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Father of the Gods

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That Hero Business

Chapter 12 - Father of the Gods

The cavern was barely lit by the two torches on either side of the large throne. Two humanoid figures stood before the God sitting there, standing on the line of light and shadow. Cronus leaned forward on his throne to observe them. Chandros and Tanager, names that rang a distant bell. He had heard of them, legends whispered in the darkness of Tartarus. These were wanted immortals, always sought after but never caught.
"What do you want?" a male voice asked, for it was Cronus that had summoned them there. He answered them slowly.
"I have changed. The Olympians are confused, pleased with the renewal of their abilities but terrified of mine. They know little of what has happened, but I have heard of your arrival whispered in the darkness."
"Whispers travel freer in the darkness than in the light," the woman spoke, stepping forward into the light. She was dressed in black leather, clothing that left few of her sensual attributes to the imagination. Sultry dark eyes and ruby red lips were framed with wavy black hair. "If you don't have an interesting proposition, we will have to leave." Cronus chuckled,
"I had heard that you were profit orientated. I have also heard your names as the best choice for acquiring information behind impassable walls."
"We have undertaken several undercover operations," Chandros stepped into the light, revealing an appearance just as attractive as his partner.
"Good, there are seven teenagers I'd like you to keep an eye on."
"What exactly are you looking for?" Chandros asked.
"Oh, you know, the usual," Cronus relaxed into his chair, "weaknesses, location of the people they care about, the place they sleep.'
"And the reward?" Tanager questioned promptly.
"Name it," Cronus answered with a sinister smile.


I wasn't going to put it up this fast, but i recieved very prompt reviews, which made me a happy writer!!!! Anyway, I did warn you that it would be short, so no suprises there. If you guys are starting to figure things out, let me know what you think. (Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!)
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