a distinct hatred of rules, and is commonly found participating in criminal activities.
The huntress of wisdom is the oldest of the group, but we do not know much about her, she does not seek glory. She has close ties to nature, particularity capable with horses and wolves.
The player with fire is extremely dangerous, fatally attractive due to a demon parent. She can set flame to anything with a mere thought, which she probably has been doing, considering the unexplained fires abounding these days." Athena stopped and looked at them seriously, "You must find them, for their very presence could affect the prophecy. Do your best to make them your allies, but if you cannot," she paused to look each of them in the eye to issue her command, "if you cannot, retreat. These enemies are beyond your abilities, if you attempt to battle them, you will be destroyed."
Neil was the first to break the silence that fell over the room,
"So you want us to find them, then run away?" he asked.
"We shouldn't have to, they've already offered us an alliance." Odie reassured them.
"Yeah, but those are pretty vague instructions," Archie spook to Athena.
"I have only vague information. Gods cannot see much outside their domain," she replied, standing and leaving the room.
"Well, lets get started then," Jay motioned for them to gather their weapons as he led them out the door. They were halfway to the docks, where Jay had decided they should start looking, when Theresa posed the question,
"What do you think Athena meant by 'outside their domain'?" Odie considered the question,
"The 'mentors' could travel from world to world. There could be other worlds out there that the Gods have no power over."
Archie looked at him skeptically,
"Is that even possible?" Odie shrugged in reply,
"Its not impossible."
"So we're looking for aliens?" Neil asked.
"If it makes you happy," Odie replied with an exasperated tone. Jay chuckled at his team, and wondered where his constant nemesis Cronus was in all of this.


There you go! I'd like to say that I've been to busy battling zombies and saving the world, but its much worse then that. I have been doing midterms. Oh the terror. Good news is, this is the only story I don't have writers block on. So those of you who actually read any of my other stories are SOL on that one. The next chapter is already finished (its really short, but suspenseful! Cough Cronus cough), but I demand pretty reviews for payment! Overtaxation of readers...
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