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the secret is in the name

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archie and jay run into two girls which for some reason archie reconzies them from somewhere he would rather not go again

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Hey so sorry I have not really updated any of my stories lately school is taking a lot of time so is my favorite sport. This is going to be short because I want to update another story and this should get you ready for the next chapter.

"Um... who are you" said the two boys one confused as the other stood there utterly baffled at what he saw rubbing his eyes just in case he saw wrong but then his friend was seeing the exact thing they both weren't crazy were they?

Standing before them were two about the age of 15 years old. One facing each of them their eyes locked showing no sign all accept their appearance. The one across from jay had copper color hair with pale red and brown streaks running down her fine but slightly wavy hair. She wore a plain brown sports tank top which brought out her faintly tan skin and brightened her vibrate hair. A pair of black running shorts with a white strip running down either side of the leg sealed the deal. But there was something about her that made him feel connected to her he wasn't sure how which made him uncomfortable all he could do was stare right back at her and that's what he continued to do.

Across from Archie stood the other girl, her appearance was not any less nerve wreaking or at least confusing. A chill went up his spine as he remembered his dream that still played parts in his head as if he was mentally forever scarred. She stood there as her pale blue eyes reflected his image. She wore a bright blue t-shirt that stood out drastically on her pale skin. A pair of navy joggers covered the rest of her leg all except for a little bit of one of her ankle revealing a shiny silver object 'good chance it's just an ankle bracelet' thought archie who like a train with no breaks on a hill was getting more nervous as things sped on by him in blur. However, what caught his attention the most was the hair, he kept finding that his eyes would wonder up to the radical unnatural purple hair. The same shade as his but cut short like a pixie with a natural flare.

The library was dead silent in the one hidden corner. Jay's eyes locked with his counter partner a chill went down his spine as he looked into her eyes. A pair of two chocolate brown color eyes staring right back at him.
"Who are you?" said Archie his voice in a bit of a whisper.
The two girls looked at each other then nodded as if they just had a silent conversation deciding there next move.
" I can't believe it's you," said the purple hair girl shyly.
It was the boy's turn to look at each other
"What does that mean?" asked Archie to jay could only shrug.
"sorry we should really introduce our selves, my name is Terry" said the semi red head and she's Alliya" as she pointed to the girl next to her.

As I said it was short. I hope you enjoyed, and I'll try to update. So all I can say know is please rate and review!

Angel of music
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