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after a strange vision/dream during class two girls show up that will change the path of the future j+t a+a

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visions/ dreams (chapter 1)

Hi, this is another story it's going to be short only a few chapters but I hope you like (sorry about any bad grammar or spelling I know)

Another boring day in history as the teacher droned on about the seven years war and the colonization of North America. Two boys sat somewhere in between the back and the front luckily they were seated next together because no one wants to go to a tiresome class without one close friend near them. The brunette sat still staring somewhat off into space not even realizing he was writing notes on what now he did not quite care. The other boy the one with the shocking bright purple hair had his head on his desk. A fellow student sitting near him leaned in to check if he was a sleep. It was not too obvious that he was but he was a pro at sleeping during class. Pulling herself back to her normal desk, she whispered something to create an epidemic of whispering and giggles throw out most of the girls and a few guys.

Archie thoughts drifted as he slept, in his dream he saw a girl with short red hair one he all to well know something told him to follow her, chase her. He could never catch her quickly she dodged into what he thought was a maze. After catching her up he saw her staring at a mirror walking up behind her he gazed into her reflection she grow taller her hair longer and paler until she transformed into someone else he know. Atlanta reached her hand into the mirror and pulled out one of her best friends. In front of him stood Atlanta and Theresa both still and quite. Once again he gazed into the mirror there stood in the places of his friends stood two girls younger about 15 all he could guess was that was them at that age but something bugged him. Something silver on the one girl in front of Atlanta caught his attention. Then unexpectedly the image of the one girl in front of Theresa smashed sending shards of glass flying. A fine crack cut threw the other girl in the mirror. A shard cut Atlanta, but what mortified Archie the most, was most the glass hit Theresa and she fell cuts on her everywhere. He knew there was no point in checking if she was alive something just told him. Where the one mirror stood was Cronus smiling wickedly suddenly he burst into flames in his place was a huge fire the light being reflected from the shards of glass on the pieces was parts of the girl and a man which resembled jay. On one piece closes to Archie's feet was an eye with tears coming out. A blaze of heat hit him as sound of sirens echoed throw the now dark passage waking him up.

Eyes wide open he looked around as the bell releasing him from class rang loud and clear. For some unknown reason he was shaking, trembling his face paler than usual. Small beads of sweat dripped down his face. Putting a hand to his forehead he felt his burning skin. Looking where he was, he realized he was still in class and that jay and him were the only ones remaining in there. Putting away his book jay's attention was drawn to his friend's weak but loud gasp of air as if he just surfaced from swimming under waterway to long.
"Are you ok you don't look to good" a puzzled look came across his face
"What" asked Archie tiredly he was still trembling from the vivid dream?
"Well you just reminded me of Theresa I know weird but if that happened to her or she was acting like how you are right now I would guess she just had a vision or something"
Archie thought about it. It made some sense. 'Wow I guess she wasn't over exaggerating about them I owe her one or not' he smiled
" I guess so" changing his mind "actually I'm fine"
" So your alright"
"Yes"-said Archie in an annoyed tone
"Lets go then"
The two boys walked out into the over crowded hall maneuvering to their lockers after exchanging their books for their next class books they continued to the girls lockers. Their were two girls with red hair deep in conversation about what they could only hear parts to.
"Hey" two wide grins spread across both of their faces
"What are you girls talking about" asked jay
"Names" answered Atlanta
"What" said Archie dumbly?
"You know children's names, names we like do you understand" the last words were said slowly sarcasm drawn all over her face challenging Archie
"Oh" he was to tired to deal with the drama queen"
"Really what names do you like" asked jay truly interested
"Well I kind of like the names terry" she said shyly
"Kind of, you love it," said a smiling Atlanta.
Blushing Theresa answered, "well I think it's a pretty name"
"Me too"
Theresa turned to jay with a questioning look "what did you say"
"Nothing" in a rather embarrassed voice.
"What about you Atlanta" asked Archie?
"I was thinking along the lines of Alliya"
"That's cool" Archie gave a look to jay that said that was easy. "well we got to go to study hall"
"Ok bye" said the girls in unison

In the back of the Library, the two boys sat there studying, when two girls turned the corner. They were about the age of 15. Looking up Archie recognized them all to well.
jay looked up to see what was causing Archie such stress. His face drained of color from shock

Hey wow I've typed so much today I could not resist typing and posting this story it was meant to be my computer froze at the very end and I had to shut down but for some reason this wasn't erased not that I'm complaining now I save like every minute
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Angel of music
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